Earth day should be every day! We are so fortunate to live on this amazing living planet but we often don’t think about our actions and how it directly affects Mother Nature. Gratitude always for this amazing place and connection we are able to have with it. Meditate, connect, find more space, create awareness. 🙏🏼

For #EarthDay, how wonderful would it be to donate just ONE dollar, and for that same single dollar to suddenly have an ENDLESS impact in creating a GREENER planet?

Now you can by joining #EarthDayGLOWCampaign 🌞

In 2016-17, @go_light_our_world (GLOW) will implement multiple micro-lending solar projects throughout Africa & Asia in an effort to diminish poverty with sustainable solutions.

♻ Most households without access to electricity rely on kerosene lamps as a source for light.

♻ Kerosene emits both CO2 and black carbon, which the two largest climate warmers.

♻ Replacing just ONE kerosene lamp with solar solutions will save 200 kg of CO2 emission per year.

These are all reasons why I just donated just $1 to #EarthDayGLOWCampaign

Because, I support SUSTAINABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY service across the globe.

You can too!

1⃣ Donate $1:

2⃣ Then, share your photo and use hashtag #EarthDayGLOWCampaign

3⃣ Tag family/friends to support the movement!
Individually, we have the power to illuminate another person’s darkest hour.

Yet, when we come together, our collective light has the power to illuminate the ENTIRE world! 🌏🌎🌍

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