Tree poses teaches how to be available to the Present moment.

Keeping one leg steadfast on the ground, strong and rooted, one creates a foundation. This foundation is what
allows one to grow, to be present, not running to or away. It teaches one true abundance, for the tree never chases what it needs,
it just grows its roots deeper into the ground, and receives everything it needs for growth.
Although the trunk of the tree is steady, the branches are flexible, they sway with the passing winds, thus it
is important to keep one’s heart and hands, open and relaxed, so that one may also learn flexibility and lightness.
Through steadiness and flexibility the balance is created.

The breath of the tree is slow and steady, and at first glance it looks like nothing is happening, yet so many process of
the Universe are happening at once. The Tree Pose connects one to
the complexity of Nature. It contains within it the secrets of Creation and Transformation;
The four seasons: Winter-meditation and emptiness; Spring-re-birth and blossoming, Summer-Fruition, Autumn-harvest and death.
It outlines the journey of Spirit into Form. It teaches one not to get stuck in any particular phase, but to change willingly and freely.
Through the embodiment of a tree the boundaries between the Universe and Self
are erased. There is only one moment, one breath, and completeness. It is a glimpse into Samdhi, the Sacred Union or Bliss.

By Ksenia Poulber


lately . . i have just been doing yoga teaching practicing learning for my life and for peoples who i love and my family . sometimes somethings give me some heard time at the same time somethings give me a power to : just go for it : and i feel that they really know what is going on ! that feeling is helping me so much ! THANK YOU xX