It’s a new moon and a new week so let’s start it off strong! Join me tonight Karen Lord Pikates Movement for 7pm Vinyasa and tomorrow morning at Sangha Yoga Shala for 6:30am Express Hour Yoga to make sure that you sail into the week with a smile. See you there!


Hello all! I was asked by the lovely undisclosed-free-spirit to recommend some shoulder opening poses that will increase flexibility in order to perform reverse prayer pose (as shown above). This really got me thinking about how often neglected stretching out the shoulders and arms really is! Most people love to focus on leg and back flexibility, but we have to remember to give our upper body a good stretch–especially if you incorporate a lot of inversions in your practice! So here are a few poses I figured could really help aid in increased shoulder flexibility, and ultimately a wider range of motion :) 

“You are the Stars, the Moon, and the Sun.

You are the light. You are love. You are the universe.

Empty yourself and let it fill you.”