“Everything you can imagine is real.” - Pablo Picasso Day 2/365 :: IMAGINE Something really magical happened yesterday! Hundreds of people imagined themselves doing a handstand! Every action begins with a single thought. Imagine you can! I’ve been working on alignment and hang time for my basic handstand and only recently felt confident enough to try different leg variations. I’m dedicating my Day 2 handy to @monkeymix and @dalima26, the inspiration for this challenge. This was my very first splits handstand ever!!! I held it, the timer went off, and I was still up… @gordonogden @beasleylocks
by patbailey via Instagram http://instagram.com/p/isyVmug8uX/

Day 2 with the. I like to call these my “G Pants” cuz he loves them so much, so of course @gordonogden you get my version of in my G Pants today! No fancy backdrops, no frills, no extras…just a solid pose and a big fat “giver” for YOU my friend! (And, thank you @monkeymix for the behind-the-scenes help today! This pose was a first for me and I wanted to be sure it was correctly practiced!) Open shoulders? Check! (Pants are Chakabraka, I know peeps will ask!)
by patbailey via Instagram http://instagram.com/p/ir13ocA8ja/