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1/100 days of productivity 

So, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and attempt at this challenge. I’d like to approach it not as a temporary challenge but truly as a process through which I will change aspects of my lifestyle, adopt positive habits and lose negative ones, and most of all, use my day in it’s entirety, head to bed each night feeling satisfied and as if I am truly working towards something that my future self will thank me for. 

The main aspects I wish to focus on:
• Organisation and cleanliness of my spaces (bedroom, study area, living space)
• Reading: I was once quite the reader, and I wish to bring back the positive impact it had on my livelihood, my language and vocabulary, as well as my heart and soul. 
• Studying: I recently (re)commenced my academic career (after quite the pause), and as a student of languages, I would like to not only succeed quantitatively, but truly master the art of the language and all it’s aspects. 
• Financial organisation: track spending/deposits, plan short/long term saving goals
• Physical fitness and injury recovery: since my physical injuries took over my life, I have neglected my body and allowed my situation to worsen. I wish to turn that around, take care of my body and rehabilitate it through nutrition, holistic healing methods, and physical therapy and training. 

How I will accomplish these goals:
•Organisation/cleanliness: I will designate fifteen-twenty minutes of my day (by setting phone reminders) to clean my space. If I spend fifteen minutes each day to fold clothes, clean home and do chores effectively, I will be able to maintain the tidiness I wish to have. 
• Reading: Reading daily is not a realistic goal to set. In between academia, work and my social life, as well as physical health, I know it is not accomplish-able at these times. My current goal is to read three times a week; even a chapter, a single chapter is satisfactory and will make the difference it should.
• Studying: once again, studying daily with my madness of a schedule is simply an impossible goal to set. 4 days a week seems ideal to me. 4 days a week of focused work/study sessions will get me where I need to be.
•Financial organisation: I have created a tracking chart where I will record all of my spendings and deposits, ideally helping me become more conscious of where my money goes.
• Physical health: Although it will be tough, this must become a daily priority. I will start with 3 days a week of short training sessions (min 30 minutes), as well as daily stretches and physical therapy at home (cumulative 30-45 minutes a day). As far as nutrition is concerned, I plan to track my macros to the best accuracy I manage.

Today is the first day, and I’ve already had a not-so-healthy family brunch, however I am not despaired. My space is clean and organised, and I have satisfactorily revised and made notes for class. 

Join me
As odd as it may seem, it is so absolutely motivating to work towards goals whilst others are supporting me and doing so as well. Start a challenge today too, any challenge that your heart desires. Drink more water, do daily yoga, read more books! Tell me about your plans, message me, I track the tag #northila.

Lots of love to you dear fellows,



-Have a warm cup of tea or coffee
-Make yourself a delicious meal or smoothie
-Spend time moving your body (stretching, yoga, cardio, dancing, anything!)
-Read something, even if it’s just this post
-Spend some time on self care, whether it’s a bath, a face mask, doing a hobby, or walking around a bookstore.
-Tell yourself that you’re worth it, because you are!

Happy Tuesday everyone ✨🌿💐🌻💫

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I have to give a shoutout to one of my best friends, Brielle, for this thoughtful gift me she sent me a few weeks ago. I’ve been so addicted to it ever since I wanted to tell you guys about it!

Anyone who does yoga or meditates will love this. It’s called Namaste Yoga Mat Spray by Botanical Me, and according to the label it’s “to cleanse and calm, with frankincense, rose and neem.” If I had to describe the smell, it’s musky but in that wonderful spiritual way. It smells like a yoga studio, especially when they have the incense going.

The best thing about it is not only is it a disinfectant (to keep your yoga mat bacteria-free) it’s also for aromatherapy (to keep your pillow cases, blankets, sheets and clothes bacteria-free!)

That’s right… you can spray it on ANYTHING. It smells amazing but not too over-powering. It lasts awhile, and it won’t make you slip on your yoga mat.

I had this beautiful moment with it at the end of my yoga practice the other day where I got a huge whiff of it when I was in my final child’s pose. So great.

I spray it on my pillow case before bed, too. Can’t say enough good things so give it a try if you’re in the market for a good aromatherapy/disinfecting spray for both yoga and home!



foxxmilk  asked:

Do you ever feel that Snapchat is counter-productive to yogi life? I feel like I can no longer genuinely enjoy a moment without feeling the need to pull my phone out and broadcast it. Social media has made it so hard to really "live" in a moment

Social media is nothing. It’s just a thing. How you use that thing is what determines its value. 

“Yogi life,” as you put it, or the way of the yogi, is about self-awareness. It is the inner flowering of existential awareness. It has nothing to do with this world. It has everything to do with you

Being present in the moment is a gateway to this understanding, experience, and awareness. But it is not the thing itself. 

Snapchat and other social media is a game. Play it or don’t. But be very clear with yourself about why you are using it and what for. 

Personally, sometimes I’ll experience something cool and think “Damn, I should have snapped that!” But it doesn’t really matter. Othertimes I will throw up some snaps and it’ll be a fun little art project as a way to express my moment to others. But that doesn’t really matter either. 

Don’t get hung up or bogged down by your art. 

And, of course, always practice meditation. 

Namaste :)

Yogi’s Log; 9/12/15

Well I did a week of meditating 50 minutes a day so today I upped the time to 55 minutes. I felt a little restless at times but for the most part it was calm. 

I feel like I’m beginning to awaken to the spirit of my practice. I have been testing my daily spiritual practice curriculum on myself and it has been fruitful. I used to joke that I’m still getting over the PTSD of my premed program and then taking the MCAT over the summer but that’s over now. It feels like that was another life. 

So what is this new life? I don’t know. Between certain periods of my life it feels like I die, I am reborn, and then I have to get to know myself all over again. Of course this isn’t myself. The Self is the changeless and timeless reality from which change may be perceived. What changes is our personality-identity-body, which in its unconscious form is called the ego. It is something we experience but nothing that defines or confines us.

I go to Florida on Monday for three weeks. I suspect it may be a significant time of transition and spiritual productivity.