Anticipation (Added to the groups Strobist Sundays for the theme: “Anticipation")

Here Lola is again. I’m shooting her as much as possible these days since I swear she’s gaining a pound a day… I just told her to leave it, so she’s patiently waiting for me to say go get it!

Strobist info: AB-800 (1/32) into reflective umbrella to the right overhead, triggered by 580ex II (1/128), pointed away from subject
by Yogma http://flic.kr/p/bnF3G7

Still/Motion (Added to the groups Strobist Sundays for the theme: “Contrast: Still/Moving”)

Here’s another photo of our new puppy Lola. I’ve already fielded requests from (male) friends to borrow her as a chick magnet at the dog park. Also, my wife won’t let me walk Lola in public without my wedding ring on. (just kidding on that last sentence)

Strobist info: 580ex II (1/128) on the left triggering AB800 (1/32) into reflective umbrella on the right

Explored #2 1/30/12
(Hi Reddit! I heard you like puppy photos.) by Yogma http://flic.kr/p/bkQPSR