a while ago my friend and i discussed some fuckin disney shit about yoganimals bc yoganimals are gr8 but often? not in the same sort of ecosystem???? so fuckin check out ones that ARE roughly in the same ecosystem that’re just begging to be made into a fuckin brother bear/homeward bound-ass fuckin movie

xephos is a stag i will fight u on this. they look all badass and noble but are actually skittish dumbasses that make weird noises. honeydew is either some sort of wild boar or some wooly mountain sheep/goat. lomadia is an owl, obvs. nano is a crow or raven bc they’re harbingers of death, mischievous, very intelligent and like to make little collections of weird bones and twigs and stuff and that sounds like her to me, also they scream incessantly when angered. (i also very much like vulture for nano but african yogimals are for another post.) lalna is a fucking golden retriever bc i say so. he’s a goddamn golden retriever that returned to the wild ok alright. rythian is a fucking lone wolf because GOD how could i not. ryth and nano are buds bc wolves + crows/ravens are buds irl. i have no idea about zoey tbh she’s probably a fucking unicorn bc lord knows she is too good for this world. sips is a bear bc they’re both fat, lazy, much stronger than they seem to realise and sleep for an entire section of the year, also bear puns. sjin is a fox bc they’re sneaky little bastards that live in ur trash. nilesy is a WHAT TEAM!!! WILDCAT! trott is an otter maybe, ross is like??? a wolverine or a raccoon or something??? smiff is probably a frog or some shit, fuck you smiff