yogurt loaf

Today’s Cooking Schedule

Groceries arrive 7am-9am. Peasants rejoice, much throwing of flower petals, celebration of The Return Of Eggs To The Fridge, etc. Cooking begins! 

  • Roasted Garlic (oven)

While garlic roasts:  

  • Meatballs (pressure cooker)
  • Start Mac and Cheese (stove top)

Roasted garlic out of oven, Mac and Cheese into oven. While Mac and Cheese bakes: 

  • Start Yogurt (pressure cooker)
  • Prep enchiladas (stove top, rice cooker, assemble) 

Mac and Cheese out of oven, Enchiladas into oven. While Enchiladas bake: 

  • Peel now-cool roasted garlic, press and freeze in cubes
  • Beef Stroganoff (stove top)
  • Date Almond Balls (no-cook)
  • Decide if I really want to make a quiche
  • If so, caramelize onions and dice chicken for quiche

Enchiladas out of oven; If quiche, then:

  • Quiche (oven) 

While Schroedinger’s Quiche bakes, yogurt out of pressure cooker: 

  • Strain into greek yogurt (pray I have enough cheesecloth)
  • Start protein bread with yogurt (one loaf for oven, possibly second loaf for pressure cooker)

While bread rises:

  • Cook down whey from yogurt for whey powder (stove top)
  • Rest

Bread into oven (and possibly into pressure cooker). Package all food into tupperware, food-sealing bags for storage. Pack lunch for week.

Collapse, probably with stupid documentary on laptop.