Here is my yoga master post! This post has everything you need for your yoga practice :) I will be updating this list regularly. Hope you enjoy ☀

Getting Started 

Yoga Videos (Sorted by degree of Difficulty) [will add to the list periodically]

Guided Meditations

Yoga Websites (Find Yoga videos and more!) 

Yoga Apps for Smart Phones (I have an iPhone so I really don’t know if some of these available for android!)

  • Yoga Studio ($3.99) - My favorite!  Really good for beginners! 
  • Simply Yoga Free (Free)
  • Simply Yoga ($3.99)
  • Yoga 101 (Free)
  • Yoga+Travel (Free)
  • Daily Yoga - Loose Weight, Get Relief (Free)
  • Yoga.com Studio: 300 Poses & Video Classes ($3.99)
  • Chakra Yoga and Meditation (Free) 

Yoga Blogs on Tumblr (If you are a Yoga Blog that is interested on being on this list, please message me so I can take a look at your blog, Thank you!)

(There are so many but these are some of my favorites! You can find more here)

Yoga Stores (Stores that sell yoga gear/clothing/accessories).  Includes price Ranges

Yoga Mat Brands

If you would like to add anything else to this list, please message me and let me know :) I’d love to have more yoga resources! I hope you enjoy! 


It’s a journey. It wasn’t until I loved myself exactly as I was, that my body began to blossom and manifest to show a reflection of all the self love and self care I put into it. Eliminating the junk- not just junk food, but negative relationships and situations. By being true to myself and doing what I felt was best- I was able to make a new best friend- Me.


Days 5 & 6: puppy pose and dolphin pose. Puppy pose is my favorite ever but I’ve never tried dolphin so it was fun to learn.
I love my arms because even though they’re flabby (nothing wrong with that!) they get stronger every day.



Poses, How to:

Guides/ Sequence

ANNOUNCING The Blooming Open March Yoga Challenge!

Come join your hosts: 

…for a spring challenge featuring heart, hip, shoulder, and whole body opening poses! What an amazing way to bloom this spring!

And, to make it even more fun, there will be a prize given to THREE lucky winners chosen from the participants. All participants, both on tumblr and instagram, will have a chance to win a yoga block, a yoga towel, or a yoga strap! 

So, how do you participate? 

  • Reblog this post to help spread the word
  • Follow your four hosts
  • Track the tag: #BloomingOpen
  • Beginning March 1st, watch the tag daily for instructions and helpful hints on how to do each pose from one of the hosts
  • Post your poses each day from the list below and make sure to tag it with #BloomingOpen. You may also tag the hosts, but we’ll all be tracking #BloomingOpen
  • Participant’s posts will be reblogged randomly by the hosts.
  • If you have questions or need help with any pose, feel free to contact any of the hosts, or ask it on your post.
  • At the end of the month three winners will be chosen and you will have the chance to receive either a Yoga Strap, a Yoga Block, or a Yoga Towel  (Who gets which prize is completely up to us). You will have to provide a mailing address to receive your gift.
  • Also, you will have a chance to have your blog featured on Savannah’s website: www.yogipeach.com! The yogi with the most notes on a single #BloomingOpen post during the month will get their blog (and/or Instagram) featured and permanently linked to on Savannah’s website! 

The poses:

1. Valencia - Camel Pose
2. Melanie - Upward Plank Pose
3. Tabby - Cow Face Pose
4. Sav - Seated Cat/Cow
5. Valencia - Fish Pose
6. Melanie - Extended Side Angle Pose
7. Tabby -  Cobra Pose
8. Sav - Wild Thing Pose

9. Valencia - Wide Legged FF with Hands Clasped and Raised
10. Melanie - One Legged King Pigeon
11. Tabby - Eagle Pose
12. Sav - Tree Pose with Reverse Prayer Hands
13. Valencia - Downward Facing Dog
14. Melanie -   Wheel Pose (or Bridge)
15. Tabby - Bow Pose
16. Sav - Locust Pose

17. Valencia -  Low Lunge Pose
18. Melanie - Lizard Pose
19. Tabby - Pigeon Pose
20. Sav - One Legged Chair Pose
21. Valencia -  Bound Angle
22. Melanie -  Eye of the Needle Pose
23. Tabby - Buddha Squat Pose
24. Sav - Gate Pose

Open Up All:
25. Valencia -  Frog Pose
26. Melanie - King Dancer Pose
27. Tabby - Standing Goddess Pose
28. Sav - Compass Pose

Pick from the above:
29. Your favorite pose from the month
30. The pose you found most challenging during this month
31. The pose that surprised you most (for any reason – harder than you thought ,easier than you thought, a better stretch than you thought, etc.)

Its official I’m down 7 dress sizes, I cried on Thursday because I could go into somewhere that I never thought I could buy clothes from. I still don’t notice but I’m practically sobbing. I’m so grateful to my tumblr family butfirstbreakfast fit-n-fab-lissie toethefinishline thefitwriter run-rhianna-run run-like-a-zombie fatmaninalittlesuit yogipeach fatgirlgetsfitatlast annie-moves thereisfreedomwaitingforyou sophiercely mandasmuffintop quadworkorange bigbootywhitegurl annesmiless anna-learns-to-love-herself karinashappiness getyourassoffandgetfit pixiefit-whit sabrinavandemaas-weightloss mitchlions dontcallmecosmo pennyswings strongerjen running-raspberry it’s almost 1am so I know I’m forgetting a few people (you all know who you are) but a massive thank you to my girl imgonnamakeachange she put together my vegan plan and I’m eternally grateful ♡

If you want to beggin to practice yoga but don’t know how, these are my tips for start to practice yoga at home!

Sometimes we don’t know how to start and we start to do advanced poses and that make us feel so discouraged because we have trouble with the poses and at the end we get hurt and without any energy to try it again, so check these tips that i give you before you begin.

All body types can do yoga!, you don’t have to be super skinny or super flexible, you can start just now:

  • How can I start?
  • I just eat, how much time i need to wait?
  • Where can I practice?
  • How beggin my practice? 
  • What kind of poses or videos can I do?
  • About ladies holidays?
  • Trust in you!

read more…

Are the holidays always an overwhelming time of year for you?  Then join us to find Joyful Balance this December with a yoga challenge consisting of all balance poses.

You don’t even need a mat for this! Break out your Dancer or your Tree in the toy aisle or in the middle of the mall or standing in line to checkout at Walmart or even at the Christmas tree lot!  In fact, we’d love to see you finding a little moment of peace during your hectic day, wherever that may be!

How to participate:

  • Reblog this post.
  • Follow the hosts: runmiles-smile (Melanie) and fatgirlgetsfitatlast (Val)
  • Follow the lovely Savannah, yogipeach,  who did the original art above and check out her store & website here.
  • Follow the tag: #joyfulbalance to see your fellow yogis in action.
  • For fun, wear your most festive garb or break out your poses while shopping, watching ‘The Grinch’, decorating the house, putting up the tree, shoveling snow, or at your company holiday party.
  • Post photos of yourself in the pose of the day using the tag #joyfulbalance and tell us how your holiday are going.
  • Have fun and find some time for yourself during this hectic time of year!


  1. Mountain Pose
  2. Forward Fold
  3. High lunge
  4. Toppling Tree
  5. Standing Crescent Moon 
  6. Awkward Chair Pose
  7. Eagle Pose
  8. Warrior i
  9. Warrior II
  10. Reverse Warrior
  11. Triangle
  12. Revolved Triangle
  13. Extended Side Angle Pose
  14. Lord of the Dance (Dancer)
  15. Warrior III
  16. Standing Split
  17. Half Moon
  18. Revolved Half Moon
  19. Goddess Pose
  20. Revolved Goddess Pose
  21. Extended hand to toe pose
  22.  Revolved hand to toe pose
  23.  Tree

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! May your 2015 be filled with Joyful Balance!