This used to be my hate pose. I once had a Girl push me down so hard in it my disc slipped. For a long time it symbolised and quite literally was a place I didn’t want to go because of the pain. Gradually I Got used to it. Most importantly it happened in my own time, without having to prove anything or having others push me. It’s now one of my favorite poses, the journey into it so far has taught me so much and it’s never ending so the journey continues… yogipeach

Day 6: Dolphin pose

6th thing I love about myself: My height! I had been taller than everyone from the first day of school onwards until I reached my second year in middle school. I used to be self conscious about it because my legs were so long plus I was overweight, so I’d be cramped in spaces. I now accept this because there are a lot of perks to being tall! 


#yogilovemay Day 3. Standing forward bend

How to:  Stand on your your feet together with your heels firmly on the floor, relax your back by the shoulders backwards, your stomach keep it tight, relax your hands to your sides, relaxes the neck, bend your back forward, keep your knees straight - if hurts or you do not have much flexibility, bend the knees - try to reach the floor with your palms, if you don’t reach that’s ok, now cuddle your legs with your arms, do not force it! relax your back and hold it for 3 to 5 breaths.

I love myself: that I don’t like to judge people, for some reason they are that way.


WELCOME TO #yogilovemay Day 1. Mountain pose

  1. Stand up straight with both feet at hip-width.
  2. Turn your heels a little outward and let your weight rest on your toes.
  3. Your arms hang downwards along your body and the palm of your hands point towards your body.
  4. Now make the back of your pelvis move away from your lower back. You can do this by drawing in your ribs a little in the direction of your belly.
  5. Breathe in and out a few times with full concentration. Through your breathing place your neck straight over the upper back. It would then feel as if you stretch your body upwards from the neck.
  6. The shoulders feel broad and are relaxed.
  7. Your breathing is free and relaxed.
  8. Look straight ahead of you at a spot within your vision and try to stand motionless with as little effort as possible.
  9. Whenever you do this exercise, do it with care and always try to increase your focus and your relaxation.

by abc-of-yoga

i love about myself: I will start with my sense of humor ♡

Thanks for join! Namaste!

Day 2. Chair pose

♡ Start with your feet hip width apart, squat, push your pelvis out, your chest and rib cage pulls up.

♡ Inhale & reach your hands all the way up to the sky! -if you can’t reach too high don’t worry, don’t force your shoulders-

♡ Make sure your inner thighs are rolled inwards, pelvis bones are spreading out and apart outwards away from eachother.

♡ Hold for 3 to 5 breathes.

Love myself: The light of my eyes