The Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

It’s heeeeeere. Happy Valentine’s Day @myst-l-vie​ from your no longer secret valentine! Fluff is not my strong suit but hopefully you enjoy this. <3

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“You’re still coming to the party tonight, right?”

Emma rolls her eyes, stabbing at her phone to put it on speaker and tossing it onto her passenger seat. “I’m just leaving the liquor store. Yes, I’ll be there,” she assures Ruby, carefully placing the bag of booze on the passenger side floor with a pleasant clinking of bottles.

“Is Elsa coming with you?”

Emma wrinkles her nose, clicking her seat belt into place and shoving the keys into the ignition. “She’s doing something with Liam.”

“Killian’s brother Liam? When did that happen?”

“Like a week ago? Killian forgot his jacket, and his brother was with him when he stopped by the apartment. Elsa was doing yoga in the living room. Apparently they go to the same studio, but he goes on Tuesday and she goes on Wednesday, and they just started going on and on while Killian and I stood there staring at them like the insane people they are. They decided to go together on Monday, and I sort of haven’t seen much of her since.”

“Huh.” Ruby’s surprise is evident in her response, but then she adds, “Wait, Killian forgot his jacket? How does someone forget their jacket when it’s negative ten?”

Emma groans, because she knows this tone of voice, and she knows exactly how Ruby is going to react. “I might have been wearing it, and I fell asleep.”

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my favorite type of weight gain is when a girl who’s been slim/average size her whole life starts to put on weight in college. fully clothed, you wouldn’t guess how much fat is on her body. in shorts, you notice there’s no muscle definition in her legs anymore and her inner thighs are rubbing together. in a bikini, you notice a little belly and some love handles. her jawline and neck soften, her upper arms get doughy, her breasts get bigger and she focuses on things like that to distract herself from the fact that she’s outgrown her high school jeans and her tummy is poking out of shirts. she lives in yoga pants and oversized tees, but even those are starting to stretch taut over her growing body.

darklightandsomethingelse  asked:

I had this random thought while working out today but how would RFA react to a really flexible MC?? Lol sorry if it's weird.

I will probably describe somethings that, if you need to figure out what I’m talking about, I recommend you google, goodness knows I had to.


  • MC used to be gymnast, and while she still kept in shape, she just didn’t compete anymore
  • So one day, Yoosung came home to find MC casually stretching in a skin tight outfit that left very little to the imagination
  • His face was a ball of red hot fire
  • Of course, MC just treated it like a casual, normal, everyday thing that wasn’t any kind of big deal what so ever
  • But Yoosung can’t get the image out of his head and blushes for a few weeks whenever it pops into his head


  • MC got really drunk and decided it was a good idea to aggressively hit on her girlfriend
  • Jaehee, of course, tried to corral her because she was being ridiculous
  • Somehow, MC managed to turn the tides and pin Jaehee to a wall
  • Then she brought one leg  up so that it was resting on Jaehee’s shoulder
  • Needless to say, Jaehee was impressed
  • It took a surprising amount of effort to get this ridiculously drunk and flexible woman back home without any kind of incidents
  • In the morning, MC was surprisingly sore and didn’t remember half the night, but she remembered cornering Jaehee and putting her leg on her girlfriends shoulder
  • So later that day, when they have a moment alone, MC does the same thing and kisses Jaehee, just to see if it will fluster her


  • MC decided to do yoga in the living room
  • She was in the middle of doing scorpion pose when Zen walked through the door
  • Needless to say, his jaw dropped
  • He could only watch in silence as she went on into chakra bond pose then sleeping yogi
  • Zen was low key freaking out and high key trying to control the Beast to keep it from getting out
  • Because he had never seen anyone move like that
  • Don’t get me wrong, he’d met more than a few flexible people working in theater, but… damn
  • Once MC notices him, she smiles and comes out of whatever pose she’s in and goes to give him a kiss
  • And she teases him when she notices that he’s holding himself back, because she knows that he’s trying to contain the Beast


  • MC did ballet, so Jumin suspected she was flexible as was
  • However, he’d never actually watch MC practice
  • One day, remarkably, Jumin finished work early and came home to find that MC was in the dance studio warming up
  • She did once of those dancers splits, where she was standing with one hand on the bar, leaned forward, and made her legs into a straight, vertical line
  • MC continued to stretch and warm up, until she noticed Jumin standing in the door watching her
  • She smiled for him and offered to show him a demonstration of what he could do and Jumin gladly took a seat and simply watched her work her magic
  • Until this moment, Jumin had known that MC was strong, flexible, and elegant, but seeing the three things put together at once as she practiced truly made Jumin’s eyes sparkle in awe of her
  • Of course the woman he loves is perfect, but this just makes her even more perfect
  • After this, Jumin makes it a point to come watch her practice at least once a week


  • They were having a dare off and Saeran ran for cover
  • MC had dared Saeyoung to do a handstand without using a wall, which he had, to her surprise, pulled off, but not for long
  • So he dared MC to feed herself with her feet
  • It took some maneuvering, careful balance, and holding a spoon just right, but MC was able to feed her self soup with only her feet
  • Saeyoung had suspected at her flexibility due to *ahem* other activities, but now he’s really curious
  • After that, he starts daring MC to do a bunch stretches and poses that are really hard to do, just to see how far she can go (i.e. putting her feet behind her head and so on)
  • In the end, he’s actually kind of flustered, because MC catches on and lets him know that, if he’s really so curious, he could’ve just asked
  • She even offers to give a special demonstration, if he’s interested

mountain tea bought straight off the side of the road. it has a subtle taste but definitely hits the spot. coming from australia we can rarely bring any food home but now we live in the uk this baby is coming back with me 🌿🍵✨

in llogara, albania with yoga adventure retreats & outdoor albania

70 Reasons Why I Had Top Surgery (and dysphoria isn’t one of them!):
  1. To stop slouching
  2. To stand up tall
  3. To feel pride, rather than shame
  4. To stop worrying about my binder
  5. To save $$$
  6. To never buy binder or bra again
  7. To breathe without restriction
  8. To run freely
  9. To walk confidently
  10. To truly swim
  11. To never have to compress my entire torso again
  12. To escape the daily bounce
  13. To never again feel the flop
  14. To be free of boob sweat
  15. To alleviate my back discomfort
  16. To wear single layers
  17. To wear tanks without hanging out
  18. To not have to worry about squashing my chest
  19. To bear hug freely and fully
  20. To chest bump
  21. To prance about shirtless on the sidewalk
  22. To wear swim trunks without a top
  23. To take my shirt off freely
  24. To be more aerodynamic
  25. To minimize my risk of breast cancer
  26. To never again have swollen breasts as a result of hormonal fluctuations
  27. To never again experience spontaneous breast growth
  28. To wear form fitting tops
  29. To wear my backpack comfortably
  30. To not have the strap of my messenger bag emphasize my cleavage
  31. To be free of fungal infections induced by over-layering
  32. To drive around shirtless without getting arrested
  33. To get naked more often
  34. To be my authentic self
  35. To make my dreams a reality
  36. For physical comfort
  37. For self validation
  38. For tree climbing
  39. For paddling mobility
  40. For sleeping on my stomach
  41. To solidify the fact that I will not be breastfeeding
  42. To confirm my identity
  43. To feel comfortable in my skin
  44. To truly embrace myself
  45. To wear button downs unbuttoned
  46. To have my ties lay flat
  47. To not see a bulge when I look in the mirror
  48. To look in the mirror and smile
  49. To unbiasedly love my reflection
  50. To get back to my preferred chest size
  51. To not have to worry about bumping into things
  52. To wear seat belts comfortably
  53. To not be constantly conscious of my chest configuration
  54. To wear a bra only because I want to, not because I “need” to
  55. To comfortably wear a tux
  56. To fit into my clothes better
  57. To wear a wetsuit without chest bulge
  58. To not have excess weight physically weighing me down
  59. To sexually express myself more completely
  60. To obliterate my ability to lactate
  61. To never sag
  62. To remain active
  63. To feel comfortable in locker rooms
  64. To feel comfortable in communal showers
  65. To comfortably workout
  66. To yoga shirtlessly
  67. To continue living my life
  68. To not spend hours dressing myself
  69. To be able to wake up the morning and feel complete
  70. To be me
Kevamie headcanons

Some Kevamie hcs

-Jamie is shorter than Kevin he is very smol
- Kevin gives no fricks about PDA but Jamie struggles to even hold hands in public
- Kevin comes to all of Jamie’s performances and is a huge embarrassment
-Kevin said I love you first
-it was their three month anniversary and they were heading home and he just “I love you Jay”
-Jamie blushed and stuttered “I-I l-lo-ve you too K-Kevin”
-it took Kevin a few seconds to process this
-Kevin tried to teach Jamie how to dance
-it didn’t work
-he can waltz though
-that’s it
- Jamie’s mom loves Kevin
-they first met in a very awkward way
- Kevin was doing yoga in the living room and Jamie’s mom just let herself in
- Kevin fell
- Jamie was confused and worried
- his mom embarrasses him all the time
- Kevin has a little sister and she loves Jamie like a brother
- they both wear eyeliner
-Kevin’s is fabulous and winged
- Jamie’s is Emo and an old theatre habit

i had a dream of a yoga captive prince au

guys this is so wild. I had the most VIVID dream last night of Yoga Instructor Damen and Laurent.

This is so weird, I don’t do yoga, but I had this incredibly detailed dream of the beefiest Damen wearing pink yoga pants who mostly taught the weight training/dudebro classes but then got hired to also help teach Laurent’s yoga class (it was getting to be a big class so they needed another instructor I guess). Damen never wore shirts, he had a giant St. Bernard puppy, Laurent was constantly blushing and silently losing his mind over Damen’s pink yoga pants, they lived in San Francisco and their first date was at the Conservatory of Flowers, Auguste somehow hurt himself during Damen’s dudebro classes or smth so Laurent was salty, and Nicaise was always dressed in Jazzercise outfits, mostly in varying shades of blue. Also Maggie from the Walking Dead was in the yoga class and she, Vannes, and Jokaste were always making snide remarks.

I was very sad when I woke up. Best au ever.

The Other Woman (Trixya) - Alex

A/N: Hello, it’s me, Alejandra! Sorry I’ve been MIA, I’ve been super busy with end of school year grading and stuff. Anyway, I don’t know what to categorize this as but it’s inspired by Boyfriend by Tegan and Sara ! Happy pride !  As per usual, big thanks to Tati for putting up with my bullshit every day and always proofreading. You can interpret ‘Dan’ as whomever, but I did have Milk in mind when writing it. 

TW: Cheating

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Aldo Francis, a flirty yoga instructor. He lives in Willow Creek and has Travis Scott in his sights. He doesn’t drink juice, and his favorite food is Ambrosia because it’s one of the finer things in life (and the afterlife.) He sees himself getting married, having 4 kids all named after his favorite candle scents, and hopefully one day have a dog.

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Could you do number 9. “Hot, gorgeous, beautiful…whatever you want to call it.” for sophia and harry plzz?

so this one fits right into the timeline of porcelain skin and i hope you’re enjoying this little glimpse into harry’s head ;)

“I can’t remember the last time I looked halfway presentable,” Sophia mused one night when she and Harry were watching a recap of some award show with an endless string of beautiful women walking down the red carpet.

“Hm?” Harry asked, looking up from his phone.

“I said I can’t remember when I last looked presentable. I’ve been basically living in yoga pants, loose shirts or these ill-fitting maternity dresses I got online. Kinda frustrating watching these goddesses strut down the red carpet,” she pouted, her hand in a bowl of popcorn.

Harry tugged on his bottom lip to try and hide the smile that might have given away what was going through his head.

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