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The Pathway of the Two Serpents.

Gold Solar Serpent and the Black Lunar Serpent are alchemical opposites with different paths through the alchemical container of the body. When they meet, the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon takes place and this is when there is a possibility of immense energy. When the two serpents reach the crown, they become known as the Uraeus, which anoints the higher brain centres and leads to increased intelligence.

As they ascend, they crisscross one another to form nodes at each chakra, and magnetically energise them, as they go. The chakras spark into life as each one is touched in this alchemical weaving dance. In this way, with the interwoven pattern, the two serpents create what’s called the Central Column or Central Pillar. Eventually the two serpents reach the crown and then the hypothalamus, which is visualised as a Chalice. 



  • The Sacral Chakra is the partnership/power of relationships chakra. With the 2nd chakra, energy shifts from obeying tribal authority to discovering other relationships that satisfy, personal, physical needs. Every relationship we develop serves the purpose of helping us to become more conscious.. Relationships are all spiritual messengers. To learn to see ourselves as reflected by the duality. from all is one (tribe), to being/seeing the other. Mirroring. We create our own reality. Life reflected back to us. divide before we can come back together consciously.
  • Exploring the power of choice – dealing with duality/significance of opposites so that we come to know ourselves/personal and professional decision making ability and talent.

  • Independent interactions – giving and receiving physical, mental, and spiritual pleasure. Flow of power between self and others – relationships and their effects on us.

  • The ability to survive physically and financially on one’s own: power, money; self sufficiency/personal identity and boundaries/ to defend and protect oneself/ fight or flight/ ability to take risks/ the resilience to recover from loss.

  • The desire to create, managing creative energy, and contribute – honor one another – managing sexual power/the quantity of emotional and sexual energy.

  • Love manifests as caring for others to whom we are not connected by blood.

  • Enables us to generate a sense of personal identity and protective psychological boundaries- the 2nd chakra energy of a healthy physical ego keeps us able to interact with the world of seductive forces ( sex, money, other people, etc) without having to sell ourselves.

  • Our need to control the dynamics of our physical environment. Attachments to authority, money, people, other power sources.

  • To learn to interact consciously with others to form unions with people who support our development and to release relationships that handicap our growth


I’m waiting on some new yoga & Pilates DVDs to arrive but these classics keep me happy in the meantime. The Ashtanga one is really exceptional, great cueing and comments on awareness with beginner modifications shown.

Yoga Shakti is really versatile, with 4 pre-made vinyasa flows and a “build your own” matrix for near endless variety.

Highly recommended if you happen to be looking for yoga DVDs.

Good old Winsor Advanced Body Slimming Pilates has found its way back into my life (Miley Cyrus’ abs are too great to ignore).

Hi Tumblr! I am continuing my journey becoming a yoga teacher and I am looking for your love and support. To further my training, I will be teaching five FREE classes in the upcoming months and invite you to grow and stretch your beautiful bodies with me! 

The first class will be geared toward Level 1 yogis, however advanced students are always welcome! Lots of shoulder stretching, hip and heart openers. Each class is 90 minutes. My teaching schedule is above - please share. 

I am excited to share my practice with you. Hope to see you very soon! 

Instagram: @aimeeleighdesign



Nadishana, Metz, and David Kuckhermann are an amazing trio that put together some of the most fluid work I’ve heard