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@wonderwearsthegold thank you so much for these POWERFUL undies! I resonate so much with rebellion in my life right now and I couldn’t be happier with this magical piece of clothing !!! ✨✨✨✨✨✨

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When I’m looking up the tag “goddess” on tumblr, 97% of the results are porn. The rest is about very toned, skinny models and actresses
Why is it still a revolutionary act to consider yourself a goddess away from all the labels, standards and boxes we are provided with by society? Why is the majority of pictures, gifs and videos I find, when looking for that tag, mostly showing images of humiliating acts towards women? What in the world does that have to do with being a goddess? Being the play toy of a man? Being objectified and reduced to nothing more than a body to satisfy a man’s needs? I’ve changed my mind on porn so much lately, I always felt like not all porn is unhealthy, and I still think occasionally there are forms of art that can be found in porn as well. It’s so rare though. Most of it is pretty sickening when it comes to body image, the way a woman is being treated and displayed, the way sex and intimacy is being displayed. I’m truly so sick of that shit.
What I’m truly craving are search results of fat, beautiful goddesses doing yoga and not giving a shit that the majority of people thinks they shouldn’t wear yoga pants and crop tops. I’m craving girls talking about their inner goddess and feeling like the queens that they are, while they also allow themselves to talk about pooping, farting and menstrual blood. I’m craving to see so many blogs pop up run by young girls who know they’re enough just the way they are, that their body doesn’t need to look a certain way, that their worth doesn’t depend on the amount of attention they receive from males. That being a goddess and being what society considers “sexy” has nothing to do with each other. You being you, you allowing yourself to rip of those labels and jump out of those boxes is freaking sexy. And if you don’t want to be sexy, that’s also fine! You literally have the birth right to be whatever you fancy to be.
Your soul is trying to be heard, it’s trying to tell you what you need to do in order to express that inner goddess. It’s not about finding it - it’s already there. We’re born goddesses. They’re just buried under wrong expectations and false conditioning.
You don’t need to be “pretty” in order to be a goddess.
You don’t need to be “sexy” in order to be a goddess.
You don’t need to have a partner in order to be a goddess.
You don’t need to be a slim, bendy yogi in fancy yoga clothes in order to be a goddess.
You don’t need to have “instagram fame” or thousands of followers on tumblr to be a goddess.
You don’t need to be known to be a goddess.
You don’t need to be liked and seen by others in order to be a goddess.
But you need to be curious to get to know the real you. It’s there, waiting for you to see, hear, taste, smell and explore it. Reconnect with that inner voice that is trying to guide you towards the things that will make you shine. You deserve to feel powerful. You deserve to be you.

Flowers are nice, but if you’re the kind of guy that is willing to accompany me to yoga, and surprise me with new workout clothes every now and then, you’re the kind of man that I want. 

Lululemon is my aesthetic 🍋

I am in LOVE with these Prana Vida Style leggings in Flora which were made by the lovely @ameliakyoga. Definitely go check her out (she’s a fabulous yogi) and her yoga clothing line (it’s beautiful!). Thank you again Amelia! 💕
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Day4 of #yogapartypeople: #yogaclothes

So, i love cute sportswear. especially yoga clothes. everyone looks cute in sports clothes, don’t they? i love leggins& i have them in all kinds of colours, from flowery to cool grey. actually i only do have one single sports bra atm, bc somehow they all don’t fit me anymore. So i mostly end up wearing non matching things. just like in the pictures above from todays yoga session.

i thought about wearing matching pants and bra for this pic, but the thing is: i normally don’t really bother wearing matching clothes. and i still look cute, i think. above all: you don’t need fancy clothes, or workout clothes, or whatever to start doing what you want to do.

whether it is running, swimming, joining the gym, or yoga.

please, please, please don’t feel intimidated by anyone around you that looks better, or has nicer clothes, or seems to be better at anything you are doing.

above all it is about what you are doing, that you are doing it, and what it is doing with you.

you feel good after a workout? you feel blessed after that asana? good, now turn it inside out and wear a smile.

-A smile will make you look more beautiful than any piece of clothing ever will.-

i promise. :}