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Tips For Clear Skin
1. Wash Your Face: Always wash your face before bed! If you’re not washing away all the dirt and sweat from the day, you’re asking for a breakout. Stash cleansing wipes on your nightstand for nights when you’re too tired to move.
2. Face Mask: Whip up a spa-worthy mask right in your own home using strawberries and yogurt to help smooth bumps and unclog pores.
3. Spot Treatment: Before bed, use a spot treatment containing a combination of sulphur and salicylic acid. After cleaning your face, use a Q-tip to apply a spot treatment directly to any budding blemishes.
4. Use a Clay Mask: The ingredients will penetrate deep into your skin and clean out excess oil and bacteria. This can also double as an exfoliator to open pores and get rid of the gunk clogged inside!
5. Don’t Pick It: Whatever you do, resist the urge to squeeze. It is tempting to pick and pop at a pimple, but that can lead to permanent scarring and further breakouts.
6. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is famous for treating wounds and scars and also acts as a remedy to rid of acne fast. Apply Aloe Vera juice or gel on spots and let dry for about one hour before washing it off with warm water.
7. Steam It Out: Put your face over a bowl of boiling water and let the steam moisturize it for two to three minutes. This helps in removing dirt, dust and oil from the pores of the skin without aggravating pimples.
8. Aspirin Or Baking Soda: Dissolve an aspirin in a little water and then apply the paste to the spot for no more than five minutes. The reason this works is that aspirin and baking soda contain the same acid that many acne treatments use to exfoliate dry skin and decrease redness.
9. Ice It: Rub an ice cube all over the area for about two minutes before applying an acne cream or a DIY face mask.

story time!! im at the yankee candle, eating the candles with a fork, kind of like eating yogurt you froze. not frozen yogurt which is a smooth nice texture, but like the normal yoplait yogurt shit ur mom buys and then freezes because she read an article that it kept food longer or something. and by lunch time its been sitting in your lunch box for a long time and its still hard but also kind of gooey. Or if its still frozen u gotta chip at it with your spork and it takes the entire fucking lunch period to eat it. like i might as well have licked a lemon flavored brick for 20 minutes. anyways long story short i got kicked out of yankee candle  

How to: All Natural Black Hair Dye with Henna and Indigo 🌿

You may of heard of henna and indigo being used for body art or clothing dye, but did you know that these 100% natural plant pigments are great for the hair as well? In addition to providing lasting rich color, they also serve to clean, condition and strengthen the hair when combined. 

The henna plant, or Lawsonia Inermis is able to dye through it’s main pigment molecule, Lawsome. When applied as a pastethe lawsomein henna will bond to the keratin in your hair, leaving a red stain. The indigo plant, or Indigofera tinctoria is fermented and dried to produce the indoxol molecule, which when activated by warm water, will form a deep blue indigo color that also bonds to keratin molecules. Neither can lighten or bleach the hair, only deposit color. When used in conjunction, these 2 pigments will produce varying shades of brown to black, depending on the ratio of each used. 

* Note: Pure Henna and Indigo in their unoxidized form will always be in the form of a green, earthy smelling powder. This is natural and does not indicate that your hair will be dyed green. Make sure that what you purchase is of body art quality with no chemical additives. Jamila Henna is an example of such and can be found at local ethnic markets or online for around $1.99. Some companies such as HennaColorLab provide pre-mixed ratios of pure plant pigment powders. For this tutorial, I will be using their Natural Black mix with about 50 grams of extra Indigo powder mixed in. Henna and Indigo can also be purchased and applied separately if you’d prefer a 2-step process of dying the hair first with henna, then indigo. The two step process is a bit more intensive but may produce a deeper color and longer lasting results. Always perform a spot test on hair before full application, especially if hair has been previously dyed or chemically altered, as this may affect to resulting color.

Now, on to the fun part!

To begin, you will need : 

A non-metal bowl ( metal may cause pigment to alter)

A non-metal spoon or spatula 

A towel, or two ( this process could get messy!)

Gloves ( skin will be stained if left uncovered)

A Shower Cap

Pure Henna + Indigo ( 100g of powder is generally enough to cover shoulder length hair. Make sure you have enough for your specific hair length and thickness. I used about 150 grams for my hair.)


Step 1: Pour henna and indigo powder into a bowl, then gently stir while pouring warm water into the mix. Amount of water needed may vary, so monitor consistency until a smooth, yogurt-like texture is achieved. *Tip: Try your hand at experimenting with natural add-ins like coconut milk for extra conditioning or salt to bring out a deeper indigo dye release.

Step 2: Apply paste to freshly washed, damp hair from roots to ends, making sure it is evenly saturated all around. * Tip: if your hair is in a loose, unloc’d state, it may be easier to part hair and apply paste in separate sections, braiding or twisting each section as you go along.

Step 3: Cover hair with shower cap, letting the paste sit and oxidize for at least 2-4 hours for maximum dye release. Since leaving it in for longer will not harm your hair, feel free to experiment with time, taking note of how the color changes. The process can be sped up with gentle heat from a hair dryer or by simply wrapping a scarf or towel over the shower cap to trap in body heat.  *Tip: for large amounts of hair, try using 2 shower caps overlapped.

Step 4: Once the dye has gotten a chance to oxidize and penetrate, remove shower cap and rinse hair thoroughly until water runs clear. A gentle, non-stripping shampoo may help with removal. * Be sure not to let any splattered dye sit on any surface for too long as it will stain. 

Step 5: Gently towel dry hair and admire your freshly colored mane, compliments of mother nature ;) Feel free to add a leave in conditioner if hair feels dry. I personally just use a small amount of coconut oil. * Note: hair color may continue to oxidize and darken slightly over the next couple of days, so try not to load it up with too much product as this may impede the process. 

In my experience, the black henndigo color will last for about 3 months before I notice any fading. Your results may vary based on hair care and products used. Since it will not harm your hair, you may repeat the dying process all over your hair as often as you’d like, or just stick to touching up the roots. 

* Note I will most likely do more posts in the future on how to achieve or enhance different hair colors with with plant based dyes, but feel free to message me in the mean time for more information and tips  👍

Check me out at: http://moderngoddess.co/

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So... if you're made of flesh and blood... is your face goopy like yogurt or bumpy and smooth like burn scars?

‘I have been described as “tumorous” before, though quite recently someone used the words “pimply” and “blobby” when I greeted them at the entrance.’

'I am not quite sure if that answers your question, as I do not examine my face often due to the lack of mirrors here.’

Mint Lassi and Rolanberry Lassi

If you asked me what my favorite cuisine is, the answer would hands-down be Indian food. I could eat malai kofta or saag paneer forever. Spicy gravies, fragrant desserts, tandoori meats, and of course, delicious drinks!

I’ve had many mango lassis with Indian meals, but never a plain mint lassi, and especially never a strawberry one! Both are soothing, creamy drinks that will leave you refreshed enough for a marathon crafting session. (At least, I assume that’s how you end up with a Craftsmanship bonus by drinking these…) 

Mint Lassi! 

1 cup plain yogurt (or ¾ cup Greek yogurt + a splash of milk)

2-3 tbsp of sugar or honey 

½ cup mint leaves

A dash or two of lime juice

1-2 ice cubes (optional) 

Place all ingredients into a blender and whirl until smooth. Taste and add more of your sweetener if desired. 

Rolanberry Lassi!

1 cup plain yogurt (or ¾ cup Greek yogurt + a splash of milk)

8-10 strawberries, with the tops cut off 

3-4 ice cubes

1-2 tbsp sugar or honey (optional) 

Blend your strawberries and yogurt together until smooth, then taste. Add your sweetener if you would like a sweeter drink. (My strawberries were overripe and quite sweet on their own, so I just sprinkled a bit of sugar.) Add ice cubes and blend more until it reaches the consistency you would like. Pour into glasses and serve!

7 Delightful Spins on Your Afternoon Coffee

Turn your coffee break into an experience thanks to these elevated recipes that make kicking back while sipping an icy chai frosty or chilled mint-and-milk coffee a total refresh. It’s like being transported to your favorite cafe without leaving home. And these mashups really perk up long afternoons, which makes them new spins you’re going to love sipping.

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step sister au draft excerpt #1 (autistic!lexa)


Clarke’s smile is mischievous without being malicious, but Lexa has lived long enough with her to be wary. Fond. But wary.

“Hey,” she says cautiously, putting the bags on the counter.

“Hey,” Clarke replies. “I thought Sunday was grocery day.” Her smile falls just slightly when she looks at the bags apprehensively, and Lexa is even more confused.

“We eat more food now,” she simply replies. It’s only a second later that it occurs to her that the wording could have been better. But Clarke doesn’t take offense. Instead, she nods, in understanding.

It sends a confusing spark through Lexa’s chest.

Clarke is still watching her when she goes to open the fridge, and she looks positively giddy. That only increases Lexa’s worry. She’s half afraid something will pop out of the fridge when she opens the door. But surely Clarke isn’t this childish, is she? They are on relatively good terms now. No sex, no hard feelings. Only the confusing ones that neither has time for.

Lexa’s mind is whirling trying to figure Clarke out. She’s not usually this on edge. But today has been an off day. She was late for school. Her practice was cut short. Grocery shop on a Friday is still something she’s getting used to. And now, Clarke is here, dressed in sweatpants instead of her usual robe, and the way she’s behaving is unsettling.

Something is itching at the back of her brain, and it’s – it isn’t fun. It’s putting her on edge.
She takes a deep breath and opens the door with more confidence that she’s actually feeling.

And stops short, widening her eyes.

There are three packs of her favorite yogurt. Three packs means twelve cups. Which means two times more than she usually gets. Her hand trembles, and she curls it in a fist.

“I drove to a farmers’ market,” Clarke states behind her, and there is no trace of earlier smile in her voice. “I, um – I saw it and remembered you always get them somewhere, but I’ve never seen it in stores and the guy said he knows you. And, um… You look like you always want more when you finish a cup, and I decided to get more, and… You hate it,” she finishes in a small voice.

“No,” Lexa reacts immediately, even though her fist tightens. “I don’t hate it. Thank you, Clarke,” she says automatically.

And she doesn’t hate it, not really. She never really hates anything, truth be told. It was very sweet of Clarke. Very sweet. But the longer Lexa looks in the fridge, the more unbearable the itching becomes.

In order for the yogurts to fit in, Clarke had to rearrange other items. Some of Lexa’s food is now on shelves reserved for temporary step siblings. She put Lexa’s sweet peas next to ham and stacked plastic boxes against each other with complete disregard to their size.

She shouldn’t care. It’s not a big deal. It was very sweet of her. It was a nice gesture.
But today is an off day. A straw breaks the metaphorical horse’s back and everything.

She doesn’t realize her other hand is trembling, too, until Clarke curls her fingers around it, gently prying it away from the door. She makes no move, and Clarke carefully turns her to face her, still displaying that cautious gentleness.

“I’m sorry, Lexa,” she says, quietly. Her confusion is clear, but she isn’t asking what’s wrong. Her next question makes Lexa blink. “Tell me how to fix this.”

“You did nothing wrong,” Lexa finds herself saying. It’s true. Clarke didn’t do anything wrong. No one has ever done anything wrong. It’s Lexa’s problem. They didn’t know better.

But Clarke’s lips twitch in adoring amusement and her hand squeezes Lexa’s tighter. “Tell me,” she repeats, and Lexa isn’t sure if she’s only talking about the yogurt. Her thumb smoothes over the back of her shaking hand. Blue eyes are wide and hopeful, and Lexa can’t help it. She speaks.

“You moved the food,” she says. Her tone isn’t accusatory or degrading. She simply states the fact. Clarke is silent, but her eyes are urging Lexa to go on, and she does. “The peas don’t go there.”

Clarke doesn’t ask for her reasoning. She simply nods and slowly lets go of her hand. Lexa expects her to back away and leave and never speak to her again. Instead, she opens the fridge door wider and looks over the contents critically. “Where are they supposed to go?” she asks, then, turning to look at Lexa, and her expression is void of irritation.

She swallows. “Top shelf,” she says.

“Oh.” Clarke grabs the jar and puts it on the top shelf, taking the yogurt down. “Where do I put this?” she looks over the fridge contents again. “Middle shelf? I think someone once told me dairy goes on middle shelf. Oh, man, the containers don’t look right either, do they?” she rambles. “I was in a hurry and I just stacked them… Well, the way I stacked them,” she grins at Lexa, but Lexa’s too astonished to grin back.

Clarke looks back to the yogurt, frowning as realization crosses her face. “I got too many, didn’t I? You won’t go through it as fast and it’ll go bad. Shit. I didn’t think this through.”

Lexa watches as Clarke places the packs on the counter and rearranges the plastic containers, all the while shooting her easy smiles. It doesn’t itch as much anymore.

“It’s okay,” she finds herself saying. Clarke takes the pack and looks at the other two with furrowed brows, and Lexa suddenly wants nothing more than to see them smooth over. “I was thinking of increasing my intake.” Oh, God, who talks like that? But Clarke’s smile lights her whole face up and Lexa doesn’t care. She places the pack on the middle shelf and looks at Lexa. She’s smiling, but her eyes are still nervous, just like the way she’s biting her lower lip. But she did nothing wrong. Why is she nervous?

Lexa takes the remaining two packs and carefully stacks them on top of the first one. She then pushes it to the right side. Milk goes in the center. “You can always help me with it, if you want,” she suggests, turning her head so she can look at Clarke, and, oh. She didn’t realize they’d be standing so close to each other. Her nose almost grazes the other girl’s. Neither recoil. “With… With the yogurt, I mean,” Lexa clarifies quietly, watching as Clarke’s lashes flutter.

“Right,” Clarke says, just as quiet. “I’m pretty sure my body will reject it, tho.” She does have a point, but all that registers in Lexa’s brain are the words ‘my body’ and her gaze automatically lowers to take Clarke in. When she reaches her face again, the girl is breathing just a tad faster than before. Lovely blush and heaving chest.

Lexa doesn’t understand how it happens, but next thing she knows, Clarke is impossibly close and they are kissing and it feels like all the corny things she hates to read about. Clarke’s hands fly up to find purchase against her shoulders, clutching her shirt like countless times before, with practiced familiarity. Her hands find Clarke’s waist, pulling her flush against her chest, and Clarke moans at the sensation. She smells different, Lexa notes. Honey and lemons. But there’s still a hint of something uniquely her, and she takes a deep breath, eager to savor the scent. It leads her to Clarke’s neck, and she breaks the kiss, only to nuzzle at the place where her neck meets her shoulder, making the other girl whimper.

Will's Pub w/Basements of Florida, Yogurt Smoothness 3/30

I’ve decided to make this tumblr for a couple of reasons. One: Fever needs some sort of website that isn’t bandcamp. Two: I would like to jot down thoughts about shows and whatever else I can think of that relates to Fever.

So to start…

I actually didn’t know Fever was playing this show till I got an invite for the event on facebook, which was last weekend.

On Monday night after the long weekend at Total Bummer, I caught a cold to deal with for the next few days. Wednesday night turned out to be my worst night, so I wasn’t feeling so hot to play and I considered canceling. After the night’s show I’m very happy I didn’t.

When I got to Will’s, Yogurt Smoothness had set up and was about to play. (I thought Disasteroids, Dan’s other band, was playing but something must of happened) They did great, naturally, and played to a good sized crowd. I was actually surprised by the amount of people who showed up on a Wednesday. I would expect more shows from us at Will’s on either Wednesdays or Mondays now that I’ve seen the bar at full capacity.

I sat down most of the night and tiredly tried to interact with people. That was kind of a failure. If you were one of these people, I am sorry for my lack of communication.

On a side note, I did not understand the DJ.

The performance went well enough. I had gotten comments that we sounded tight and solid, which is great. I think it’s funny how a band will think they did poorly after a show but the audience felt like the performance was terrific. It happens all the time. I’m hoping in our case it’s because of the three of us are comfortable with each other and have a good energy. Those are traits I think we have, anyway. Unfortunately for the vocals, they had to suffer due to my cough. Oh well! They aren’t exactly Leanne Rhyme vocals to begin with.

After few goodbyes, I left immediately to go pass out on my bed, which meant missing great small talk and Basements of Florida. I will make it up at the next show at Will’s I guess. I heard Artie and Travis had fun.

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2 bananas
½ cups blueberries
1 cup plain yogurt
Peel bananas, slice and place on a cookie sheet. Put in freezer and freeze until solid. Remove from freezer and place in blender. Slice berries and add to blender. Pour in yogurt. Blend until smooth. Pour into glass and serve.

Home Remedy for Hair

Summer is in full swing and with all of the outdoor activities I’ve been indulging in, I’m starting to see the harmful sun-damage taking its toll on my hair… It’s time to make a natural home remedy for a deep conditioning hair treatment! I’ve chosen to make a Greek Yogurt Deep Conditioner because it serves as a light, natural protein, fatty acids, and lactic acid cure that helps strengthen, fortify, hydrate, and add shine to hair. 

You will need:

  • 1 cup plain Greek Yogurt
  • 1 whipped egg
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • Disposable shower cap, plastic bag, or plastic wrap

**I’ve read that incorporating apple cider vinegar and coconut oil is great, too, if you don’t mind spending a little more.

How to Use: 
In a glass or ceramic bowl, whip Greek yogurt until its smooth. Add remaining ingredients and stir until even. Apply to damp hair in sections and cover with a plastic cap. Leave on for at least 15 minutes (30 minutes – an hour is best). Rinse thoroughly and shampoo and condition as usual.


OK, here’s a good one.  YOGURT.

And yogurt is EASY.  And it is so good for you.  And cheap, cheap, cheap to make.  Oh man, so cheap.  And much easier than you probably think.  

The only piece of semi specialized equipment that you’ll need is a thermometer.  But seriously - not that special, I think?

This is how I do it.  Buy milk - it doesn’t matter what kind.  2%, etc; I usually buy nonfat.  You’re gonna need a cup of plain yogurt too, though I’ve made it with vanilla by accident.  And dry milk is nice to have, but not entirely essential.  THAT IS ALL!  WOW :D

I buy a cup of plain yogurt from the store, and then I take out a couple of tablespoons and put it in a cereal bowl on the counter so it can come to room temperature.  I put the rest of the cup in the freezer.  This is your starter, you need yogurt with live cultures in it to get things going in the yogurt you’re gonna make.  

Put a quart of milk in  a large saucepan, and blend in about half a cup of dry milk (this will make your finished yogurt thicker, but it is not absolutely necessary.)

Heat the milk on medium to 180 degrees, then turn it off and let it cool to 115 degrees.

Take a cup of that 115 degree milk to the starter you left out on the counter and mix it together, and add that to your pot of cooled milk, whisk it together thoroughly.  Be careful to wait til the milk is cooled; do not use the 180 degree milk, it will kill the culture in your starter and your yogurt will remain silky smooth milk.  Guess how I know this ;)

Now, you take that and pour it into a quart jar.  I have a couple of mason jars I use for this, but I have also used emptied out plastic peanut butter jars, spaghetti sauce jars, anything that has a lid so the milk doesn’t spill will work.  Does not have to be fancy or expensive at all.

Here’s the key.  Once you mix it up, you need to keep the milk at 115 degrees for 4-12 hours. (Though it won’t hurt to leave it longer, I’ve left it up to 18 hours.)  I used to use a heating pad, I’ve used a crock pot, if you have a gas oven that can do it too.  What I’ve been doing the last few times is wrapping the jars in towels and putting them in my ice chest with jars I filled with boiling water; if the temperature starts to dip, I just heat up the water again.

If you do this at night, in the morning:  yogurt!  And even if it doesn’t “yog” and is sort of runny, it’s still drinkable and usable for smoothies - you will probably want to add some sweetener, though.  And I don’t even need to say how awesome fruit is in this.  (Check out the frozen food section at the dollar tree, I almost always find frozen fruit there.) 

The longer you let it incubate, the tangier it will be.  It probably will not be as thick as store-bought yogurt, but you get a quart for just a little more than the price of a quart of milk!  Can you beat that?  I think not!  I make it by the gallon because here’s another bonus - you can freeze it!  And then you can save a bit of what you made and use that for your starter instead of having to buy more.  Soooo cool :D


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Exolve (Frozen/HP) headcanon: Post-reveal when the school is still coming to terms with the fact that Elsa isn’t the person they all thought she was and Anna is delirious with happiness that her sister doesn’t hate her, but a part of Elsa just isn’t convinced it can all really be that easy. It’s breakfast the next morning and everyone involved is holding their breath to see what happens when they’re in the same room with no lies between them…


Deep breaths, deep breaths, it’s just breakfast. You’ve had it hundreds of times. Today is no different.


Elsa loved breakfast at Hogwarts, and not because of the food. Oh the food helped, piles of everything she loved; pancakes and whipped cream, smooth yogurt with sugar and strawberries. They even had warm waffles with hot chocolate syrup and some kind of secret ingredient, that she had tasted for the first time in her first year and craved ever since and swore she was just a few more mouthfuls away from finding out what…

But that wasn’t really why she loved breakfast. She loved it because for just a little while she could spend time in the same room as her little sister and not need to make excuses to ignore her or see the look on Anna’s face when she did so, a look of pain that stabbed through Elsa’s robes and charms and right through her heart. The look that said why do you hate me so much? For one hour Elsa could glance up from her meal and see Anna at the Gryffindor table, laughing and joking and smiling with her friends in her house. The other Slytherins thought Elsa was just sleepy at breakfast, or rude, but she didn’t care because those little glimpses were the secret moments that had kept her going through the years.

See? Look how happy she is. She doesn’t need me. She doesn’t need me around her putting her at risk.

Other students were streaming by her as she stood by the huge oak doors. Most just walked past not daring to ask the notorious – even more notorious now, if that were possible – untouchable blonde what the matter was. She caught snatches of conversation as they passed by; wandless…think what she…sister never wanted…some kind of monster…

They didn’t understand, and she didn’t care.

There was a weight on Elsa’s back and it felt so huge and crushing she wanted to fall to her knees and just stay there until breakfast was over. All her time at Hogwarts it gotten bigger and bigger as the years had passed by. The first year of confusion and sadness when she had pushed away Anna. That it was for her own good didn’t make that first look of betrayal any better. Then the second year of keeping her distance. The third year of being lifted up as some kind of leader of half of Slytherin while she still didn’t even nod hello to her own sister. The fourth year of being practically anointed. Then now; the fifth year. A year that if she had been asked to sum up in a single word would have been:


Worry and fear had crept through Hogwarts this year like a ghost. Professor Moody was gone, replaced by a woman that could have been a demon wearing a skin-suit for all the warmth and humanity she showed towards the students. Elsa did her best to shield her Slytherins from the worst of Umbridge’s…excesses. She was helped by the fact that she suspected- no, she knew that Potter was up to something, and the Boy Who Lived drew trouble towards himself (and therefore away from her and her charges) like no-one else alive. She hadn’t expected to be invited to whatever plot he and his friends were hatching, and she didn’t want to test her new-found companionship (not friendship, they weren’t that close yet) with Granger by asking her what was going on. Her worry had been that Anna knew Ginny, and Ginny knew Harry, and anyone that knew Harry Potter was sucked into his life – his reckless, dangerous life – like minnows into a whirlpool. If there had been a way to get Anna out of Hogwarts she would have done it.

Then last night had happened, and now this morning she had no idea who she was or what she wanted. She felt like a mirror that had been smashed up and put back together again with the pieces out of order, thoughts intruding on each other, all sharp edges and disagreements.

Anna knows why you shut her out all these years. You’re free!

But I’m still dangerous around her!

Hermione promised she’d help find a way to control it.

But what if I can’t?

Who cares now that Anna doesn’t hate you anymore?

It was four years. She still might.

And over and over and over in her head until here she was, standing outside the doors to the great hall. Too afraid to enter in case it had all been a dream, too afraid to turn and walk away, in case it hadn’t been. In her dreams last night she had seen the same tableaux she had always seen at breakfast; her Slytherins holding a seat for her like a queen approaching her throne, and Anna sitting on the other side of the room with Ginny Weasley and the others, safe but locked away from her forever.


She turned at the voice to see… “Hermione?”

“Are you alright?”

No. “I’m fine,” she said, and even she could hear the clanging lie in the words.

Hermione stared at her with eyes that said I could do this all day, but I have better things to do. She probably did. Whatever Potter was up to Granger would be neck-deep in it, most likely keeping Harry from drowning.“Are you going in?”

To anyone else she would lie. But Hermione was kind to Elsa when everyone else hated her. When Ginny would hex her hands into shaking uncontrollably or her eyes into seeing double all day it was Hermione that would slip her a potion or a counter-spell. So Elsa doesn’t lie: “I…I don’t know.” It’s been nearly half a decade. What if she hates me? She has every right.

“Just go in.”

Elsa likes Hermione Granger, even if until very recently Hermione had detested her. She’s loyal, and smart – so incredibly smart – and to those she thinks of as friends she never gives up on them. She’s also brusque and cold and so logical it can be mistaken for callousness. Sometimes the stars align and every single one of those qualities and faults mix together, and when Hermione speaks next what comes out is wisdom that cuts through all of Elsa’s fear and self-loathing like a sword through steel.

“How could it be worse than the last four years?”


She couldn’t eat.

She was caught between fury and elation and it was making her stomach jump up and down in her gut so badly just looking at the food in front of her made her feel sick, sick, sick. She’d have cared more if she wasn’t so happy, or so angry.

Elsa doesn’t hate me. She never did. She loves me! She loves me she loves me she loves me!

All these years over something so stupid! She’s so stupid! I hate her! I hate her I hate her I hate her!

Ginny looked askance at her friend as the expression on Anna’s face went through a series of expressions not normally seen on a human unless they’d been a guinea pig for Fred and George. “Are you okay Anna?” As if she doesn’t know what’s making her friend like this. As if the whole school doesn’t know after a night of rumour-passing and whispering in corridors that could have dwarfed the ones from the tri-wizard mess last year.

Finally the happiness wins out over the anger, as Ginny always knew it would. She’s never known anyone as optimistic as Anna. Dealt such a bad hand from such a young age – lost parents and a sister that went right past uncaring and into downright cruel – and yet almost every morning there had been a smile on her face at breakfast.

Anna loved breakfast. She loved being in the huge grand hall with everyone else as the enchanted roof let the rising sun beat down onto them all. She loved talking with Ginny and Neville and the others about lessons and homework and friends and anything else, just happy to hear their voices. She loved the food, especially the apple cakes with cinnamon, and the waffles with the chocolate sauce, and the whatever they put in them.

And she loved that, if she leaned back just a little bit, she could stare between the students opposite her and see all the way to the Slytherin table, and her sister. She always knew where Elsa was sitting because she sat at the green-and-silver table like a magnet, effortlessly holding the table’s attention without a single word. Through the years Anna had looked at that table and in the moments between being furiously angry at Elsa and wanting to just sit and cry, she’d have given anything, her place at Gryffindor, her friendship with Ginny, anything to switch with a Slytherin and be at that table.

And now she didn’t have to, and she didn’t know what to think.

“No,” she finally replied.

Ginny looked around, for who she didn’t need to say. Maybe she’s ill. Maybe something happened. Maybe after last night she… Worries went around in her head.

Wandless ice magic. She was so proud, she had always known her sister was amazing. She was so angry, she wanted her sister to be amazing with her. Not with her Slytherin fan-club or with Hermione Granger!

“My nan says a full stomach’s good for feeling ill,” Neville said, and went on to prove the point by shoveling a slice of toast into his mouth. “Mfee? Moof befah.”

“And why are you feeling…oh nevermind,” Ginny said, exasperated. “Look Anna I’m sure that if you just…look, Anna!” Ginny didn’t have to say anything though because her friend was already looking, the waffles on her plate forgotten.

There were two students in Hogwarts who, when they walked into the room, you knew it even if you couldn’t see them. Harry Potter was one, and her sister was another. Harry loped through Hogwarts sticking out like a sore thumb because he didn’t care what he looked like to other people, talking and arguing and just…being there…larger than life and twice as loud. Elsa was different. She was perfect. When Elsa stepped out of wherever the Slytherin common-room was there wasn’t a crease or a blemish or a hair out of place. She could have been carved from marble. Like Potter she walked through the school with her friends and little group, and she talked she was never anything other than helpful and polite. But never anything more. Ice queen, was the name they’d given her in her second year, and though the Slytherins closest to her used it as a title, to the other houses it was a barbed insult.

She thinks she’s so much better than us.

Anna knew the truth though. Elsa didn’t act like that because she didn’t care, she did it because she cared too much. When they were younger and their parents had been alive Elsa had been the one displayed like a treasured toy at the balls and meetings, taught how to act and move and how not to disappoint. Always watched, always under the gaze of others. When the letter had finally come and she had gone to Hogwarts she hadn’t escaped that at all, the nobles and old families had just been replaced by other students.

Anna knew there were no cracks in Elsa because Elsa couldn’t afford them, not when a single crack might bring the whole mirror crashing down. Anna was different. Four years had given Anna plenty of cracks, but at least she had friends to help fix them up. Elsa had admirers and hangers-on and comrades from those middle-class Slytherins who practically idolised her, but Anna knew her older sister stood alone.

She must have been so lonely.

“Neville, shove over!” Ginny hissed at the luckless boy. Neville didn’t argue, and moved a seat sideways to leave a space clear next to Anna.

She smiled. Maybe now that the truth was out Elsa could afford to let herself go a little, if Anna was finally standing next to her to help her when she cracked.

Which was why she was crushed all over again, as Ginny gasped beside her when Elsa went to her normal seat at the Slytherin table.


Oh god oh god oh god what am I doing?

Her insides were heaving like a storm but none of it showed on her face. Her feet wanted her to turn and run from the room but her hands didn’t even shake as she sat and reached for a plate.

I just…I just need time to think.

Coward. She’s looking at you right now.

“Elsa, are you okay?” a Slytherin asked gently. Her brain refused to provide a name.

Another poked his head around from behind the first and looked just as worried. “Elsa, I think someone’s trying to get your attention…”

But Elsa just stared down at her plate. She wanted to do it. Wanted to just throw off her entire house like an old cloak and run over to the Gryffindor table and hug her sister for the first time in so long. But she couldn’t.

She was afraid. She felt tears welling up in her eyes. Oh God not here, not where everyone can see.



“I don’t believe her! I don’t believe her!” Ginny fumed.

Anna wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Run outside and wand herself somewhere far, far away.

Nothing’s changed.

“Oh I don’t believe her,” a voice said, and it wasn’t Ginny. Anna felt a bump against her as something long and brown and frizzy pushed itself away from the table across from her and started across the length of the great hall. “…still just wrapped up in herself…”


“Incoming,” a Slytherin whispered, and stood to face the intruder. “Sorry but we’re talking here, if you could come back later-”

“No,” the interloper said.

Suddenly Elsa’s inner monologue of disgust was thrown off-track as someone grabbed her by the arm and hauled her from her seat. She looked up eyes wide to see… “Hermione?”

“You’re impossible.”


“Go Hermione!” Ginny whooped, as the entire great hall watched as the Ice Queen herself was dragged across the wooden flooring.

She’s bringing her over here. What do I do? What do I do!?


God Anna is right there what do I do, WHAT DO I DO!?

Hermione grabbed her by the shoulders and with a crash Elsa was suddenly sitting down and Anna was right there next to her, and all the words flew out of her mouth. Elsa felt her palms tingling and cold, felt the urge to shove her gloved hands as deep into her robe’s pockets as they could and just never bring them out again. But before she could they were enveloped in warmth as Anna grabbed them and held on tightly.

“Elsa,” her little sister whispered, and there was four and a half years of feelings bottled up in one single word.

She wanted to say so much. I’m sorry I shut you out. I’m sorry I treated you like nothing. I’m sorry I sent other people to be the sister I should have been. I’m sorry I was too afraid to love you the way you deserve. She opened her mouth to say all of them, but all that came out was;


Nothing. She could have laughed. She was so pathetic. She felt tears forming in her eyes and leaned forward to cover her head with her hands on the table, if as curling into a ball right there in the great hall would help.


Warm hands gently held her by the cheeks and brought her head back up until she was looking at her sister. The Ice Queen of Slytherin reduced to a sobbing wreck, looking up into eyes that showed no anger, no resentment. Only love.

“Do…do you want some waffles? They’re good,” Anna whispered, tears streaming down her face, barely in any better shape than Elsa.

Like a warm wind washing through her soul after four years of nothing but a snowstorm, she feels purged. Clean. New again. She smiles through the tears and takes Anna’s hands from her face and puts them at her back and finally, for the first time in forever, she’s hugging her sister.

 “I’d love some waffles.”