Yoga For Your Sign

Written by: Vanisha

Hey! It’s been a while, huh? I’ve been sitting on this yoga lesson idea for a while now, but for some reason, up until now, I haven’t felt inspired to write it. 

Since delving more into astrology, I’ve been able to pinpoint and further understand certain characteristics about myself and those around me. As well as characteristics though, I’ve also learned how different signs apply to one of the four elements and certain body parts. For example, I’m a Taurus which governs the neck and throat and that explains why I used to hate people near my neck – I guess LoA had people near my neck quite often?? – and why I sing pretty much all the time (even though I can’t, sorry neighbours).
Like yoga, I feel like astrology can be a great way to understand ourselves and our bodies more. So I’ve put the two together in this post on yoga poses that benefit you in terms of your signs or that benefit anyone depending on, for example, what sign the sun or moon is in at the moment!

Head, face, brain, eyes.
Warrior 1, 2, 3 and humble warrior, chair pose, headstand and fire log pose.

Throat, neck, thyroid gland, vocal tract.
Tree pose, peacock pose, locust pose, bow pose, and cow-face pose.

Arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, nervous system, brain.
Shoulderstand, crow pose, handstand, eight-angle pose, dragon pose, flying pigeon pose.

Chest, breasts, stomach, alimentary canal.
Half moon pose, crescent lunge, goddess pose, child’s pose, moon salutation.

Heart, chest, spine, spinal column, upper back.
Wild thing, side plank, gorilla pose, camel pose, sun salutation.

Digestive system, intestines, spleen, nervous system.
Boat pose, seated twist, plow pose, reclined spinal twist.

Kidney, skin, lumbar region, buttocks.
Dancer pose, bird of paradise pose, balancing warrior, eagle pose, happy baby pose.

Reproductive system, sexual, bowels, excretory system.
Camel pose, wide legged forward bend, yogic squat, pigeon pose.

Hips, thighs, liver, sciatic nerve.
Triangle pose, dancer pose, pyramid pose, lizard pose.

Knees, joints, skeletal system.
Hero’s pose, Sage Marichi’s pose, lotus pose, cowherd pose, wheel pose, bridge pose.

Ankles, circulatory system.
Eagle pose, forward fold, hero’s pose with toes tucked under, monkey pose.

Feet, toes, lymphatic system, adipose tissue.
Fish pose, boat pose, mountain pose, reverse plank pose, cobbler pose, corpse pose.

Namaste Yogis!


Hello my #Beautiful #Yogis. Getting in some practice before I head out to watch my boys play tonight. Thank you @yogaplayground for this one. I’ve been in a practice rut with all the modifications I have to make but this was fun and gave me another look at my practice. Yeah, I tried 😂 Next time I’m going to finish my yoga Tetris tower lol. Stay #light and #awesome.

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Hello my #Beautiful #yogis Y'all not ready for my b-boy moves! Thanks @yogaplayground for another one. Maybe this could be one of those videos you can’t explain. Lol. I hope your day was as amazing as you are! Stay #light and #awesome.

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The Yogis say that human discontentment is a simple case of mistaken identity. We’re miserable because we think that we are mere individuals, alone with our fears and flaws and resentments and mortality. We wrongly believe that our limited little egos constitute our whole entire universe. We have failed to reconginize our deeper divine character. We don’t realize that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme Self who is eternally at peace. That supreme Self is our true identity, universal and divine. Before you realize this truth, say the Yogis, you will always be in despair.
—  Eat, Pray, Love