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Day 13 of #YogAnimals is Kukkutasana or Rooster posture! @carsonclaycalhoun has our last day, day 14! 🐔🐓🐔🐓🐔🐓🐔🐓🐔🐓🐔 🐔 start off by warming up with: pigeon, lotus, splits, low lunge, forward fold, compass/sundial 🐓 you can start by being seated in lotus and placing each hand through the front of each chin and into the pit of each knee crease and roll onto your back, then roll up into your hands slowly to lift up, or you can lift up from seated.
🐔 you can also start in seated lotus and place the hands down and slide your knees up your forearms.

🐓 set yourself up in tripod headstand, then if you can manage folding one leg into lotus, try to hug the other leg as tight to your body as you can, or fold the second leg up.
🐔 then slowly lower your knees as far up the arm as possible. 🐓 slowly start to shift your weight heavy in the hips, as if sitting down on your elbows.
🐔 stay strong in your core and arms, once you feel the balance of the weight as you sit back start to lift your head up, ever so slightly. Breathe, focus and keep strong while then lifting up with your arms. If you can do crow/crane I promise you’ll feel how to lift and you’ll be surprised at how strong you are! ❤️ Be safe, move slow and WARM UP, please don’t just jump into it :) that’s when things start to hurt
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Day 12 of #YogAnimals is Scorpion pose 🙏 by @talia_sutra check with me later tonight for day 13! 💜
Any variation of scorpion is my favorite, it makes me feel so much, intense emotion, heart warming and opening to love, positive energy, I could go on and on. I really love this posture because I feel closest and most connected to my soul ✨

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Day 10 of #YogAnimals Pose is Peacock by @carsonclaycalhoun check with @yoga_ky later for tomorrow pose ✌️ 🐫🐯🐳🐙🐌🐍🐺🐼🐘🐠🐢🐞 I love peacock posture! It makes me feel like I am flying! 💙 I can’t believe there is only 4 days left?! 🙈
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Sorry loves! Got my days mixed up 🙈
Day 9 of #YogAnimals is Firefly/Tittibhasana 🙏 check with @carsonclaycalhoun for tomorrow day 10!

Start by stretching in forward fold/low lunge/pigeon/lotus to open the hips. Then stand in standing forward fold, squatting down so you can place your hands behind your feet while getting your legs up onto your upper arm as high as you can ❤️ Slowly lower the bootyasana while squeezing in on your arms with your legs and pushing out at the same time with your shoulders. Keep the arms and core strong as you start to lift your toes off the ground! Then try to straighten by engaging the legs and core!
Have fun loves and be safe! This is a great posture for relieving pain in the spine 🙏 Love seeing your crazy animals! 😻
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Day 8 of #YogAnimals is by @talia_sutra 💚 Cobra Pose! 🐍
One of my favorite back bends ✨
And I do feel a bit like a twisted up snake in this posture 😜
Warm up the whole body for this, don’t rush and check out Talia’s write up of how to enter it safely 💖
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Butterfly Pose for yesterday’s day 7 of #YogAnimals by @yoga_ky check with @talia_sutra for today’s pose! Cobra! ❤️
Mudras for spots on my wings ;) Love seeing all your animal creativity! ✌️tag us so we can see you!
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💙🐦🐯 day 6 of #YogAnimals is Crow/Crane pose! Check @carsonclaycalhoun for details and look for @yoga_ky later for day 7 🙏
I love crow pose, it’s helped me in so many arm balances and also helped my wrists gain flexibility ✨
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Day 4 of #YogAnimals is Lizard Pise by @talia_sutra ❤️ check back with me later for day 5!

#nostretchypants dressed in all green for lizards ;) this was very calming after a day of not feeling so great.
Thanks again to our host @onzie for supporting our wild sides ;) @carsonclaycalhoun @yoga_ky @talia_sutra 🙏

Day 3 of #YogAnimals is mermaid by @yoga_ky 💚 and @talia_sutra has day 4 for tomorrow 💖 I took a Hanumanasana Mermaid variation because splits always seem to give me an instant recharge and a serge of “I can do anything” feeling. I wasn’t able to do splits until about 6 months ago. Now waiting for that straddle split … 😂 This was in Skagway Alaska 🙏 super windy, and so breathtaking 😍 everything was so full of life!
Hope your hump day is going great!
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Day 2 of #YogAnimals is Downward Facing Dog 🙏
With my Rue @ruby_ruebear 🐾
Tomorrow is day 3 by @yoga_ky
This outfit is from @onzie our sponsor! With my favorite, tiger print!!! 🐯
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