Val and Savannah’s challenge : yogislovedad
days one and two
mountain pose and hand to knee pose

here is a picture of my dad :) he’s battled a lot in his life. I can say my strength comes from watching his will to succeed and overcome any obstacle. :))

Howdy my loves:

How are you? I hope you had a lovely weekend I haven’t been so much here sorry for that, lot of work, a wedding (not mine) and spending time with my family!

I will catch up tomorrow the yoga challenges, some games that tagged me and I will answer my inbox!

I reach 16,000! SUPER HAPPY!! Thank you so much! I will do a promo tomorrow for you my loves!

Have a great night!


Catching up the challenges:

#yogislovedad: 3 things I love about my dad: The way he smile when he will made a joke/// He knows about everything, he is like a library walk/// His voice, since I was kid and I just listen his voice far away I felt safe and I just smile! and even that I almost have 28 years old I keep feeling the same way <3.

#positivesummer: Thanks all that joined us on this challenge! If you want to join me for july I am hosting a new one #enjulyyourpractice.


These poses have shown me I’ve gotten so much better! I could barely get off the floor for the locust pose, I always did the shoulder stand in my regular routine and months ago I couldn’t keep a straight line ^.^ I still have so much more to learn but we need to learn to appreciate the little achievements! 

#yogislovedad Knee to nose plank
Locust pose 
#summerlovinyogis Supported Shoulder Stand