yogi cosplay


Here comes the really shitty WIP photos for my Yogi cosplay XD

I decided to post these WIP pictures before the convention this weekend :D where it will actually be done and I’ll have pretty photos taken. ;D

Things I still have to do:

Cut up the beautiful yellow shirt

Cut up some of the beautiful wig

Now you’re thinking Maddie you need two swords. T^T no, I don’t need two swords to carry around the convention :P Yogi can summon them both, or one and I’m saying he’s carrying one damn it. ^.^

The pants are greener from the anime, because in the manga he had bright green pants ;D and it just suits him more, baby Yogi.

Then yeah das it yo. If you wanna see more sword detail/construction just wait a couple of minutes I’m making another post ^.^

I love how I binded my chest but you can still boobs alsdkhgaldkfhg fuck my hourglass figure what.