Formis Profile Prediction (Idol School)

Idol School’s finale was yesterday and has left many fans excited by the prospects of the new girl group!  9 girls out of 18 made it into FORMIS and will be preparing a debut under PLEDIS entertainment.  Personally, I think these girls really lucked out to be under such an up-and-coming company.  Here are the nine girls, and a profile prediction on the winners!

 Lee Saerom

Birthdate:  January 7th, 1997 (Capricorn)

Blood Type:  B

Rank: 3

Position Prediction:  Leader, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual

Facts:  Appeared on Dancing 9 (2016); participated in the Whistle, Hush, Wee Woo, and You are My Paradise performances; considered to look like mini Han Chaeyoung.

Position Explanation:  Most of the time, the eldest member acts as the group’s leader.  Although she’s only 21, I think Saerom has learned a lot about leading on Idol School.  She had to really step up during the Whistle performance and take charge.  Also, in terms of a Lead Dancer role, she proves to be a fluid dancer with a lot of charms.  

Song Hayoung

Birthdate:  September 29th, 1997 (Libra)

Blood Type:  A

Rank:  2

Position Prediction:  Main Dancer

Facts:  plays guitar; participated in Cheer Up, Boss, Ooh aah aah, and You Are My Paradise performances; has a certificate in Aerial Yoga

Position Explanation:  Hayoung is a powerful dancer, who also genuinely enjoys performing on stage.  Not only can she do sweet and cute images, but also has a notable presence during more hardcore dances.  She really shined in Boss~! 

Jang Gyuri 

Birthdate:  December 29th, 1997 (Capricorn)

Blood Type:  B

Rank: 9

Position Prediction:  Lead vocalist

Facts:  known for her puppy smile; participated in Me Gustas Tu, Hush, Rough, and You are My Paradise Performances

Position Explanation: I AM SO HAPPY GYURI MADE IT!  I’ve wanted her in since day one, but was worried about the other contestants’ popularity!  I’m so glad to see that she made it in.  Her voice is very clear and has a nice tone.  She also proved to us that she can be a main vocal too in You are My Paradise.  Congrats, Gyuri!!

Park Jiwon

Birthdate:  March 20th, 1998

Blood Type:  A

Rank:  6

Position Prediction:  Main Vocalist

Facts:  former JYP trainee; appeared on Sixteen (2015); plays the keyboard; participated in Whistle, Adrenaline, Ooh aah aah, and Pinocchio performances.

Position Explanation:  Jiwon’s voice has been well-regarded since her appearance on Sixteen.  She has a husky and rich voice that will definitely be cherished in the group.  I’m also so glad that she’s made it into FORMIS_, the girl really deserved it.

Roh Jisun

Birthdate:  November 23rd, 1998 (Sagittarius)

Blood Type:  B

Rank:  1

Position Prediction:  Vocalist, Face/Center

Facts:  known for Lovelyz’s Ah-Choo Killing part, dubbed Jisun 99; known for her feminine personality; participated in Ah-Choo, Hush, Nonono, and You are My Paradise Performances

Position Explanation:  As number 1, I’d put my money on it that Formis’ management team will incorporate Jisun’s popularity into Formis’ music production.  We’ll see her with killing parts and in the middle most likely!  Congrats to number 1, Jisun!

Lee Seoyeon

Birthdate:  January 22nd, 2000 (Aquarius)

Blood Type:  A

Rank:  7

Position Prediction:  Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist

Facts:  Former YG Trainee; a part of New 2NE1 Team in 2010; appeared in GD&TOP’s plays guitar; writes her own rap lyrics, participated in Whistle, Adrenaline, Wee Woo, and You are My Paradise Performances

Position Explanation:  With years under President YG, Seoyeon has quite a roster of talents.  She’s definitely the best rapper amongst the group and can bring some swag into the group.  Also, I loved her own lyrics for the Adrenaline performance!  Also, her voice is airy and gentle which would make her another group lead vocalist for the group.  

Lee Chaeyoung

Birthdate:  May 14th, 2000 (Taurus)

Blood Type:  B

Rank:  4

Position Prediction:  Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer

Facts:  former JYP trainee; was rumored to be in a bullying scandal; participated in Cheer Up, Boss, Ooh aah aah, and Pinocchio performances

Position Explanation:  Chaeyoung seems pretty well-versed in all three areas of idol-hood.  She proved herself in Boss to have quite the stage charisma and has taken on the position of rapper a few times during evaluation missions!  I think she;ll be noticed for these skills.

Lee Nakyung

Birthdate:  June 1st, 2000 (Gemini)

Blood Type:  A

Rank:  5

Position Prediction:  Vocalist, visual

Facts:  Considered to be a Tzuyu look-alike; studied in Beijing; speaks Mandarin and English; participated in Cheer Up, Forever Love, Wee Woo, and Pinocchio performances

Position Explanation:  Nakyung has improved greatly since the beginning of her training.  She trained her voice to be more stable and clearer.  Also, I can definitely say she’s gained more confidence in her performances too!  

Baek Jiheon

Birthdate:  April 17th, 2003 (Aries) (2003… 2003… 2003…)

Blood Type:  B

Rank:  8

Position Prediction:  Makane, Vocalist, visual

Facts:  known for her cat-like features; says to study hard; participated in Rookie, Forever Love, I’m Your Girl, and Pinocchio performances

Position Explanation:  What a baby!  With a lot of room to group, Jiheon has improved and charmed throughout her time on Idol School.  Yes, it pains me that she’s so young, but it also means that she has time to continuously grow as an idol!

Congrats to FORMIS_!  Please show them some love and support!  Can’t wait for their debut!