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This cute boy asked me what kind of dinosaur I would be and I told him a velociraptor cause those are my favorite and now he calls me “raptor” and I’ve never had such a cool nickname but idk if I can live up to it like the pressure is a lot.

Also: he thinks I’m an alien cause I’m too cool to be human. And he has a dog.

ALSO: another cute boy messaged me and he does acro-yoga, owns a company, and wants to take me to BRUNCH. Like I fucking love brunch. And he has two 6mo old puppies.

ALSO also: I’m loving myself for being so open and honest and just meeting new people and putting myself out there.

En busca de conexiones verdaderas, millennials dejan alcohol

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, EE.UU. (AP) — El fin del evento mensual Cena Familiar Consciente no es realmente la comida, aunque hay bastantes platillos indios veganos. Uno puede pasar un rato en un santuario acogedor, sentarse con una persona que lee las cartas, conversar sobre metas profesionales con un asesor o escuchar una presentación sobre psicoterapia, sexo y acro-yoga. Y casi siempre hay algún tipo de baile.

Pero lo que no hay es alcohol.

El creador Ben Rolnik dice que las cenas son para crear un nuevo tipo de interacción que facilita conexiones significativas, no la cháchara que casi siempre prolifera en los cocteles o bares.

La acogida que han tenido estas cenas sin alcohol, realizadas en varios lugares de Los Ángeles pero que se están expandiendo a otros lugares del país, ha sido impresionante. Cada uno de los eventos para 200 personas se ha llenado. El costo de cada boleto es de unos 35 dólares.

“Más que una cena, es como un viaje”, dijo Rolnick, de 26 años, yogi y ex exmanager de talento artístico.

Fiestas parecidas están apareciendo en todo el país, especialmente en Nueva York, Miami y Chicago, tratando de llenar la curiosidad de la generación del milenio, de encontrar conexiones y propósitos significativos incluso en su vida social nocturna.

Cuando Justin Henderson, que creó la empresa Bender, hizo sus primeros eventos en Chicago hace unos cuantos años, sirvió alcohol, pero notó que muy pocas personas tomaron. El tiempo pasó y notó que en cada evento quedaba más alcohol, así que decidió dejar de ofrecerlo del todo.

Los eventos de Bender tienen entre 40 y 300 asistentes e incluyen desde una fiesta de yoga al lado de la piscina del Hotel Standard hasta una sesión de yoga a la medianoche en el área de la piscina de SoHo House, en Chicago, durante una noche de luna llena.

“Es parte de un movimiento mucho, mucho más grande que está desarrollándose. No se trata tanto de si hay alcohol o no… la gente solo está buscando maneras de relacionarse a través de cosas que aprecian y sobre las que están apasionados”, dijo Henderson, exmanager de cuidado de salud que estaba buscando una manera divertida de ayudar a la gente a llevar una vida más sana.

Courtney Nichols, de 28 años, dueña de una empresa de eventos de planificación y quien se describe como amiga de los bailes, ha ido a varios eventos de Bender en Los Ángeles, y dice que éstos combinan la diversión de una salida de noche con la consciencia social.

“Nunca ha sido problema la falta de alcohol. Probablemente beneficia al evento”, dijo Nichols, quien estaba impresionada por la sensación de camaradería que experimentó. “Conoces gente en un ambiente sensato. Te vas de la fiesta y te sientes renovado”.

settling in for winter

this week my boss and her family moved out of the house and arne and me had the honour to interview some people. but luckily it didn’t take us long to find a crew for the winter. and it is a good blend of people once again. tai the musician, my old housemate from the creek house joined us, as well as an Australian magician and a good friend from the UK who is very fit and crazy for acro yoga. music, magic, yoga, arne’s outdoor sports, and a little bit of my childish craziness? perfect :) winter here we come


✨🤸🏼‍♀️✨1st time trying acro yoga with my stupid human tricks partner @iamduke30 ✨🤸🏼‍♀️✨
#sundayfunday #acroyoga #stupidhumantricks
(at Santa Monica Aerial Bars Swings and Rings)

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ROCKSTARS! 💪🏼 These two couldn’t have made a better pair!
First acro yoga jam as a part of my yoga for gymnasts program at @oakvillegym! 6:15-6:45pm, ages 8+, once a month on Saturday evenings! Stay tuned for the next date! 🤸‍♀️
#yogaforgymnasts (at Oakville Gymnastics Club)

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#equilibri #yoga? No #acro 😁

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@emilyevanston  for research and visualisation purposes :)

Trip Deets (DC/NYC)

I love a good getaway. Seriously. If you even mention an opportunity to leave my current “home”, I will ditch it in a heartbeat and go with you. So when my parents were like “oh hey, we’re going to DC/NYC for spring break, do you want to come? I know you’d have to miss a week of work (re: not make money), but it’d be fun” I was like “bye-owa” to where I live and that money…. 

It was so great. My younger brother and I did acro-yoga at the monuments, which I’m sure was comical to watch considering I am just under 5′5″ and he is a foot taller (and not done growing, ugh) than I am. 

He is such a good sport about doing health things with me, like going to Soulcycle in Georgetown when he had a migraine. (Note: I love SoulCycle and will recommend it to every person I see, but don’t go if you have a migraine.) He ALMOST went to the gym with me, but post-SoulCycle migraine he was not my biggest fan and did not want to go lift. He merely came along to laugh at me while I jumped for the bar so that I could do chin-ups. I’m sure there is a video out there somewhere that is incredibly embarrassing. 

Since this wasn’t a trip I planned and was merely invited on, it was a bit harder to work in what I typically do to stay well/fit/healthy. This doesn’t mean I ate junk, that isn’t physically possible for me as I actually get super sick from most foods. But I did not get to work out every single day as I had planned, I should probably note that I don’t over exercise; I listen to my body and do what it needs each day whether that is lifting, running, spinning, downward dog.

For Fitness:
+ our hotel gym was so flippin nice, like nicer than my last apartment complex nice
+ GTWN SoulCycle x2 (One was even BEYONCE themed)
+ all the steps/stairs/hills 

For Nutrition:
+ googling EVERY MENU EVER because I have health crap that limits what I can eat
+ Whole Foods run (did I really go on a trip if I don’t eat at least one meal from here? answer: no)
+ bringing along all the snacks (banana chips, cashews, pb packets, fruit)

For Wellness:
+ keeping up with this and other trends is honestly so good for my heart
+ ordered new Vital Proteins (coconut + vanilla) and KETO OS #tbbmademedoit
+ actually slept a normal amount for once aka more than five hours

I got the opportunity to skip out on the Spy Museum (bless up) and visit Newseum, afterward I visited Compass Coffee (they have the BEST mint cold brew) and got to try Gouter Detox Tonic (check them out, they are local to DC and it was so good).

Overall, it was so great with the exception of that American flight on the way back. Perk of that experience is knowing what airline I will no longer be flying, I’m not going into details and if you’ve had an awesome experience, rock on. 

Up Next: Some thoughts on this whole travel restriction (not political) and getting ready for 200hr RYTT in Rishikesh, India.


Such incredible experience!!! 😆😆😆😆 Acro Yoga with #jeppeskovgaard 💖💖💖💖 Thank you so much @acro_papa MARK for bringing such wonderful Acro Yoga artist to Japan 🙏 Thanks for this opportunity, I truly enjoyed every minute of it 😊😊😊💝💝💝

#acroyogaosaka #vidalatinaosaka #vidalatinajapan #mioyoga #miodance #yogamio #acroyoga #yogi #acroyogi (at Vida Latina Osaka - Salsa/Latin Dance Studio, Club & Bar)

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@acrobuddhas ✨JOIN US✨ in NEGRIL, JAMAICA 🇯🇲 from May 17-23 for a celebration of health, wellness, yoga, acro yoga, meditation, conscious living & balmy sunny Jamaican vibes at Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest (@tmrw.tday)!
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That’s it! 🌴☀️ Jamaica here we come!!! ✨

#tmrwtday #acrobuddhas
Videography: @milesphotographycr (at Yogi in the Light)

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Love is the freest felling in the universe #love #loving #focus #balance #goals # #motivation #health #fitness #fitnesstranier #miami #southbeach #me #handstand #acro #acrohandstand #yoga #acroyoga (at South Pointe Park)

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Next is to be able to do this in a handstand
#headstand #acro #yoga #beachlife #beach #dancer (at Hermosa Beach, CA)

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IMG_7512_Acro Yoga von sdttds

matthews-and-hart  asked:

orange sky by alexi murdoch

couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | it’s okay | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | downloading immediately | already in my library

i actually know this song bc i saw a mother-daughter acro-yoga routine to it… it was as weird as it sounds but it was also really beautiful anywAY

send me music recs!

If your name is Thomas

And you are very tall

And you are from Denmark

And you recently arrived in Seattle

And you went to an acro yoga class last Wednesday

And you based for me and I based for you

Can I just explain that I didn’t ask for your number because I was embarrassed by how much I like you?  Can I say that I didn’t bug you to stay late and fly star with me because I was insecure because that’s how overwhelmingly marvelous you are? 


Playing around at CCYC.
Flyer @tink_d Base @hyperhamlet
#acrobility @acrobility
#acroinspiration #acro #acrobatics #acroyoga #acrobalance #acrovinyasa #balance #circusinspiration #circus #circusskills #corestrength #instagood #flexibility #instayoga #instafit #partneryoga #strength #stretch #yoga #yogspiration #partneracro #counterbalance #aerialnation #circusaroundtheworld #husbandandwife #circusartistcirque #acrofriends #exercise (at CCYC gymnastics)

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