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So I had a trip to London yesterday and I spent about two hours in the new Lush store on Oxford Street and I thought I’d share with you the things that I got, because I know how much I love Lush and looking at all the pretty things and I thought some people who couldn’t get to London would like to see some of the new products :)

Down below I’ve broken down the list of products that I got, what they’re like and how much they cost :) 

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Walls Become The World All Around

Soooooo, I’ve really been slacking lately. I competed in a 5K last weekend in Chicago, and since then I’ve only ran once and went to Yoga class twice. Speaking of Yoga, I started going to this really great Yoga studio downtown. This morning, I started my day off there with a Core Vinyasa class. It was phenomenal. Everything I love about Yoga condensed into an hour an half class.

I think my lack of motivation can somewhat be attributed to this switch in scenery.  It’s been an interesting switch up since I moved back to Petoskey from college. It’s just a different schedule, environment, and eating habits combined with new faces and places. I just need to adjust and re-focus again. I still have some time before the Third Coast Relay at the end of June, which is my next big race. What I really need to do soon, is craft an exercise schedule around the marathon training schedule I’m starting through Garmin Connect. I really want to have a good weekly guideline that incorporates my Yoga classes, swimming, some weight lifting and cycling. It’s really time to dial it back in so that I’m in tip top shape for my summer events. It feels like I’m at the bottom of a hill, and the only direction to go it up!

Imagine you are walking on a field of flowers every day that kiss your feet.
I notice quite a lot in asana classes that almost nobody is paying attention to their feet. They are there, they carry us around every day, but really bringing the awareness to them doesn’t happen too often. However, our feet are the ones that carry us forward every day. They are part of the root chakra and our connection to earth. In Reiki session I often receive information from the feet, either in terms of moving the body more, going dancing, moving freely anywhere one wants to go or - moving forward into the direction of ones dreams.
So now is the time.
Bring awareness to your feet and move them consciously.
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eclecticsoulchild asked:

Hi I'm so new to tumblr. I really want to get into yoga but I'm Christian. Like youth leader about to be a minister Christian lol at 1st I wasn't too sure because of the spiritual roots of yoga but after reading what Paul told the Corinthian about eating meat sacrificed to false idols and how it really isn't an issue unless you around those weaker than you I kind of feel like that can be applied to yoga. Am I wrong? It is something I really want to begin. Even tho I'm 25 and late n the game lol

hehe i agree! yoga can be absolutely enriching to your walk with God if you’re doing it with your head screwed on!! check out this post i made answering a similar question :) xxx

“Life is moving so fast these days.
I have numerous trainings, lots of work, so many fun travel plans for the near future, and many more unexpected opportunities yet to present themselves. More importantly, I’ve noticed the rate at which I am changing and growing is exponentially faster than it ever has been. It’s both beautiful and overwhelming at the same time.
My yoga practice is the root of all this sweetness in my life. Staying consistent, having a solid balancing act for my mind, body and soul to process and act mindfully towards all that life throws my way.
Thank you to my teacher and friend @justinwolferyogi for another epic weekend of Teacher Training 🙏… #skillfullaction #trusttheprocess #growth #blessedlife #leveragewithlove #yoga #thisismyyoga #inspirationgeneration #yogagirl #yogisofig” by @rachel_henrich on Instagram


Yoga got banned in Russia, because it has been targeted as ‘associated with religious cults’. Can I just say:

Yoga is not a religion, but rather a philosophy. Nobody’s expected to worship anyone but themselves while doing yoga.

Even if yoga has its roots in Buddhist philosophy, why would anyone take away the freedom to do, say and believe in what they want from people?


✨Yoga’s Egyptian roots: ✨

Yoga’s origin is most commonly referred to as Indian, but in the ancient kingdom of Kenet in Egypt, people were practicing something quite similar to yoga. This grouping of yoga practice, Kemetic Yoga™, is the ancient Egyptian system of Yoga enlightenment based upon the practices of physical movements, the yoga of physical exercise, in coordination with controlled deep abdominal breathing, or Dirga Swasam, and the yoga of meditation. The modern version created in the 1970’s, practiced in classes in Cairo today, is based off for ancient system developed from primary research conducted by Dr. Asar Hapi and Master Yirser Ra Hotep (Elvrid Lawrene) of Chicago.

(BTW- just feel like I gotta say this-⬆️This being said it’s just #yogaknowledge I am knowledgeable of, fascinated with and have a deep respect for Yoga’s Indian roots, I just was connecting topics to my travel posts⤵️)

Happy #InternationalYogaDay 🌎👫❤️ Today we honor the roots of yoga and celebrate the brilliant blossoms that continue to burst with color and fragrance all over the globe. Yoga has touched millions over thousands of years and we are deeply grateful to have chosen this path! How wonderful that the whole globe celebrates a day focused on spreading the light, love, wisdom and energy of yoga to find more awareness and peace.
Namaste🙏H&C #YogaBeyond

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The [Western] yoga experiment has its roots in the counterculture quest for personal freedom from tradition, and the right to discover one’s own spirituality in one’s own way. Yet we very often find ourselves idealising the traditionalist religious underpinnings of another culture as a kind of absolute spiritual truth, thus trading one set of traditional restrictions for another, instead of truly liberating ourselves.
—  21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics and Practice, edited by Carol Horton

I surprise myself more and more everyday. This was my first attempt ever at trying this and I got it! Yoga is teaching me to stop doubting myself and questioning why I ever did in the first place. I can do whatever I want… including deciding not to wear pants! If my body offends you, unfollow me and check yourself while you’re at it. I’m not out here spreading my legs to the world, I’m giving y'all raw footage of me on this yoga journey of mine. Besides that, I am becoming extremely comfortable with my body bc I have not always been. Normally I don’t feel the need to explain myself because I’m a grown ass woman and ima do as I please regardless, but some of y'all needed to be told. Anyways, peace and blessing to you all and continue to be great 😁💞#pinchamayurasana #yoga #yogaeveryday #yogaeverydamnday #armstrength #armbalances #forearmbalances #corestrength #rooted #selflove#loveyourbody #focused #accomplished #progress #yogi #igyogis #igyogamovement #blackyogis #bgwin #curvyyogis #colorsofyoga #blackgirlyoga #yogaincolor #blackfittness #namaste

#yoga #fitfam #northcarolina The roots of every great spectacle are often equally impressive. Everything great was once small and we all love a good origin story. Set your intention as a seed of tomorrow and start growing the roots that will allow you to reach great heights, however you wish to calculate greatness. ❤️❤️ (at Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest)