Things for when your not happy.

- coloring book

- listen to music + make music lists for when your experiencing different emotions

- cuddle up with fluffy pillows and soft blankets

-make tea or favorite drink

- comfy sweatshirt or pjs

- warm shower or bath + new clothes or pjs on

- wash face/ do your hair or makeup

- go walk outside or on treadmill

- play a video game

-watch tv/movie/youtuber

-read book or online storys

- hangout with your pets

- crafts/diy’s

-window show or online look

- yoga/exercise

- goto movie/ bowling/arcade/pokemon go/coffee place/restaurants/parks/zoo/mini golf/bookstore

- healthy meals with a few junkfood snacks here and there(comfort snack)

- visit or invite a friend over

-create a party imaginary or future one

-cook a recipe you’ve never tried before

- meditate


-paint nails

-anything to help refocus your attention + make sure to eat and drink water

Some of these things might be difficult when your low energy or depressed, but these are things that i do myself when im depressed or feel like i dont have any energy and they make me feel better so i thought id share them 😊👍🏻

Hatha, Vinyasa & Power Yoga Videos





If you’re NEW to yoga, don’t have equipment or you just want to try a chill yoga class, here you go! 

With yin yoga, you’ll be holding the poses for awhile. It can be a very meditative practice, so if you get bored … that’s part of the WORK. Focus on your breath, close your eyes, and just chill!

You can always lift your hips (ie, sit on a rolled up towel) if you feel like you’re leaning back and struggling to stay upright when you’re seated. 

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Pairing: Jared x Reader 

Warnings: none (just fluff) Also- no disrespect to Gen and the kiddos-this is all fiction and actually can be connected to my series Heart Sutra-parts that have not been published/written yet.

Word Count: 487 (I know it’s supposed to be 500, but honestly I don’t know where to flesh it out at the moment without it being repetitive and bad)

A/N: This is for @impalaimagining Taylor’s 2k Challenge and my word was proud! She also submitted this gif to me and I asked her permission to use it for her challenge. I’m like right up to the deadline on these lately!  Sorry to the challenge runners, but if you’ve been keeping up with me you know things a little wonky right now for me! Luckily, I’ve gotten a little of my groove back and have been able to put out some things that are actually worth your time to read ;)

There was no denying how Jared felt about his wife and kids whenever the subject came up. 

He was always happy to share stories during panels, pictures and videos on social media. 

He was proud

A proud husband to Y/N, who blew him away at all of the things she could accomplish while keeping on top of three children.

A proud father, he loved those kids more than his own life. There were so many things that they were already doing and that he pictured them doing in the future.

Most recently he couldn’t stop showing and telling everyone about the feature that their family had appeared in. As, one of their online class yoga teachers, Yoga Journal had requested a feature of what Y/N’s yoga practice was like at home with three children and traveling with both her and Jared’s work.

“You know it’s funny, I never realized how much her practice just filled our entire lives; it just fits seamlessly!” Jared smiled as he shared the experience at their latest panel. “I mean even the boys are getting into it. They’ll be a little silly about it sometimes, but they just follow right along with her.”

“JJ, does too.” Jensen chimed in. “Isn’t there a video she tried to film with all four of them just crawling all over the place and hanging on her?” He laughed.

“Yeah, I think she posted it somewhere. Probably her YouTube channel.” Jared pulled up his phone and started to look for it.

“Oh the picture though-not the one with you.” Jensen mock gagged, referencing the acroyoga picture Y/N and Jared had posed for in the feature.

“Now that one was fun!” Jared grinned. “She rarely lets me just pick her up and honestly I almost fell a couple of times.”

“No, I’m talking about the one with the kids, Dee loves that one!”

“Oh yeah! The meditation one was cute! I think she asked for a copy to have framed.”

“Ah here’s the video! Okay, I’m gonna share this for y’all to watch. She had a friend put music to it and stuff and it’s really cute. But it’s also what yoga really looks like at our house!” Jared laughed as he shared the link.

They moved on to some other questions, but right towards the end a fan asked about the pictures. 

“Uh yeah, actually I think the article is on Yoga Journal’s website. So yeah go read it, Y/N gave an awesome interview!”

Oh yeah, Jared was proud there was no doubt about it, but Y/N could say the same for her husband. He worked so hard for himself and others through good and bad. Truthfully, he was the motivation that kept her moving forward with what she loved!

Standing off to the side she couldn’t wipe the grin off her face as she watched his face light up as he continued to share the story.

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Week Long Power Yoga Practice

Strong & calm is sexy . 

These Power Yoga Workouts are a quick & effective way to target specific areas of your body for strength & toning. Work these videos into your regular yoga routine for a balanced and strong body. Try repeating each 2-3x for an incredible workout.

Monday - Arms (repeat 2-3x) Abs (2-3x) Cooldown
Tuesday -  15 minute Backbends (stretch chest, arms & abs)
Wednesday - Legs (3x) Cooldown
Thursday - 20 minute Deep Hip Opening Level 1 (stretch legs & hips)
Friday - Core (2-3x) Back (2-3x) Cooldown
Saturday - 15 minute Twist & Rinse (stretch back & core)
Sunday - 30 minute Full Body then Cooldown or Flexibility Level 1

Here is an example weekly routine you could try. If you’re new to yoga practice each video just once that day for the first week, then repeat the week and try each video 2x (when recommended repetition). Eventually work your way to 3x and your body and mind will thank you! 

Ways to take Yoga Classes for Cheap

I often hear people say they would love to do yoga, but it’s too expensive. When I first started doing yoga consistently, I was not able to afford a studio membership, so I definitely get it. However, over the years I have learned there are a few ways you can do yoga classes on the cheap if you are strapped for cash.

  1. Search for online yoga. There are free youtube videos (Tara Stiles and Yoga with Adriene are popular), there are free apps, podcast classes, and you can even subscribe to online programs that are a lot cheaper than studio classes. I did a lot of youtube yoga before I was able to afford a studio membership!
  2. Use platforms like facebook, instagram, and to search for yoga groups in your area. They will often host/post about free/donation based yoga classes around town. This is also a really fun way to meet new friends!
  3. Many studios will offer at least one karma class (free classes) or a donation based class (usually with a recommended donation of $5 or $10). Search studio schedules on Mind Body, or reach out to them and ask.
  4. Reach out to studios and ask if they have a karma program. A karma program is where a yoga student who cannot afford a membership exchanges labor for free classes. For example, they will clean the studio before/after class, or run the front desk in exchange for a class. If the studio says no, you can always ask if they would be interested in making this arrangement with you.
  5. If you have a skill or provide a service, you can always ask a yoga instructor if they would be interested in bartering for private lessons. For example, if you are a massage therapist, you could swap an hour of massage for an hour of yoga. My yoga teacher was a hair dresser before she got into yoga, and her yoga instructor would swap private classes for hair cuts/colors. Make sure it is a fair trade for BOTH parties.

Have any questions? My inbox is always open! Namaste.


Just uploaded a new video to YouTube :] Back bending, heart opening flow! 

Subscribe if you want to see more Xx 

Yet another request I can’t find.


Liam was seated away from your parents. It wasn’t that they didn’t like him, they were just weary with him being famous that he would be unfaithful to their darling daughter.

But Liam emphasized how important you were to him all the time, they always doubted his ability to come through on a promise and while they praised him for when he was there, they just wanted you to be unbelievably happy and they were worried he would let you down.

Here he was, sitting in the back of the audience trying not to draw attention to himself. He had told you he wasn’t going to be able to make it because as much as he wanted to, he was pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to get to your ceremony on time.

While you were bummed, you didn’t mind. You knew he was busy and he would make an effort to be there if he could. You were giving a speech though and that was sad that he wouldn’t be able to see it. You think you were picked for him and honestly, you were more nervous than you could ever say but you were going to be brave and do it.

As they spoke your name, you took a very deep breath and swallowed as you walked up to the stage. Some of your friends cheered for you and you fixed the microphone and your tassel so it wouldn’t get in the way.

“Hi everybody,” you chirped. “I want to preface this speech with that I’m entirely too nervous to even be up here and quite truthfully I wish I was back in my seat,” you smiled and blushed a bit as everyone laughed. Liam was already beaming with pride for you.

“When I set foot on this university for the first time I thought it was enormous and I was never going to know my way around. In fact, I was so scared after orientation that I went home and cried for a good hour. But I’ve grown a lot the past four years, and when I left my dorm room a few days ago for the last time, I went home and cried for a good hour,” again you smiled as you made everyone laugh.

Liam was a little overwhelmed in the audience, you were doing so well and he never finished high school. Sure, he was a millionaire, but you seemed infinitely more successful than him. And of course, he wasn’t jealous and he knew he was successful in his own way, but wow. He was clinging to every word you spoke in hopes he could be and look as tremendous as you did up there giving your lovely speech.

“I’m lucky. I’ve had incredible teachers since I started school when I was just six years old. I’ve had the most support from my family, friends, and pretty much anyone I speak with about the future. While my teachers have taught me a lot, there’s not one person on this earth who can teach you more than what you can teach yourself. To the self-reflection papers, to your diaries—we all have one, don’t lie—to quiet times at yoga, and definitely during online classes, you learn a lot about yourself and who you are as a university student. But that’s not where it ends because in the past four years I’ve learned more about myself than I’d care to admit. My hope for myself and for all of you is that when you think about all you have learned so far in your life is that you can never stop learning about yourself.”

It was a very nice speech and Liam would listen to it again later but right now he just wanted to surprise you and get a picture with his lovely lady. Holding his flowers for you and keeping an eye on your body moving forward he headed to meet your family. He was taking deep breaths, knowing that they might not want him there since he already said he wouldn’t be able to make it.

You were taking pictures with your friends when you happened by and you gasped and threw yourself into his arms. “Oh my God,” you said.

“Congrats, baby,” he said smiling brightly and kissing your cheek. “Lovely speech.”

Your eyes welled with tears. “You…I thought—”

“I figured it was better to say I couldn’t be here in case I couldn’t make it so you wouldn’t be disappointed in me,” he shrugged and blushed a bit. You shook your head and smiled happily.

“I’m so happy,” you said simply.

He nodded. “Well, keep taking pictures. I’m here,” he said with a grin.

You fanned your eyes a moment as your friends laughed. Your family greeted Liam with surprised and happy hellos. Liam felt kind of smug that he made it when they thought he wouldn’t be there. But this day was about you.

Liam kept catching your gaze and you knew that he was trying to not be distracting but you couldn’t believe he was here. You felt smug towards your parents, telling them how much better than they thought he was.

“Alright, Liam, your turn,” your friend said.

Liam turned to you, smiled, and wrapped his arm around you as you proudly showed off your diploma. “You’re officially incredibly smarter than me,” he murmured.

You giggled. “That’s okay I still can’t sing well. I’ve still got a lot to learn.”

He chuckled tilted your chin up and kissed you sweetly. “M’very proud of you, love,” he whispered over your cheeks.

“Why thank you Liam,” you answered happily and you really hoped that your friends caught this sweet moment on camera. But either way, you would have many more sweet moments and today was a surprise so if today was just for the two of you, then so be it. Having Liam there in person was a lot better than pictures to remember it by.

anonymous asked:

hello!! could you do hc's of suga and asahi and oikawa taking care of a stressed s/o in a rigorous degree? ideally if they're all in college, because i'm struggling like hell right now and i'm in my last semester and it's really intimidating x___x

AN: Oh man, I feel you on this.


  1. He’s the type that shares the same emotion that his s/o is feeling, so he would probably feel stressed, also.
  2. He would do his best to distract you when you take your study breaks, like take you out to eat, watch your favorite tv shows, go on a short walk to the park.
  3. But if you’re so stressed that you can’t bare to leave the house, he’ll lead you to the couch or your bed and just hold you.
  4. He’ll sometimes sing or hum a song he knows that will calm you down or make you smile/laugh.
  5. He likes to give you small kisses on your forehead as he holds you.


  1. The type that wants to make you smile and laugh if you’re stressed.
  2. He distracts you from your work by pulling you away from the desk and twirling and dancing with you in the middle of the room. He’ll lift you up, dip you, and hold your waist tightly.
  3. He also likes to drag you into the kitchen and help him make a quick batch of chocolate chip cookies.
  4. Likes to shower you in butterfly kisses whenever he can.
  5. Also loves to give you eskimo kisses.
  6. He thinks sex is the best way to relieve stress, so he’ll spoil you all night long.


  1. Will not take no for an answer about you taking a break. He likes to situate you between his legs while you watch one episode of your favorite tv show.
  2. He thinks tea is the answer to everything, so he’ll make you one of those stress reliever teas.
  3. Will surprise you with a very warm and bubbly bath that he will obviously join you in, complete with champagne and strawberries.
  4. He likes to try new things, so he’d drag you into a short online yoga lesson in the living room.
  5. He gave you a stuffed teddy bear once to hug and hold whenever you’re stressed and he’s not there with you.

In case you have been thinking about trying a yoga class, here’s a great starter option. My concern with online yoga videos is always injury because  the teachers at my studio do a great job of explaining how to align yourself in every pose in order to prevent injury and also how to listen to your body and learn to adjust poses to suit your needs. This teacher seems to do a great job of both of those things, so I recommend her YouTube channel if you’re interested in yoga. It’s free, she’s funny, and she encourages you to focus on being present and feeling good in your body, which is what yoga is really all about.

This particular video is a nice introduction because the beginning warm up and stretch sequence is long and relaxing, and frankly exactly what I needed today, even though I’ve been practicing for a couple of years now. There are moments of challenge, but she focuses most on building the foundations of a mindful practice, which is the most important thing. 

I’m not committing to 30 days of yoga, though I  always feel better after yoga - never worse - so I will be doing many of them. Yoga is something that I love to do for myself. Of course there are physical benefits, but the reason I continue with my practice has more to do with the mental benefits. It’s calming, comforting, and validating. It’s helped me overcome anxiety and learn to love my body.

I know it’s not for everyone, but I figured I’d plop the resource out here in case anyone has been thinking about it and wasn’t sure where to start. Enjoy. :)

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The paladins taking care of their s/o when they're on their period?

;;sorry for the wait !!

Lance -

(Also read this)

Lance would mostly be a lifesaver when his s/o’s going through mood swings, he’ll always know how to cheer them up even if they end up staying in bed all day. He’d offer to get them anything they need, and boy would he like sharing chocolate bars with them to ease their cravings.

Shiro -

He’d worry about them, checking up on their health every hour and even occasionally bringing sweets for them. Shiro, being the guy he is, would actually enjoy taking care of them. He’d want to give them massages, but he knows pretty well that his robotic arm wouldn’t exactly cut as comfortable. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used as a heating source

Hunk -

If they’re having excessive cravings, he’d whip them up anything they’d like–but he’d also make them drink plenty of water because it’s most important to drink during their period. Also, he’d read online that yoga can help with the pain, so he’d try to coax his s/o out of bed just so that they can do some stretches together to make their cramps less unbearable

Keith -

He’d be that guy that doesn’t exactly know what even happens during that time of month, all he knows is that there’s blood and there’s pain. He’ll wrap his s/o in their favorite blanket and keep them company whenever he can. And his s/o never knew he could give such good massages till now.

Pidge -

At first, Pidge would just give them a pat on the shoulder, telling them to hang in there (because they’re a bit awkward about it) But as time passes they’ll feel more and more pity for them. Sooner or later, they’ll show up to their room with boxes of chocolate and movies to watch.

Take thirty minutes of time that you don’t have. Go for a jog. A walk. Take the dog with you. Rejoice in the feeling of your muscles stretching, working, breathing. Look up yoga videos online. Do pilates. Do it for the catharsis. Do it to take care of your body. Do it for you.

Take twenty minutes of time that you don’t have. Cook some pasta. Bread and honey. Tea. Whatever you need to fuel your body, do it. Whether it’s a whole block of dark chocolate or one square of milk chocolate. A punnet of strawberries or a bowlful of popcorn. Eat. You’re allowed to eat.

Take ten minutes of time that you don’t have. Run a bath. Slather your skin in a mask. Let it soak in. Light some candles. Use the bath bomb that you’ve been saving. When you get out of the bath, spend a little more time drying off. Work between your toes, run the towel over each limb, show love to every inch. Wear a fresh pair of pyjamas to bed.

Take five minutes of time that you don’t have. Find the right music. Finish a few pages of your book. Put on a new pair of socks. Apply some lip balm. Pour yourself a glass of water. Devour a magazine. Brush your teeth.

Take ten seconds of time that you don’t have. Breathe in, and out. Full, deep breaths. Even if it’s only one.

Take one second of time that you don’t have. Tell yourself it’s going to be OK.

—  Take the time to love yourself.

wifelifeandfitlife  asked:

Your yoga outfits are so cute. Where do you like to shop?

Thank you! I collaborate with brands through Instagram so almost all of my yoga clothes are from online- Aloyoga, Sovifit, Fabletics, Flexilexi Fitness, Liquido Active to name a few of my favorites, I’m sure I missed some, but I try to always tag the brand in my photos/videos. If I’m out shopping for myself I usually go to old navy or F21 :)


Practice with me, for free! 17 minute flow to jump start your morning. 
Breath, flow, balance, ab-work, heart opening, hip-opening, and rest. 

Yoga Workouts

Get sweaty and toned at home with these Power Yoga Workouts:


In my very first Question & Answer video I answer questions written to me on Instagram & Facebook such as: How I got started with yoga. Changes I’ve experienced in my yoga journey. How to learn from the physical and spiritual teachings of yoga without access to local classes & trainings. Is 1 class a week enough? How to sequence when you’re injured from demonstrating. How to find your healthy edge. 

I challenged myself to talk openly and candidly while answering these questions, so forgive me if I come off as human ;) 

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does this quote from delphine hold any significance + whats the meaning of it? "you know, for someone of your income, the lease on this place is quite expensive."

Oh, dear. This is going to be fun. 

Orphan Black is a very sophisticated show with a clear idea of the meaning behind every single line of dialogue that every character speaks. “I’m French, we enjoy lovers,” for instance, was obviously an in-depth exposé on the very real problem of how the French government deals with alleged convictions of sexual assault in the twenty-first century. 

So, naturally, we are in a safe space where we can analyze this single line of dialogue for many hundreds of words and land on something that will enrich the story and open up new avenues of thought we may not have originally realized were present. 

Let’s start with breaking down the structure of the sentence. Delphine begins with “You know…” which is an effortless nod to the fact that Delphine Cormier is, in fact, one of the smartest characters on this show. According to her birth certificate, she is actually younger than the clones, and due to her position at the DYAD as well as her clinical experience, it’s clear that she would have had to complete a joint MD/PhD program that included copious amounts of research experience, which would put her timeline at graduating university somewhere around the age of sixteen. There is no way this is a mistake on the part of the always faithful props department. Delphine Cormier was a sixteen-year-old college graduate, and the beginning of this sentence is meant to help us remember this and fear her. 

Now, on to the latter part of this sentence: “for someone of your income, the lease on this place is quite expensive.” Things get a bit complicated here, because we start talking about interest rates and credit scores and financial ratios, but (lucky for you!) I am not only a master of narrative structure but I also happen to know quite a bit about blood money, so you’ve come to the right girl. 

Let’s get some definitions out of the way first: 

income (noun): a gain or recurrent benefit usually measured in money that derives from capital or labor

lease (noun): a legal agreement that lets someone use a car, house, etc., for a period of time in return for payment

expensive (adjective): commanding a high price and especially one that is not based on intrinsic worth or is beyond a prospective buyer’s means

The first implication here is that while it has been canonically confirmed that Delphine has an MD in immunology, her PhD may be in financial investment analysis, or possibly even in corporate banking, asset pricing, or financial forecasting. We should be paying much closer attention to why Delphine is qualified to make these judgements about Shay’s financial status and what it means for her statistical knowledge of insurance coverage for gunshot wounds. 

The second thing to pay attention to here is that Shay is a character who mysteriously does not seem to attend work at all. She buys juice. She does yoga. She participates in online dating. But, does she ever participate in any activities of labor that might result in a monetary recurring benefit? Unsubstantiated. In fact, her attitude toward Cosima being late for her source of recurring monetary benefits seems rather suspiciously lax. The true conspiracy could, in fact, be that Shay is a sleeper agent who has been tasked with converting all of the Leda Project clones into a control group of unmotivated millennials, slowly turning the high-art of Orphan Black into a bad Buffy the Vampire Slayer demon of the week episode that never ends (think “The Pack” on lesbian steroids). 

Women, being a gender of entirely financially healthy humans, never rely on credit or spend outside of their means in order to obtain nice things or pay the rent on apartments with bath tubs in their living rooms, especially in this booming financial climate! The fact that Shay is one of these rare blonde butterfly women who spends “too much” money on rent (a species previously only known to exist in places like New York City, Los Angeles, and, strangely, rural Denmark) is something that the ever-brilliant writers of Orphan Black are clearly seeking to call our attention to, and we should not fail to heed their call. Could Shay be a replicant? A robot? A slayer? We must trust the writers, for only time will tell.