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Hey, i don't mean to come across like im trying to defend anything, i was just wondering what about that lewis photo was so bad? It just seemed like a joke to me, and I've always wondered whether lewis was actually straight or not. Again, not trying to defend him, just curious

okay well (im out 20 miles from home rn so sorry if this isn’t thorough) but lewis joking that duncan is his boyfriend is making fun of actual gay relationships. esp at pride which is supposed to be a celebration of gay people, he is making fun of us! he has a record of making fun of gay people anyways so i am not surprised.

i can see how some fans might claim that he might be gay, but PLEASE do not fall for, if anything, queercoding - there is no evidence for him being gay, he is a straight cisgender man because he has told us so and presented as such. speculating about IRL people’s sexualities is invasive and i would advise fans not to do it (to all: dont give me a list of lewis’s semi-heteroflexible behavior, i’m not interested). although it may be tempting for fellow gay fans to try to find representation in him, we all must face the reality that he is straight, unless he comes out and says so otherwise.

it is all a big joke to him. he’s mocking the safety that gay couples find at pride to express themselves and their love. calling duncan his boyfriend jokingly is gross because he’s making fun of real gay relationships in which they actually share love. because everyone knows that he is straight, calling his coworker and friend his “boyfriend” in a joke makes him safe from homophobia. he knows that he will not face violence for joking that he is gay. but for gay people, even holding hands much less kissing on the cheek can result in them being victims of violence. lewis making this joke is really harmful because he is joking about how ridiculous it is to be gay - how silly it is that two men might share love. he made that post for laughs.

lewis has not changed one bit from the days of the yogpod with his attitude towards the LGBT community and it makes me really disappointed. i looked up to him once but seeing that he will probably never change makes me disappointed. i feel sorry for the fans who see this as a “progressive” act because it’s really not. it’s one of joking and mockery.

thank you anon for having a polite ask and being genuine.


hey, remember that yogscast video i was working on? yeah, well this is it! the unfinished product at least. borrowing from the youtube description, “here it is! it’s not the full song like i promised, nor does it feature all the yogs i wanted :/ the sony vegas file got corrupted and i can no longer open it, and all i had was this video preview i rendered a loooong while ago. the last half is not the best as i was in the middle of fixing it when i rendered this, but since that is no longer an option and i haven’t been contributing to the yogs fandom as much, i wanted to release a video!”

this is very late, but i hope all of you enjoy. <3