Are you ready for this? If you’re ready for the #yogazombieapocalypse keep with the flow my loves and HIIT the zombies where it hurts ;)

2 minutes shadow boxing
20 high knees
10 jump knee tucks
10 mountain climbers each leg
10 push ups

2 to 5 sets depending 👌💪👊

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Thank you to everyone who followed along and participated in the! I’m so grateful you took some time to get with me! I want to feature and thank @irissurlalune and @bethenyflows for their stellar work! Ladies, you rock! Please email me so I can send you the last few special first edition copy of my Yoga Zombie Apocalypse book! I hope you enjoy it! Se
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For your challenge: Undead giving you pains in the back? Better get down with Gomukhasana to open up your shoulders for maximum zombie blocking and back swatting efficiency! Cow face pose is the way to go for arms because while open hips are always good, you better be able to get the insatiable hordes off your back and that may be impossible if you can’t reach your back at all. Of course opening those hips and releasing the tension and stress is nothing to scoff at either- stretch that hard to tap IT band and keep your legs healthy after all that daily trekking and battling! 1⃣ Start on your hands and knees. Cross one knee in front of the other and fan your feet to the sides- it’s like an X. 2⃣Sit as far back as you can- ideally this will be so your butt hits the ground and your knees stack on top of each other. However, this may not be easy if you are less flexible so whatever you can do, do that! 3⃣Now that you are nice and uncomfortable, lift one arm (let’s say the right arm) above your head and bend it downward so your palm reaches in toward your back. 4⃣ Bring the opposite (left) arm behind your back and bend the arm upward so your palm faces away from your back. 5⃣ Try to reach the hands together and hold the fingers or wrists. If you can’t reach, grab your shirt or use a strap/ bandana/ rope or towel or something. 6⃣Hold for at least 30 seconds ONCE YOU GET THE ARMS IN PLACE (yes! And time yourself too) 7⃣ Do the other side too 😘 Just like seeing your neighbor go full zombie, this pose isn’t easy. However, you just gotta do it despite your best efforts to pretend you can’t do what it takes. You got this. Now show the undead what life is all about and get your cow face on!
by sarahmascarah via Instagram

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