I drew my boyfriends. I love them so much and they are my favorite characters and they are perfect and I love them.

On the left, we’ve got The Boy, The Legend, The Classic, Jake English from Homestuck.

In the middle, we’ve got that special Good Good Boy, Gundam Tanaka from Super Danganronpa 2.

And on the right, we’ve got The Original, The Angsty, The Wonderful, Rythian Enderborn from Blackrock Chronicles.

I’m so happy I finally finished this and y’all can see my boyos. :U

Okay, quick answers to the most asked questions:

Rythian is a human boy who was taken by Endermen back to The End many years ago. There he was raised to learn how to use Endermagic and groomed to become the general/warlord in a future invasion of the Brightlands (the “normal” world).

When he was still very young he despaired at how different he looked to all the other Endermen so he took a knife and cut the sides of his cheeks open so would be able to have the wide mouth and angular jaw of an Enderman. He healed eventually but it left horrifying scars which he is ashamed of to this day. Hence the mask.

He eventually left The End behind and broke free from the Queen’s leadership and wandered the Brightlands. He met some friends, and met Zoey.

The way the story was going, they were going to discover Zoey’s origin in the Twilight Forest - she was the mushroom princess, rightful ruler of the Realm of Twilight. The original nuking of the original server made her lose her memory. With her gone, the barriers between worlds were fading, and Endermen managed to invade there as well, despite measures to stop that from happening (such as a realm-wide aura to stop their magic from working).

After restoring Zoey’s memory and “fixing” the realm, they were going to go back to the original place where the portal to the End was created (by Rythian’s scientist parents many years ago), go through, fight the Enderdragon (Queen of the End, aka The Princess from the short story) and win. More or less live happily ever after.

It all sounds a bit silly and dry when briefly summed up like this, but at least there’s some answers. I hope that satisfied a little bit at least. :)

burningflyme  asked:

I hope I don't trigger you, but I have to know... Will Blackrock ever be finished? Not in videos, but you mentioned writing the rest of Blackrock. I love Blackrock, I practically grew up with it. (I've been watching it since I was 11 lol) I know this sounds cheesy, but I'd love to know how my favorite childhood story ends before I set off to collage next year. Thanks🙂 <3

I’ve sat down to write up a couple of details, answers, story beats, and origin stuff a few times but I’ve never quite been satisfied with it. It always feels dry and unimportant. I realized after a while that I was trying to give people something I can never give - real closure.

So I started thinking of why I was doing this. I know a lot of people want the answers to questions still left unanswered - especially since it was left on a cliffhanger. But I honestly think it’s better left this way.

I can’t give you what you want, and anything else is a poor substitute that will just end up closing the door on a world that there are still people enjoying. I’ve seen so much great fan creations for Blackrock, and so many theories and ideas of everything, and I don’t want to shut that down. At this point, anything I make will feel like a weird post-series spinoff. And I don’t want that.

I think back to stuff like the Dark Disciple book for Star Wars: Clone Wars, or the Buffy/Angel comic books. They were well written, and they were official, they were canon, and so on. But to me they never really felt like the same thing, and they couldn’t compete to “the real thing”. And while I would never compare myself to the talented people who made those, in this regard, as a creator, I’m making the decision to leave Blackrock as it is.

I wish I’d made this decision earlier and not dragged it out so long. I’m sorry for that, and I’m sorry if this disappoints some people, but I genuinely think it’s better this way. The Blackrock world is your world now. I wish I could finish it the way it deserves, but it’s just not happening. Let your theories, headcanons and universes run wild, and don’t let my “real canon” stop you.

“There is no light without darkness.” - Rythian “Hellstrand” Enderborn, mysterious vigilante of the night.

Easily the tallest of the cast in LabBuddies, Rythian is a looming shadow in the night. Juxtaposed to Proasheck and Sabriel who save the day with great bravado and rainbows, Rythian stalks the night hunting down the dimension hopping endermen, ruthlessly cutting them apart to take their pearl-like hearts; A guaranteed way to kill off the eternal creatures from the End. When he isn’t snuffing out the immortal beings, he frequently keeps tabs on Yoglabs activities. He harbours a great hatred for the company as a whole, seeking vengeance for crimes they have committed, however only a very few key members of the organisation deserve the knife from the dark.

Despite his frightening appearance and mysterious nature, Rythian is less of a monster then the media makes him out to be. He cares deeply for those around him, even if he doesn’t always let on to that fact. He frequently runs himself ragged, forgetting or straight up ignoring to take care of himself, all for the sake of the city he has come to know as his home… Luckily for him, he often finds small packed lunches tucked in with his gear along with notes of encouragement (and reminders to take out the trash) from Zoeya.