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Daily Guide To Happiness

PRAY: It is the greatest power on earth

LOVE: It is the purpose of life

READ: It is the fountain of wisdom

THINK: It is the source of power

BE FRIENDLY: It is the right way to act

GIVE: It is too short a day to be selfish

PLAY: It is the secret to perpetual youth

LAUGH: It is the music of the soul

WORK: It is the price of success

SAVE: It is the secret of security

How to control your fate

In order to take possession of your life, you must first take possession of your mind.

To the neophyte or uninitiated this sounds mystical, crazy or foolish. How could possessing one’s mind control the external material world? How could it control whom we love, what we do, where we go or live, what we buy or what brings us happiness? How could a little mind do all that? Let us see.

Most of us, are mindless. Meaning senseless, or without concern for consequences. It’s hardly our fault, we have been raised and surrounded by those without strong minds for the vast majority of our lives. I love my mom and dad beyond measure, but for the majority of their lives they have been mindless also. So you see ignorance is bliss, except then why aren’t they and everyone else happy?

Like my parents, the vast majority of humanity still believes in superstition and religion as the factors that most influence the result of their lives. They give the power to control their destiny away to something larger then themselves. They take not responsibility for their thoughts, or actions, instead waiting until they catch ‘the next break’ or winning lottery ticket. As the periods between good fortune increase, the people age and with each day lost, their power dwindles. Why is this so? Why is it that some men realize their dreams, and others wallow in the abyss of mediocrity? Certainly the cause could not be physical, else the strongest and brightest would also be the most successful. The cause then must be mental.

It is important to note that You, the 'I’ in the phrase, 'I AM,’ is not the mind. The mind is a tool, just like the body to be used by your true self, which is spirit. Without getting to detailed, just remember this point. The mind is an organ, to be used by you for your experience and benefit. It is used no differently then eyes or ears. You do not have to think to see or hear. Neither do you need to say to yourself, 'ok. think!’ However if you want to improve the vision or listen more intently, you must focus. You must concentrate and contemplate. This is how the great artists develop an 'eye,’ and musicians an 'ear.’ Both of which you will note are not due to physical or genetic advantages, but rather mental ones. Are we to believe that we are all born more or less anatomically identical, but that our minds, except for a small fraction due to disease or deficit, are not essentially exact also?

Of course not. However each of our minds is influenced by different stimuli, beginning before we even exit the womb. This is how we are able to explain that if a baby is born in a English speaking soicety it will speak english, and if born into a spanish family it will habla espanol. The mind is nothing more then a sponge. One that can be directed to absorb anything the attention is focused on. We do not get to choose the circumstances or environments we are born into. We can however, once we reach the age of cognition, decide what continues to occupy our mind and the environment we engage.

That is assuming of course that we are conscious. There’s a term that often gets tossed around too loosely, consciousness. Ask ten people what it means, and you will get ten different answers. Simply put, consciousness is awareness. Awareness of ourselves, our environment, relationships to others and the world. Awareness of our breath and frame of mind at any given moment. More often then not we are operating on a subconscious plane. Responding to our emotions and thoughts, impulses and desires. Watching TV mindlessly, buying and eating horrible food, spending money on things we don’t need, talking shit or gossiping for no reason, or defeating ourselves in thought and action in some way. We do this as a result of our habits. Our subconscious activity. Clearly if we really took the time to think, contemplate and act, we would rarely, if ever, do anything to harm ourselves or others. Man is unique in his effort to sabotage his happiness, and it has been the life work of the various sages to try and free men from their mental prisons. So that they may release themselves from the bondages of suffering, sickness and poverty and become balanced, well and wealthy.

The rules are quite simple. Basically eat to live instead of live to eat. Try to eat natural things, the way nature made it. Treat your body like 'the temple of the living god.’ So exercise, sweat, stretch and do things physically that you enjoy. Most importantly think definitively that you are and will be well, just as everything in nature is. Once you can commit the mind to accepting the body as a machine to be maintained, you are ready to make mental progress.

Taking possession of the mind is as simple as intentionally breathing. This is the simplest and most direct way to move from the passive state to the active state. When we consciously breathe we are in complete control. We are no longer asleep at the wheel. Fully aware we can correct our posture, we can check our attitude, and we can listen to the true self instead of what our pre programmed brain is accustomed too. Remember, you have not been in possession of our mind. Instead it has been controlling you. Before I mentioned it when was the last time you were aware of your breath? Much less in control of it? This is proof positive that you are not a master of mind, and thus would benefit by beginning to breathe through your nostils at once. How much better do you feel already?

The secret then to controlling your fate is to control your mind. To control your mind, begin by controlling your breath. When you succeed at this, you can proceed. If you fail to succeed at this, I can be of no further benefit to you.

Attitude of Gratitude

Why is it important to express gratitude? And what should we express it for? In practical and yogic philosophy it’s important because it reflects a higher state of consciousness, required to live a harmonious and fulfilling life. As our desire to be happy increases, coincidentally so does our appreciation for everything. As an example. What would you be without your next breath? Where would you be going? What would your hopes and dreams mean? Nothing. Absolutely nothing, without the miracle of breath. Breathing precedes the things we would typically consider when we ask, ‘what are you thankful for?’ But how often have you expressed thanks for this? Probably never. Not once has it dawned on you to give a shout out to the Universal wisdom ie; nature, God, Absolute that makes it all possible? Forgetting about celebrating Man’s God’s, and just the stark reality that you are created in his image. That you cannot be improved upon. Not by adding a thumb or limb can your temple be made more glorious. Vitruvian we are. Is this not spectacular? Is this not something to celebrate? For there are those that lack finger, hand or limb. Even if we are those souls, there are others which have no limbs. The lower animals have less ability to express. And so we find that there is always something to be appreciative of. The most important of which are the freedoms we came into the world with. That of life, mobility, thought, joy, expression and the chance to experience love. When we are on lower planes of awareness we are usually only appreciative for the material successes which come our way. Our career opportunitites, good fortune and those that support us. These are beautiful and should also be celebrated, But it is important that we do not become attached to these rewards. For they are temporary, and have nothing to do with our true self. They can only add to our joyous satisfaction, and should be treated as tools to make the experience more comfortable. No house, car, person or work will come with you when you die, however the home you’ve built, the love you’ve had, the legacy you’ve left will continue long after you’re gone. This is our daily work. To build our positive legend. Starting with what we have. Whether that is health or lack of health, we have ourselves. We have the Earth. And we have this moment in time. Illuminate the truth and you’ll find that this is all you ever really have. So it is all you can ever be thankful for. Yesterday is gone and it isn’t coming back. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Neither is your next breath. So you MUST be thankful for this moment. And this one. Do you see?

Cultivate and the attitude of being thankful for that which is most vital to your survival and you willl develop into a happier personality. This will lead to you attracting other happy personalities. Typically those that have the most to be thankful for express the most gratitude. Or those that express the most gratitude, have the most to be thankful for. Do you see?

When you express gratitude, it is similar to prayer in that you are fully aware (conscious) and essentially in union with the infinite. This means that you are rising above the lower levels of consciousness, moving towards a state of higher vibration and understanding. This is how we grow and ultimately lead ever more rewarding and significant lives. So to increase your happiness and inner peace, begin by expressing gratitude for what you have. The result will be an ever increasing supply of abundance to be greatful for. Start to cultivate the habit by expressing thanks at the same time each day. Perhaps during meditation, or in the shower. Gradually taking the opportunity more and more often until it become part of your being. That you FEEL greatful as often as possible. -Yogi Wongy

Why I give a Fuck.

Why do I give a fuck about your happiness? Seriously. Why not be every other 27 year old, by getting money, working for a better and better car, pimp, and melt my days away on a couch or playing FANTASY football and watching the RNC convention?

After all that’s what’s trendy. Or at least it feels that way here in South Florida. It’s not that I haven’t participated in most of those activities. I did it pretty hard too. I made my first $100k before the age of 21, I’ve had nice whips, nicer chicks and yes, have been crowned a Fantasy Football champion. But doing all of these things, in the end never brought me any real fulfilling happiness. It was all entertainment.

If you’ve ever bought a new (to you) car, you know the feeling you have. It lasts a week. The same with a strictly sexual relationship. The newness of the relationship fades quickly. It’s entertainment. Like monkeys with sticks. We get bored, we move on. Until we’re 80 and we’re moving on without anything, except what we learned, created and shared with others. If we’re busy entertaining ourselves all of the time, how can we die fulfilled?

We are only provided so many heartbeats and breaths in this lifetime. The history of man shows typically it is a very short lifespan. 40 years perhaps. Now we are more likely to live about twice that, but only a percentage of this time are we really cognitive and conscious. Today’s western society doesn’t let you become an ‘adult’ until you’re 20 or so. From 60-80 our bodies and minds begin to slow and degenerate. So our 80 years, is still 40 years, most of which people spend working and drinking away. Further still, the average american spends about 4 hours a day watching television. That’s more than 100 hours per month! More then two weeks of work. After 160 hours of work.

What could somebody do in that time? Anything. Literally anything.

I give a fuck because I know there are people far more talented, intelligent and capable then I am. There are those that could solve the greatest problems of the world. Particularly together. I’m happy with my life, but I’m not satisfied with the world. The more conscious I get, the more dissaray and disorder I see.

To change it takes effort and time. What are we investing in? Each other. Only if you see things differently from your parents and friends can wants and desires change. When wants and desires change, people take action. When people take action, based on positive wants and desires, the law dictates that they get what they work for. Sooo instead of getting a lot of disharmony with nature and others, we would instead create harmony. It is really quite simple. To change the world you need to evolve peoples beliefs and perspectives. Not to replace it with our own views, but to shed light on truth.

Our current media, political, financial, medical and educational systems do not operate solely on a principal of truth. Everything is fabricated and clouded in hierachy and red tape. Acronyms for financial 'instruments,’ referrals needed to see this doctor, limited access to humanities knowledge and news that is programmed. Even our food is fake.

This isn’t the world I chose. It certainly isn’t the one I want my nieces and nephews to grow up in. And I’d love to have or adopt kids one day, but not if they have to live on an Earth that we’ve turned into a shitty hell hole.

SO I read. I think. I write. I teach Yoga. I create my own happiness. And I try to share happiness, in the ways that I’ve found work. Having reached the goals that most are aspiring towards in the material world, I’ve refocused on reaching far more valuable goals in the spiritual world. Why? Because it is a much more challenging and rewarding journey. Fewer have tried. But those that did undertake the responsibility have left the world in much greater standing then the found it. Often they died for their sacrifice, but continue to live eternally through the lives they change.

The world is better for them having lived. Is this so with your current life? Is the air you’re taking, the water you’re drinking, the materials you’re buying, the work you’re doing. Is it a good investment? Is it in harmony? Are you leaving this place better then you found it??

The more definitively you can answer these questions, the more genuine your happiness will be. If you’re happy, it means you are doing the right things, living a good life, sharing and loving. Knowing that this is the only way we can make progress, this makes me feel good. Your happiness is fueling my happines, and so you see in the end perhaps I’m selfish. I care about your happiness because I know it is good for me too. That’s why I give a fuck.

Excerpt from my forthcoming Book, "The Gift of Love"

                Your attitude towards life attracts the friends, places and circumstances that come into it, and your attitude towards those things and people determines the satisfaction and results you receive. Since you are considering giving or receiving the gift of LIFE, it is imperative that you get your attitude right! And by right, I mean positive and full of vigor.  Consider the fact that the donor is literally giving a piece of themselves, a piece of their soul, a portion of their love. The quality of this material is dependent on the type of energy infused within it. A weak, timid and negative outlook will tend to manifest related conditions, while a strong, determined and positive outlook will invariably produce synonymous results.