Did a bunch of Yogscast doodles during tech week, finally finished them and put them on here! Tried to draw all of them, but I’m fairly certain I forgot a few. :)

[click to high res]
i’m very excited to upload this one, it took me quite the time!!! i could put more details in the background but i like it anyway..

“Methods of flying”

Oh my god this took forever…. But I did it, I finally finished this after the hours and months of sketching, designing each yog, and even changing my art style and coloring style, I did it.

This is in celebration of me being in the Yogscast fandom officially for one whole year on this day, I began with only 4 followers on tumblr, scared and alone, and lost to 324 followers, and part of a big family no matter how crazy it is.

Hope you guys love this as much as I did.

Happy 1 year anniversary of me being in the fandom, and hope it gets better and better!

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