This used to be my hate pose. I once had a Girl push me down so hard in it my disc slipped. For a long time it symbolised and quite literally was a place I didn’t want to go because of the pain. Gradually I Got used to it. Most importantly it happened in my own time, without having to prove anything or having others push me. It’s now one of my favorite poses, the journey into it so far has taught me so much and it’s never ending so the journey continues… yogipeach

September New Yoga Challenge for BEGINNERS #NewbieIntoYoga hell yeah!!!

Hosted by me Savannah

The Surprise I have for you this month it’s that our friends at buddhateas and @lotusandlava are giving up special gifts for two lucky winners this month!

What to expect?:

We will be working for 30 days, poses that will help you not only to start, I will incorporate my personal tips to gain flexibility and strenght. Which props, how to use them and how to advance to the next nevel!

*Starts September 1st

→ How Can You Participate?

  1. Simply follow me yogipeach, our sponsors buddhateas and @lotusandlava (Lotusandlava is only on instagram)
  2. Reblog this post, spread the word.
  3. Post your photo of the day on tumblr or instagram and tag it with #IntoNirvana, I will be tracking the tag.

→ On Instagram:

If you want to Follow the challenge on instagram.

  1. Follow me @yogipeach,  @lotusandlava and @buddhateas
  2. Share this collage on your instagram feed and tag some friends!
  3. Post your photo of the day on instagram and tag it with #NewbieIntoYoga

Don’t worry if you can’t do a pose, I will be offering modifications and variations for the poses (Don’t be discouraged if you have trouble with the pose of the day; message me and I´ll be more than happy to help you).

Please do not force your body into a certain pose if you do not feel ready. Remember try to enjoy it, have fun and smile!.

We can’t wait to see all of your posts!

Good luck everyone!



Finally feeling confident and positive enough to “properly” join the Tumblr community. I’m joining the #BloomingOpen yoga challenge! What better way to start the day than doing yoga in a cute bra?👙 Just catching up with everyone else, so here are Days 1-4!

Day 1: Camel Pose
Day 2: Reverse Plank
Day 3: Open Cow Pose (modified - my shoulders and hips weren’t open enough this morning for me to comfortably/correctly reach my hands behind my back, so I kept them in front)
Day 4: Seated Cow / Cat