Here is my yoga master post! This post has everything you need for your yoga practice :) I will be updating this list regularly. Hope you enjoy ☀

Getting Started 

Yoga Videos (Sorted by degree of Difficulty) [will add to the list periodically]

Guided Meditations

Yoga Websites (Find Yoga videos and more!) 

Yoga Apps for Smart Phones (I have an iPhone so I really don’t know if some of these available for android!)

  • Yoga Studio ($3.99) - My favorite!  Really good for beginners! 
  • Simply Yoga Free (Free)
  • Simply Yoga ($3.99)
  • Yoga 101 (Free)
  • Yoga+Travel (Free)
  • Daily Yoga - Loose Weight, Get Relief (Free)
  • Yoga.com Studio: 300 Poses & Video Classes ($3.99)
  • Chakra Yoga and Meditation (Free) 

Yoga Blogs on Tumblr (If you are a Yoga Blog that is interested on being on this list, please message me so I can take a look at your blog, Thank you!)

(There are so many but these are some of my favorites! You can find more here)

Yoga Stores (Stores that sell yoga gear/clothing/accessories).  Includes price Ranges

Yoga Mat Brands

If you would like to add anything else to this list, please message me and let me know :) I’d love to have more yoga resources! I hope you enjoy! 



Poses, How to:

Guides/ Sequence

Are the holidays always an overwhelming time of year for you?  Then join us to find Joyful Balance this December with a yoga challenge consisting of all balance poses.

You don’t even need a mat for this! Break out your Dancer or your Tree in the toy aisle or in the middle of the mall or standing in line to checkout at Walmart or even at the Christmas tree lot!  In fact, we’d love to see you finding a little moment of peace during your hectic day, wherever that may be!

How to participate:

  • Reblog this post.
  • Follow the hosts: runmiles-smile (Melanie) and fatgirlgetsfitatlast (Val)
  • Follow the lovely Savannah, yogipeach,  who did the original art above and check out her store & website here.
  • Follow the tag: #joyfulbalance to see your fellow yogis in action.
  • For fun, wear your most festive garb or break out your poses while shopping, watching ‘The Grinch’, decorating the house, putting up the tree, shoveling snow, or at your company holiday party.
  • Post photos of yourself in the pose of the day using the tag #joyfulbalance and tell us how your holiday are going.
  • Have fun and find some time for yourself during this hectic time of year!


  1. Mountain Pose
  2. Forward Fold
  3. High lunge
  4. Toppling Tree
  5. Standing Crescent Moon 
  6. Awkward Chair Pose
  7. Eagle Pose
  8. Warrior i
  9. Warrior II
  10. Reverse Warrior
  11. Triangle
  12. Revolved Triangle
  13. Extended Side Angle Pose
  14. Lord of the Dance (Dancer)
  15. Warrior III
  16. Standing Split
  17. Half Moon
  18. Revolved Half Moon
  19. Goddess Pose
  20. Revolved Goddess Pose
  21. Extended hand to toe pose
  22.  Revolved hand to toe pose
  23.  Tree

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! May your 2015 be filled with Joyful Balance!

If you want to beggin to practice yoga but don’t know how, these are my tips for start to practice yoga at home!

Sometimes we don’t know how to start and we start to do advanced poses and that make us feel so discouraged because we have trouble with the poses and at the end we get hurt and without any energy to try it again, so check these tips that i give you before you begin.

All body types can do yoga!, you don’t have to be super skinny or super flexible, you can start just now:

  • How can I start?
  • I just eat, how much time i need to wait?
  • Where can I practice?
  • How beggin my practice? 
  • What kind of poses or videos can I do?
  • About ladies holidays?
  • Trust in you!

read more…


MARCH IS HERE! Welcome to day 1 of the #BloomingOpen Yoga Challenge! 

Are you ready to get started opening up your heart, shoulders, and hips? Let’s go!

The first pose is Camel, a heart opener. Here is a link to YogajJournal’s step-by-step guide to Camel Pose, or CLICK HERE for Ekhart Yoga’s video guide to the pose.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If you feel compression in your lower back, come out of the pose.
  • Concentrate on lifting your heart to the sky, opening your chest, and lengthening your spine.
  • Don’t hinge from your knees. This is a back-bend and heart opener. Concentrate on keeping your hips over your knees.One way to check this is to place your knees against a wall while doing this pose and make sure that your hips stay against the wall as well, like this:

If your hips come away from the wall, then back off into a less intense version of the pose.

There are three levels for Camel pose. 

  • The first option is with your hands on your hips/low back.
  • The second is with your heels up off the mat, your feet resting on your toes, and your hands on your heels
  • The third is with the tops of your feet flat down on the mat and your hands on your heels.

You choose which level is right for your practice.

Now, let’s see YOUR BEAUTIFUL CAMELS! Be sure to tag #BloomingOpen and follow that tag to see your fellow yogis!


Want to participate in our #BloomingOpen Spring Challenge and have a chance to win a yoga block, yoga towel, or a yoga strap? CLICK HERE for information on how to join and have a chance to win!

Be sure to follow all four of your hosts: fatgirlgetsfitatlast, yogipeach , fromsmallvilletosuperman , and runmiles-smile


Finally feeling confident and positive enough to “properly” join the Tumblr community. I’m joining the #BloomingOpen yoga challenge! What better way to start the day than doing yoga in a cute bra?👙 Just catching up with everyone else, so here are Days 1-4!

Day 1: Camel Pose
Day 2: Reverse Plank
Day 3: Open Cow Pose (modified - my shoulders and hips weren’t open enough this morning for me to comfortably/correctly reach my hands behind my back, so I kept them in front)
Day 4: Seated Cow / Cat

As you all know it almost summer here (north hemisphere) and it brings with it, sun, heat, long nights and happiness. For me it also brings my birthday and this year, I wanted to celebrate it with by doing my favourite things, which obviously includes YOGA! Therefore, I asked lovely Savannah to join me on this mini yoga challenge and she said yes! So, yogis and yoginis this is what we planed for you all:

8/06- Wild thing;

9/06 - Lotus Pose;

10/06- Side plank;

11/06- Plank;

12/06- Locust Pose;

13/06- Cat & Cow Pose;

14/06- Lord of the Dance Pose;

15/06- Happy Baby Pose;

16/06- Bow Pose;

17/06- Boat Pose;

18/06- One-Legged King Pigeon Pose II;

19/06- Side Reclining leg lift (each side);

20/06- Big Toe Pose;

21/06- Choose your favourite pose, because it is SUMMER!!

22/06- Bharadjava’s Twist;

23/06- Warrior III Pose;

24/06- Shoulder Stand Pose;

25/06- Dolphin Pose;

26/06- Dolphin Plank;

27/06- It is my birthday!! Yeyy, so I chose Camel Pose.

28/06- Bridge Pose.

Here is what you’ll need to do:

  • Post your picture of the day on tumblr and tag #positivesummer (you also can tag us: #yogini-dreams and #yogipeach).
  • Tell us something positive that happened or will happen on that day. It doesn’t need to be a huge thing, it can be about yourself, others, something you saw, the weather, your pets, anything!
  • Now the most important thing of all! Do not judge yourself and/or compare yourself to others! We’re all different people with different bodies. This is a beginners challenge, therefore, you should have fun, breathe and smile! It’s okay if you fall, laugh about it! Don’t push yourself to the point you’re in pain, that’s not the point of the challenge! If there is a pose you can’t do, just take a picture of whatever you want!
  • If you have any doubt you’re more than welcome to our inboxes, just ask and we will try to help you as much as we can!

Do not force any pose, do not hurt yourself! Yoga helps you know your body from head to toe, no one will judge you if you can’t do it and you shouldn’t either. Breathe and do your best and most important, smile and have fun.

Savannah and I wish you the best practice and summer of your life.

Namasté ॐ