i was just eating a yoghurt and while I was eating it I was thinking “this is more bitter than I was expecting, I should scroll down and see if anybody else thought the same” and then I remembered I was eating a yoghurt and not watching a youtube video and now I feel unfulfilled  


DIY Homemade Face Mask ♡

The first DIY video! It’s about how to make a honey, yoghurt and sugar face mask for anyone with pimples or acne. It is best to use organic ingredients, and brown sugar for best results. The honey has properties which stops the pimple causing bacteria from spreading, yoghurt helps sooth itchy, bright red spots and the brown sugar grains are greta for exfoliating the skin! 

All you have to do is mix 1 table spoon of honey and yogurt with 1 teaspoon of sugar together. Apply the mixture to your face, making sure to gently rub it all over. Wait 10-15 minutes then rinse well and follow it up with toner and moisturiser! This is such a great face mask that can be used in your evening routine up to twice a week to relax and unwind!

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