So, as most of you know, I can only take on one yoga challenge per month… for July, I’ll be joining in on @deemoi’s mission to #spreadtheyogalove with #30handstanddays! Join me for #handstandseverydamnday! Every month since March, I’ve done a new challenge hosted by different yogis and I’ve really learned so much from so many inspiring people! I love the IG yoga community and making new friends with every challenge I participate in. Really looking forward to this one! Of course, I’ll try to jump into #yogangsters, #happyhealthyyogis, #dharmayogachallenge, #chakracollective, and #yogatoboot whenever I have the chance! What challenge(s) are YOU participating in this month? 💗

So humbled and joyful to have my Firefly featured in the #yogatoboot challenge, hosted by the amazing and inspiring yogis @danielladden and @boucles25! Look at my little Firefly among all these beautiful poses! (Love the other feature photos by @greyellipses, @silver_cloudss and @haunt_the_cause!)
This was my first real Firefly… a pose I never imagined I could do just yet! Immensely grateful for these IG yoga challenges for providing so much inspiration and motivation to bring my practice to new heights! Thanks, friends! 💖

Firefly | Tittibhasana for #yogatoboot! I was telling @boucles25 that this pose was my nemesis, when I realized I’ve never actually TRIED the full pose before! As if! My tight hamstrings are a constant issue for me, so I just automatically assumed I could never do this. Um. TRY things, people! You never know what you can do until you try! Thanking the stars for IG yoga challenges… I’ve learned that my body and mind are capable of so much! @danielladden