Immigrant-owned yogurt giant Chobani employs other immigrants, so the alt-right is boycotting

Chobani founder and owner Hamdi Ulukaya is a Turkish immigrant who has advocated strongly for companies to hire migrants. Refugees make up 30% of the Chobani workforce in Twin Falls, Idaho. Now a slew of negative articleshave led conservatives to call for a boycott. Of course, they don’t see the irony.

Breakfast for one: strawberry smoothie, coyo w homemade coconut pistachio granola, sourdough toast with @tofuttibrands cream cheese, dried figs + blueberries. I almost always eat sourdough because it contains more lactobacillus bacteria than other breads which means less phytic acid (phytic acid blocks calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and copper and raises the risk of being deficient in these important minerals). And sourdough is also easier to digest. Fun stuff.

I also made a video about how i made this and recently I’ve been thinking about starting a blog where i can share my recipes and food videos and just write about health related stuff.
Please message me “👍🏻” if you think this is a good idea and you would be interested in reading about healthy lifestyle and food topics. 🙂

Types of ice cream (in Chinese)
  • 圣代 (shèng​dài) - ice cream sundae
  • 香蕉船 (xiāngjiāo chuán) - banana split
  • 冰淇淋蛋糕 (bīngqílín dàngāo) - ice cream cake
  • 雪酪 (xuě​lào) - sherbert/sorbet
  • 意大利雪糕 (yìdàlì xuěgāo) - (Italian) gelato
  • 酸奶雪糕 (suānnǎi xuěgāo) - frozen yogurt
  • 奶昔 (nǎi​xī) - milkshake
  • 冰咖啡 (bīng kāfēi) - frappe
  • 巧克力脆片 (qiǎo​kè​lì​cuì​piàn) - chocolate chip
  • 巧克力 (qiǎo​kè​lì​) - chocolate
  • 香草 (xiāng​cǎo​) - vanilla
  • 草莓 (cǎo​méi) - strawberry
  • 绿茶 (lǜ​chá) - green tea
  • 芒果 (máng​guǒ) - mango