Happy Summer Solstice! ☀️

On the longest day of the year, let’s all take a moment to give thanks for the sun. Without that radiant ball of light we would not be able to live here on earth. Embrace your own inner radiance and power to shine shine shine your light into the world!

#onelove #pranashama #supyoga #yogaboarding #bali #scorpion #pincha @starboardsup #smile (at Sanur Beach, Bali)

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Being in Thailand, many insights and revelations have been coming to me… I keep thinking about the water on earth. We take it for granted how vitally important the water element is to sustain life. 🌀 Drink a lot of pure water, never pollute or litter. Contribute to foundations that work to reverse the damage that has been done. We can all do somethings to keep our water clean and preserve the water here on earth. #bethechange 🙏🌎💕

#yogaboarding #thailand #scorpion @starboardsup (at Nirvana Resort, Koh Chang, Thailand)

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Your heart will always guide you to your true destiny. 💖 Make sure you’re listening when the messages come. Take appropriate action, trust and have fun. ✨

#30dyc day 5. Upward facing dog. This one is the #yogaboarding version. Whether on land or water, the important thing is to root down through the tops of your feet and lift through your heart. Elbows straight, shoulders down and back. Lengthen your spine and if possible look up. If that is uncomfortable for your neck, then look forward. Remember to breath ✨ #namaste #supyoga #Pranashama

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The way of the peaceful warrior…

This is the life I choose now. Coming from rough experiences, I learned to fight for what I needed and wanted. I practiced martial arts many years. Brazillian Jujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, MMA… Many years of that practice, I learned that when we fight from aggression, ego or anger, everyone loses. No one can win if inner peace is lost. When the battle surges within, I remind myself, nothing is more important then inner peace. 🙏✨🌀💕

#warrior #yogaboarding #supyoga

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I woke up this morning with a stomach virus. I still managed to film #yogaboarding videos for 10 hours all day.. But the best thing that happened was this. I had one of the most healing coconut oil Thai massages of my life by this angel on the beach. 👼💖🙏 How do you like my new red elephant dress? 💃

#Imsograteful #thailand #healing (at Yuyu Golden Beach, Koh-Chang)

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