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“If you keep saying you will never, You have the chance of becoming a prophet.” 


Yes I wanna be a runner and I wanna party with my friends, and yes I wanna be a yogi and I wanna eat fastfood from time to time, and yes sometimes I eat a whole chocolate bar or get really drunk. 

I don’t call the yoga-, running-, hiking- and being in nature-phases my healthy phases. All the different things I am doing are healthy phases for me. Because I allow myself to be my most authentic self. With all the shit I’ve been through, I can say my most unhealthy moments have always been the ones where I gave up myself to be a person that fits in. If the fitness trend inspires me to go running more often and if that truly makes me happy, then that’s amazing! But if I suppress the other sides of my personality, the part of me that likes to party, that likes to stay up late and talk to my friends the whole night, but I get scared to listen to this voice because that’s not what a runner does, than I am in trouble. Yes, I fucking love the feeling after a run but I also love to travel and therefore I am not able to stick to a workout routine all the time. If I don’t accept these different, and sometimes contradictory sides of my personality, I will never end up being healthy and happy. 

We contain so many different aspects of our personality within ourselves, so many different interests, passions and features, and we should be allowed to live them. That’s why I don’t like putting labels on myself. Yes, I wanna be a chocolate eating, traveling, series binging, hiking, backpacking, sun bathing, drinking, raw vegan organic food loving, silly, lazy, active yogi/runner/life lover and that’s what I am going to be <3 We’re constant change, and in the end I think that’s what makes us the beautiful individuals that we are, to truly express who we are in all our facets.