Here is a guide master list of youtube videos that will help on flexibility.  As a yogi, I notice that I struggle more on poses that require lots of flexibility because I get stiff a lot.  So here is a master list that will help improve your bendiness :) Enjoy and have fun bending! 

Full Body Flexibility 

Morning Yoga for Flexibility 

Yoga for Back Flexibility

Yoga for Hip Openers 

Yoga for Shoulders

Yoga for Splits 

Remember not to push yourself :) If you do these videos and you find you cannot do a pose, do a variation and keep on practicing!! Namaste.


The first manifestation of what you want coming to you is the emotion. When you feel confident, when you feel sure, when you feel expectant, then you are on your path to what you want. After the emotion you begin to receive thoughts and ideas and visualisations and then you will begin rendezvousing with people who will help you get what you want.

Abraham Hicks


First time hoopin’ - trying to channel my inner @marawa 🙈🙃💕 it’s coming….20,000+ more practice hours. 😅😘😘