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Naked Yoga for PMS 2: Boost Circulation for Premenstrual Syndrome! (Trailer)

Arrested Development Yoga

I had a hectic day. I was feeling under the weather, plus I had meetings with the members of my thesis committee & blablabla. I got home and my room was really messy … and I just felt like falling asleep, but I decided to put on an episode of Arrested Development and just do some yoga until it was over. The background noise gives me the challenge of focusing on my breathing. But I really liked my spontaneous routine, so I’m recording it here. Sorry I don’t know the technical terms off the top of my head, but I tried my best to describe it, in case any of you were interested.

  1. Start with a standing backbend
  2. forward fold, pushing into “hug your legs” (haha)
  3. downward dog
  4. lunge (right leg forward)
  5. half-moon pose
  6. Victoria’s dancer
  7. Ease into dancing shiva
  8. Tree pose
  9. Move into topling tree w/a forward bend
  10. Downward dog
  11. repeat 4-10 on left side
  12. ease into a 30 second to 1 minute plank
  13. Cobra/Upward Facing dog
  14. Child’s pose (take a rest! catch up with your breathing again.)
  15. Cow pose
  16. Camel pose
  17. Boat pose (hold this for 30 sec to 1 minute)
  18. Wheel pose (my favourite, so I always indulge in this one)
  19. Ease down into bridge
  20. Then ease into happy baby, rocking slowly back and forth

Here I did pigeon, then went into downward dog & flipped it so as to try the asana of the week (the “rock star pose”). It was hard! But I really enjoyed it. Back bends and other core strengtheners feel really good to me (b/c my “strong” or “personality” chakra is the navel one, I’m sure) but I didn’t “include” this into my Arrested Development Yoga b/c it doesn’t flow like the rest of them do. :)

Today in yoga we were tasked with cultivating gratitude.

About halfway through class, I decided that I looked large in the mirror. Shoulders, boobs, waist, thighs, all too big for my head, which looked abnormally small.

Except I managed to redirect my thoughts. My goals in doing yoga are not to be the fittest and skinniest and cutest yogini. They are to find peace and mindfulness, to be the best yogini I can be, to cultivate inner peace and acceptance and strength and balance in my daily life.

And my body allows me to do that. It allows me to use the yoga poses to focus my breath and my mind and bend into weird shapes and balance and move.

And for that I am grateful.

Watch on heytherehanuman.tumblr.com

This movie was unbelievable. Made me shed some tears.

But seriously, we can see how yoga helps us overcome not just our physical struggles, but our mental and emotional ones too. This man could run again, but it also gave him the freedom of overcoming the barriers in his mind.

Mainly, the I-can’t-do-it’s.

This is why I practice.