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I've been thinking about how cute it would be for IwaOiSuga to go to a pregnancy yoga class together. Oikawa would mostly just want to take selfies and post it on Instagram with ridiculous hashtags. Not that he's not supportive, but he def seems like the type to broadcast that he's ~being fit~ while Hajime and Koushi are actually paying attention.

Okay so I haven’t been in the greatest mood lately and have been avoiding my ask box because of this and I don’t want to just delete things you know? But this is adorable and I’ve been dying to write a yoga AU (I have a plan for one it’s sitting in my drafts) so thank you so much for this! Also idk if you were just sending this as an HC or wanted me to write it but I’m gonna write it because it’s really cute. Now that I’m done rambling.

“You’re supposed to be paying attention.” Iwaizumi mumbled to him as he pressed his cheek against Oikawa’s so Oikawa could take a selfie. Suga was pouting in the background.

“But Hajime~ Mattsun and Makki won’t believe me if I just tell them we went.” Oikawa whined softly. Iwaizumi sighed and moved back onto the mat besides Suga while Oikawa took more selfies. The instructor instructed them to go into warrior’s pose (my limited high school knowledge is what is helping me rn forgive me)  and Iwaizumi went to help Suga stand up, while Oikawa took more pictures.

“Could you stop?” Iwaizumi hissed and helped Suga get into position before doing it himself.

Oikawa smiled, “But Koushi looks so cute.”

Suga frowned, “We’re supposed to be doing this together.”

Oikawa frowned and put his phone in the waistband of his pants, “I just wanna stare at you and Hajime all day you’re so cute.” He got into position and then changed positions, taking time to post one photo of all three of them on instagram with multiple hashtags.

“You’re the worst.” Suga said while rolling up his yoga mat.

“Come on we look cute! Dai-chan liked it and said we looked cute.”

Iwaizumi scoffed and helped Suga into the car, “Yeah because that makes it okay.”

Oikawa flashed him a peace sign before getting into the back seat, “It does!”

Iwaizumi and Suga shook their heads and Oikawa just grinned from the back seat, looking at all the pictures he took.


so this yoga au is driving me crazy and this was the only way to get it out of my system

the way i’ve constructed this AU in my head is that Erwin drags Levi to a yoga class for fun, and much to their surprise, the instructor is a hottie hot hottie named Eren. SO, the both of them decide to keep taking this class in an effort to get closer to him. Jean is also in his class and he has the same exact goal. and well. basically the three of them are trying to compete for his affections (and get a good workout along the way.o k bye)  

au for the yoga au - Where everything’s the same, but shota!eren style. 

Everyone would be a little confused at first when they see their yoga instructor is some little boy. But no one questions it after they get hit with cuteness overload: little Eren tumbling every time he tried to do a pose. Little Eren’s arms wobbling as he tries to maintain plank position. Little Eren in colorful workout clothes and cute, titan-printed towels to wipe away his sweat. Little Eren barking out orders and everyone just smiling as they do what their instructor says.

Sometimes Erwin has this gloating, knowing look on his face whenever he and Levi go to yoga class, because he knows he was right to drag Levi along. And now Levi can’t seem to get enough of those classes and he kind of really hates Erwin for being so goddamn smug about it. But Levi’s smug, too, especially when their instructor pays special attention to Levi and touches him to fix his poses.

“Yoga is good for people like you,” Eren would say after a couple of classes with them, “keeps the old feeling young.”

And suddenly neither of them are very smug after that.

Anonymous asked: Can we please elaborate on the idea of Bellamy having sex with “Flexible” Clarke Griffin? Preferably in the form of a fic?

Apparently there’s not many satisfying “flexible” sex positions out there. Believe me, I did research. This is the original Yoga AU post. THIS IS LITERALLY JUST PWP. NO PLOT. NOTHING BUT SMUT. IM TRASH.

“You are so fucking hot in this dress,” Bellamy groans against Clarke’s throat, digging his fingers into her thigh under her skirt. When she’d worn the plunged-neckline, impossibly short black lace dress to the Gala her parents had invited her (and by extension, Bellamy) to, she hadn’t quite expected Bellamy’s hungrily enthusiastic response.

She’s noticed the blatantly obvious clues throughout the night. First there’s a hand on her lower back as they pass through the crowd, a hand that slips down to grab a handful of her ass. Then there’s the way she sees his eyes dip obviously to the V neck of her dress, staring at the cleavage she’d stuffed into her one uncomfortable push up bra she doesn’t really need the help of.

She almost isn’t surprised when he drags her into the pink and white bathroom around the corner of the main atrium of the museum, pushing her up against the door and locking it with a decidable click.

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annie and mikasa staring down the thirsty yoga class students (as per more headcanons for the yoga au from here”

AU of the yoga AU where Levi’s a certified yoga instructor and Eren’s still learning to become an instructor, as well. 

Levi offers Eren private lessons – which Eren thinks is strange because he never offers any of the other students private lessons. What’s also strange is how touchy-feely Levi can be, or how his hand sometimes lingers against Eren’s inner thigh, sometimes too high and alarmingly close to his crotch. Or the way Levi digs his fingers into Eren’s flesh when he guides his young protégée into certain positions. Or the way Levi’s often flushed against Eren’s ass when he guides Eren in yet more positions that require him to bend over – hand sliding up Eren’s back and pressing between his shoulder blades as Eren dips forward. 

All of this physical contact is completely unnecessary and strange, but Eren can’t complain. He relishes in the physical contact, but often has to think of his grandma’s undies to reign in his boner.

…tbh this just ends with lots of studio sex and Levi making Eren watch them in the mirror. 

yoga instructor!cas helping dean with a pose he’s been having trouble with.

dean can’t lock his knee so he’s unsupported in one of the postures and keeps falling to the side.

cas quickly moves to his side and steadies dean’s hips.

“dean, you need to lock your knee.”

“I can’t, man, this is hopeless.” dean grunts and lets himself stand up straight and out of the posture.

cas moves so he’s behind dean, his face visible in the mirror over dean’s shoulder.

“dean…” cas murmurs and lets his hands slip down dean’s sides. “look at yourself in the mirror.”

dean’s heartbeat, already fast, speeds up and he chokes back a soft sound as cas’ long fingers trail over the sides of his thighs.

“look at these strong thighs…” cas’ grip tightens and it sounds more like admiration than advice. “push back your knee. my hand is here… it’s okay. push into me.”

what else can dean do but listen?

(he listens even more later that night when cas tells him to strip, before he climbs on top of dean, all yoga-flexible and hotter than anything dean’s ever seen)

Smooth as a Mirror AU

Character A is an advocate of Tai Chi and performs it early every morning on the campus quad before their class. Character B has seen them doing so every time they peek through their blinds at around 6:30 in the morning. Character A hasn’t noticed Character B’s admiring gaze until they opened their eyes one morning to find Character B next to them, mirroring their movements.