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“Finish Her”
Mortal Kombat ‘Jade’ by @lovelynicocoa
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I forget how much I absolutely love Gareki. To like no end. I forget because when Yogi does the silver Yogi thing, Yogi became my favorite (because I have a yandere yogi head cannon and yandere types or types that I can at least pretend are yandere if I try hard enough are my favorite and silver yogi kinda brought that to the table for me tbh) but now that I’m reading the manga holy shit I’m falling in love with this over sexualized too tsundere for life Gareki all over again. HIS BLUSH FACE JUST KILLS ME INSIDE.

I want to be Gareki. I love him so passionately. Now I have to wait till July before I can get the next volume *cries*


I’m going to start off by saying thank you to my group for making all of this possible. yuuidflourite (Undertaker) in particular because she was the one to drive all of us up there and get the hotel~<33)

I must say this has to be one of, if not the, most fun of all of the cons I’ve been to yet. Everyone I talked to was extremely nice and just… Amazing memories from all thee days. ;u;<3 I got to talk to a lot of great people, posed for a lot of pictures, and even got a little Hijack commission. >D<

So here’s just a few of the most memorable pictures from my Jack Frost cosplay. I generally switched to this about half way through the day from about 3-4 PM to like 8. x’D

We were eating pizza when yuuidflourite spotted a tree and had the idea to take a few pictures in it. Not long did a Dave Strider walk by and said, “What are you taking a picture of?!” (Cue the “OOOOHs” and “Uncalled Fors” by us. LOL~) that basically made my night

The next one is a comparison between the size of my staff (which is well over six feet) and yuuidflourite ’s Undertaker staff. Then featherwind21 ’s (( Alois // Yogi)) rose who was ah… trying to be impressive. //shot

Then I spotted the Elsa that I kept seeing when I was cosplaying Hiccup and jumped on the chance to get a picture with her when I was finally Jack. |D The Elsa is its-safer-i-stick-to-my-books if I’m not mistaken~ ^^

The next picture is a rather unexplainable picture in our hotel’s hallway as we were waiting for our Mikasa to finish getting ready. x’D The Alois is featherwind21 and the Undertaker is yuuidflourite

The next picture was actually Friday night when the group was taking a break in the outside balcony area. Yogi is featherwind21

The last one is my favorite picture of the con.<3
There was a spotlight type thing that faced the wall, and we decided to take a group shot after taking a few Jack shots there too.
Left to right is me (Jack Frost), Undertaker yuuidflourite, Yogi featherwind21, and Ririchiyo (Sam // No Tumblr).

I had a wonderful time with all of you guys and everyone I met and talked to… Gosh it was a pleasure, really. ;u; <33 I already can’t wait for next Sac. :‘3

Hiccup Cosplay SacAnime Post


Here comes the really shitty WIP photos for my Yogi cosplay XD

I decided to post these WIP pictures before the convention this weekend :D where it will actually be done and I’ll have pretty photos taken. ;D

Things I still have to do:

Cut up the beautiful yellow shirt

Cut up some of the beautiful wig

Now you’re thinking Maddie you need two swords. T^T no, I don’t need two swords to carry around the convention :P Yogi can summon them both, or one and I’m saying he’s carrying one damn it. ^.^

The pants are greener from the anime, because in the manga he had bright green pants ;D and it just suits him more, baby Yogi.

Then yeah das it yo. If you wanna see more sword detail/construction just wait a couple of minutes I’m making another post ^.^

I love how I binded my chest but you can still boobs alsdkhgaldkfhg fuck my hourglass figure what.

Since I've last been able to talk with you all:

Which seems like forever…

I’ve been able to buy my yogi shirt, pants, and materials to make my sword. (My wig is on the way, and I already own a nice pair of boots)

So yes. :3 I almost have everything I need it’s just about putting it together now XD