yogscast moonquest


It’s 2017 and im rewatching moonquest. 

audio from episode 53, here. 

sort of a redraw of this comic, which I drew in 2014

the best yogs thing was Xeph snapping at them in Moonquest with “SCOOP IT UP WITH YOUR F***ING HANDS!” I would say “no matter what anyone says, it’s the best” but I’m pretty sure everyone would agree with me

Duncan Clones

Ok, so is there currently 5 or 6 Duncan’s (only including the clones)?

1.The Original/Lalnable Hector (Yoglabs, Flux Buddies & Flux Baddies)

2.Flux Duncan (Jaffa Factory - Hole Diggers & Duncan’s Lab - Flux Buddies)

3.Magic Duncan (Magic Police & Time Cops)

4.Future Duncan (Skyblock, Blast Off & To The Core)

5.Space Duncan (Deep Space Mine)

6.Druid Duncan (Druidz Downtown)

And then the 7th Duncan is actually from another dimension, so…

7.Infinity Duncan (To Infinity)

Is this right, because I’m having trouble keeping up? But I love it!