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I want to start doing yoga but I don't know how :/ I mean, I have no idea what poses I shoud practice or is there some kind of program or me please? xx

The best is to go to a studio, but for most it seems a bit intimidating. For starting off the best is to do the Sun Salutations. You can practice this basic yoga sequence 3-4 times a day to help get your body a little flexible. Once you feel comfortable with that and you think your body is ready for the next step Hatha Yoga is a good beginner yoga. I personally started off with doing the sun salutations and hatha yoga so it is my go to for beginners. Here are a couple videos that can get you started.

There are also videos on , , and . If you need any help, just message me again. Hope that helps! Take care and happy practicing. :)

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Hello super cool person! I was wondering if you know of any good yoga instruction videos online? I did yoga for about two years but then I stopped. I really want to start again but I'm not comfortable going back to class, yet.

Oh who, me?! Haha! Um, since you’ve had experience in doing yoga, I am not sure of your skill level. I’m not sure to recommend a simpler video or a little more experienced video. If you’ve gone to a studio before, don’t worry the teacher should be there to help if you need any assistance. I don’t do many video practices, but I will recommend what I’ve tried myself and what I’ve recommended to others.

There are also good videos on , , Happy yoga practicing! Listen to your body, stay safe, and have fun! Take care!

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Do you have tips for people who don't have money in their budget for classes? I injured my back a while ago so I'm anxious to do yoga without guidance but I can't pay $15 per class. I really want to learn.

I FUCKING FEEL YOU. This is the thing- the whole reason my practice is so strong is because I couldn’t/can’t afford to practice in expensive studios and I primarily practice at home. However, I always recommend joining an online yoga studio if you’re going to practice at home. In my experience, it’s the best way to really solidify your practice without the guidance of an in-person teacher. Personally I prefer but there are a wide variety of other studios to choose from. Granted, this is not a free option- I pay $18/month for unlimited classes on However, think of it this way- it’s the same as paying for a month’s worth of classes with the money you would spend on ONE live class. Of course, there are a myriad of resources you can find on youtube, but I’ve personally found youtube to be a better source for tutorials and supplementary information in addition to the consistent availability of vast options provided by an online studio like yogaglo. <3<3