Advanced Acro Yoga

YogaSlackers doing their thing, nothing short of amazing.


I got lost in the moment today. Just playing around with new things, oh how it eases the mind. #slackline #slackgirl #yogaslackers #manitousprings #coloradobabes #herenow #inthemoment #yoga (at Memorial Park)


Step by step, I am getting better at the #slackline. So pumped. I want my own now. Thanks again to my awesome neighbors @rohlfschris for letting me borrow his. Much appreciated. 🙏 #manitousprings #yogaslackers #coloradobabes (at Memorial Park)

balance. commitment. creativity

Legs covered in black and blue bruises, skin bronzed from spending hours in the warm, Virginia sunshine, heart exploding with joy from new friendships and new possibilities- I just returned from the 2012 Yogaslackers teacher training, ten rich days practicing asana, learning the art of slacklining, and redefining balance with 30 beautiful and radiant human beings. It was nourishing, exhausting, delicious, and totally amazing in every way. I still feel my body buzzing from all the good vibrations.

The Slackline is a beautiful thing in itself. A simple strand of webbing harnessed between two trees, full of energy, yet silent and unassuming. The first time I approached the line I was nervous, not sure that I would be able to control or master it. But every time I place my toes on the line and breath, stepping up with confidence and commitment, standing becomes effortless and I realize it is no longer the line that needs controlling, but my own energy. Balance is a whole new game on the slackline. It becomes less about getting somewhere and more about being present, having a sense of ease with the line and within yourself. Finding balance requires evenness of breath, focus, and response-ability. I found out that once I transcended my fear of the slackline, I could tap into something much deeper in myself. There is limitless creativity upon the slackline- whatever emotion or energy you bring is translated directly to that webbing. My friend described it as a dance of sorts, a response from the Infinite. You are entirely responsible for how you respond to the line- to give it what it wants, which is to return to stillness, but to be fluid and flexible when it responds to the motion and momentum you give it. And it will- the bruises don’t come from falling on the ground as much as getting wildly snapped once in a while.

How can you find balance in life or on the line if you can’t first see where it is lacking? The slackline changes people. It humbles you and coaxes you into a place of honesty and trust, releases you to enjoy the freedom of the practice. You can find harmony and oneness with the line, just like you can find harmony and oneness with others, with yourself. It’s all a balancing act.