Okay, quick answers to the most asked questions:

Rythian is a human boy who was taken by Endermen back to The End many years ago. There he was raised to learn how to use Endermagic and groomed to become the general/warlord in a future invasion of the Brightlands (the “normal” world).

When he was still very young he despaired at how different he looked to all the other Endermen so he took a knife and cut the sides of his cheeks open so would be able to have the wide mouth and angular jaw of an Enderman. He healed eventually but it left horrifying scars which he is ashamed of to this day. Hence the mask.

He eventually left The End behind and broke free from the Queen’s leadership and wandered the Brightlands. He met some friends, and met Zoey.

The way the story was going, they were going to discover Zoey’s origin in the Twilight Forest - she was the mushroom princess, rightful ruler of the Realm of Twilight. The original nuking of the original server made her lose her memory. With her gone, the barriers between worlds were fading, and Endermen managed to invade there as well, despite measures to stop that from happening (such as a realm-wide aura to stop their magic from working).

After restoring Zoey’s memory and “fixing” the realm, they were going to go back to the original place where the portal to the End was created (by Rythian’s scientist parents many years ago), go through, fight the Enderdragon (Queen of the End, aka The Princess from the short story) and win. More or less live happily ever after.

It all sounds a bit silly and dry when briefly summed up like this, but at least there’s some answers. I hope that satisfied a little bit at least. :)


-Me, a 15 year old, referring to a bunch of 20-30 year olds on the Internet

just yogscast nostalgia things

- sips’s intro with the horn noise that just stares at you for a second before the video abruptly starts

- Lewis and Simon’s old shitty mics from 2013

- sips’ first prop hunt videos that basically go down in legend

- trucking tuesdays (and the casual mentions of it in other videos - HONK HONK)

- the old tekkit videos and the last time they published soi (waiting the next week for the episode, for it only to be another tekkit video, then another, then another, until we realised soi wasn’t coming back)

- their really, really old warcraft videos

- the modded minecraft spotlights (simon pranking lewis with the fake tv, lewis becoming a pin-cushion, mo’creatures)

- hearing duncan’s voice for the first time in tekkit and seeing him go from featured in occasional videos to a proper, famous part of the crew

- voltz

- their old intro and outro music