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Note to self, don’t make your base laugh when teaching him how to practice Acro Yoga!

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I get these sleepy spells throughout the day.

I’m so tired… I did a full primary on Tuesday, some acro yoga on Wednesday. I slept 6 to 7 hours.

But I’m still feeling exhausted.



Caelan had gotten up early, coming to Sebastian’s door. Acro yoga with his twin in the sunrise, he kind of liked the idea of how it would be. He stripped fully down to nothing when his brother answered the door. They made the walked to the lawn and started with the basics to ready their bodies. Soon they were doing the acro part and Caelan found it was like when they were young. They were joking and having fun. After a good hour, they did the cool down and sat together for a bit, just enjoying the company of one another. @sirsebsmythe

worked 06:30-16:00, went to yoga n acro, came home n ate like a million pieces of bread w jam n peanut butter, had a cider with my housemate and now im in bed smoking a beastly spliff. happy friday. happy i got a 70 average this year n i had such a hard year n made myself really ill but got through it. happy im getting my period again. happy im starting to learn how to not care about thinness and illness and disorder anymore. happy with my energy. happy being a yoga vegan chick but also analytical and academic. happy to finally understand that i can be all of these things and be kind and loving and that that is more important than taking up zero physical space and closing off my emotions. sehr gut


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Adventure Hike

Yesterday afternoon, a partner and I drove out a little over 2 hours into the Rockies and had a wonderful adventure. We decided to try again to hike to the hot springs that we attempted - and spectacularly failed- to find the last time I was in town. We made it to our destination this time, but the water level of the Colorado River had risen so high that it covered the hot springs, so all the water was ice cold. Too cold for me to even get in past my knees before I went numb despite how warm the day was. But the view was gorgeous, we smoked a bowl, then walked back up to the trail and found a spot to do acro yoga. Just as the sun was beginning to make its way down, we decided to continue our hike upwards to explore and hopefully find a nice peak to watch the sun set from, and damn did we find the most beautiful spot. We sat on the edge of some rocks looking out below, watching the birds fly underneath us. It’s a strangely disorienting thing to see birds flying above the trees, but still below you. Out past the trees, the river snaked around and we could see perfectly through 4 sets of mountain peaks. The colors that the sunset reflected made those mountains glow, and turned the clouds yellow and then pink. We made a game of pointing out what shapes we could see in the clouds, and watched as the sun sank lower. We made our hike back just as dusk was setting in and barely beat the darkness back to the car. It’s a shame that neither of us brought our phones on our journey, so no photos were captured of those perfect views, but great memories were made nonetheless.


Beach flow #4 volume up! “This is that california dreamin’
Summer by the sea, yea
Tryna find my way back to you”- Matt Dimona, Malibu

Today: Sun 6/11 Acro Yoga @ Calf Pasture Beach, Norwalk CT. Rsvp to me or on our Meetup App group. Meet by entrance! #tripod #headstand- variations! core work flow! #vinyasa #heartopener #yogaeverydamnday @westchesterctacroyoga @sindaanzovino bottom: @aloyoga top: @lululemon @hudsonvalleyomies @heystamford @yoga_loves @yogamatata @stamfordlocal @westchestergram @yoga.vids #yoga #yogainspiration #yogamom #yogadaily #yogalife #love #forgetfear #yogapics #painmanagement #tapas #consistency @worldyoga #yogaeverydamnday #igyoga #igyogafam #igyogacommunity #igyogamoms #yogini #yogafit @yogaweekly #namaste #yogateacher #yogajourney #backbends #yoga_feature 📷video cred: @not_really_sabrina (at Rye Town Park-Bathing Complex and Oakland Beach)

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Thing with @evofritts
Maybe full reverse bird castaway??.. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Mário Frias participa do The Noite com Danilo Gentili

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No programa desta terça-feira (6), Danilo Gentili recebe o ator e apresentador Mário Frias acompanhado de sua esposa Juliana e dos filhos, Miguel e Laura. Ele fala na entrevista sobre seu novo programa Tô de Férias, que vai ao ar todos os domingos, às 8h15, no SBT, e conta como é a experiência de viajar com toda a família para os mais diversos destinos, como surgiu a ideia do projeto, como conciliam as viagens com as aulas das crianças e outras curiosidades.

Mário fala ainda sobre sua carreira, comenta seus últimos papéis na televisão e mostra que está em forma ao fazer uma posição de Acro Yoga com sua esposa no palco.

“Quando começamos a pensar no programa a ideia era conhecer lugares com animais ameaçados de extinção. A ideia era conscientizar as pessoas.”, disse Mário sobre o projeto.

O apresentador conta que toda a família é muito ligada aos animais e Juliana afirma que é prática comum para eles darem lar temporário a muitos gatos abandonados. Mário diz que eles chegam a ficar 15 dias fora viajando e Juliana afirma que, após tantos destinos, começou a sentir um pouco de medo de voar.

“A parte mais legal é estar com eles, quando se está em família você não se preocupa muito de estar trabalhando. Mas estar em frente das câmeras é um desafio.”, revela ela. 

O The Noite com Danilo Gentili vai ao ar de segunda a sexta-feira, a partir da meia noite, no SBT.

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#Repost from @crtwin from our fun acro yoga session 🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️
Had a great time with @sashanic72 yesterday- she one shotted both of theses transitions! #bossbase #fabflyer #acroyoga #birdpose #straddlebat #aycartwheel

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A little more progress in my balancing/acro yoga. A little each day will eventually result in accomplishment. Don’t give up on your goals. Make small steps each day, and enjoy the journey. You are powerful. Live your dreams.
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Res Publicka - Justice Dew

Quite extravagant and hasty to torment.

What a tough luck for all to see your life,
Now seeming to fade away
Failing the test of time after
The taste of exception
With padmasana tormenting
The necessary veins and channels
To the extent of cutting your feet
From the ground.
So cliche for acro-yoga
A show-off to prolong
Imprudence and insanity,
While doing mischief.

I did aerial acrobatics for aviation training.

There is the law of nature not just free-will.
I’m already experienced in Law-Bringing
Since Mt. Sinai and well before.
Last time we start and finished revolutions,
To bring our own law upon love and truth of all.
I know the prospects of such busy-ness
And know the Processes and Phases of Collective Ascension
Before I dare engaging such shooting carnaval.

It’s not for the hypocritical critics
Of the sacred and the arcane.
It’s for the ones who can overthrow governments.
Not for the mothers of abomination and vainglory.
Proof of the Divine?
Prove to be Divine.
Else it’s fatal futility.

What was the crown of death you so longed for,
As you reincarnate just to see yourself suicidal,
When you blame Mohammed and Jesus,
Without division in one soul, pretty Diabolick huh!

Well try the Crowns of Life, Freedom, Truth, Suffering
So that even when you be in the position of a dictator,
Keep your dignity and truth.

Instead of falling and becoming delusional
Ferventing frivilously,

That’s because God needed to inject his past life records
Into the book, so he can establish security
In transmission, I’m the guy behind much of the religion.
Also I had to say most of the recorded priests, saints and prophets
In the sacred texts is me. I know the Ordeals of these stuff
And I won’t let anyone without a Vow of Truth
Download or channel false religions.

I’m under a judicial case
Just because when a prophet reincarnates
No one can know or guess upon seeing.
Even the claimed Hierophants and Clairvoyants.
Raising followers upon half-searched truth,
Without undergoing the challenges of Alchemy
Not even having timely mystical experiences,
Save psychic exhaustion upon provacative posts
Not even knowing who channeled the vision to the seer.
Because that one did some job on the Divine Plane.
Telling I’m a High Initiate and you’re creating a mess
With your prophecies, vampirism, game of thrones and throes
Unwanted-uninvited kin, what crawls under their skin?

Here take these crown of thorns before you dare becoming popular.
Upon artisan illusion crafting.
No we can’t graft between Trees of Life.

You need to undergo family constellations
And regression therapy, before you go get visions.
Bare necessities for safe and sound shamanick trance.
Because family history proud and arrogant upon exile or migration etc.
As well as World Wars, Gas Rooms and Holocausts may and do create,
Visions of Starry Ones that Reflect you to you in a very crooked way
If you can’t adapt to the habitat and the collective mind,
In the land of aliennation of the self and the other and each.
Everyone will seem alien even you, in the Ordeals of Silver,

My energy takes Empyrean form before such onlookers.
Even if I visit them as one of my past lives.
We finally come out of the torment by being aware that
Pretty much all of the spirits are caused by our daily
Psychic projection.
And the angels are here if we devote ourselves in service
To the highest good upon the path of least resistance
Directing faith, transmuting to truth.

Be sure to check the Stars you Communicate with Telescopes
Whether they have light on the Night side of Planets.
Not just habitable but inhabited can be contacted.
Else is lust and stardust.

How How?
What does the Fox say?

Gimmick behind every ordeals
Mackara Masckara
But it is time to be liberated
From humbug dogma and relentless superstition
By eradicating redundant veiling
Along with reckless driving
And insulting the experienced
That may cause more mischief than needed
As if mischief had ever become something that we need?

Mastering is an art of no-nonsense.

Please! Research, discuss and practice the issue in institutions.
Unity propells the truth in many ways we can only come up one at a time.

Lies grow upon lies
Ensure your mistakes don’t grow out of control.
The biggest mistake is not confessing
It’s humbug to be proud when you can’t even face
Confessing the truth of your secrecy.

Perky misters and mistress torture them unawares in a glass tower.
When your lies grow so out of control,
What can save you, lynch or suicide?
From eternal annihilation.
Only if you went on with your tasks and tribulations
There would be no spot of regret in your Being.

Look what you got for your sorcery.
When you atone, aim for complete recovery.
So that you won’t damage the clock along with the time,
So that you can heal and be healed.

Fiascos while my fresco fell in pieces…
I knew that religion will fall apart.
And I was a well-known atheist on a revolutionary spree
Hat-trick in South Americka
But everyone trying to decipher me and my masterpiece
In a bulletproof case, whether smiling-or-not.

While try one of my brews Smithy Smite.

A Hillarity of a Hickity Hicks come before but betrayed me
Longing for the power that Anti-Christ showed them
While all the way watching Modern Jesus showing him the way
To fight with the ones that claim the Anti-Truth
As the base ingredient of Divinity
Staring into the depths of the Enochian
All the while as if buried to the level of eyes in sin.

Don’t lose your Monads. They are durable but fragile also.
For mistakes that are not

While Jesus shooting burst of text to the bullying machine,
Like he prophecised, trigger happy shooting charlatans with UZI’s
Even better I was already in a shooting carnage upon Imperialists
Before he did that hilarious sketch.
Firing adamantine cannonballs to the center of the false-ordeals,
The Zombie Factory Abortion Cults are much more merry
When all the relatives and families of the prophets are cursed
By the beloved St. Germaine who was Mary Magdalena.
So when I need to preach a law, I need to secure my family.

There are some core basicks when transmitting a Divine Message
Like the Vow of Truth and reception of the sacred relics

I Platonickally fell in love with
The Croning and Suicidal Crowley
In a gorgeous outfit, quite francko-phony
After all the mess he had done
Cursing the prophets
Along with cutting and giving my hair
To the heads of the Zombie Factory
Forgetting he was the caliph Ali and Akhenaten
My Son-In-Law and Son-In-Love
As she come to flap her wings and blind me
Or peck the eyes, she did for the while
I was unwary but she too was
Crying the tears of happiness,

Her familiar’s name was Hypatia
Like my past life before I was Mohammed
The Genius Woman behind Islam
Preaching in the center of corruption
Blasphemy, torture, slavery and ignorance
Upon arrogance? A tail of lies.
Concludes in Annihilation.

After all I passed a death door
Raped and dehumanized with oyster shells
Judas was Cyril there. Now?
The wanker is claiming to be a Magus.

All the while smoking synths and attacking me. 

That’s why Jesus came back and cursed
The Exoteric Christians in Kor'an
Who acted upon the orders of the Roman Empire
And cut down myriads of angels
Students of mystery cults.
Who were aligning, healing and repatterning,
The Babylonian Karmic residue.
Now Algol bursts violence, why?
Who did this mess?

Anyone upon proving to be divine would correct one’s mistakes and ascend with everyone around upon stable foundations.

And I can project things that will cure Judas from his disease, so he doesn’t live to hinder us now. Of course if he doesn’t fall to the republic of stones with misconduct. 

For Solar Eyes the Centre of the System is the Sun, and that we take-off and visit the stars thorough the arcana of the window. Geocentrick view is Egocentrick, Heliocentrick view is symphonick, artistick and scientifick because the center of gravity of the Solar System is Sun again, as well as the Energetick, Astral, Mental or Spiritual center. The things are going Holistick. So beware the Divine Republick Come and Our will be done if aligned to Absolute God thorough a shared consciousness, backing ourselves with the universal currents. Will-I-AM Lilly playin’ Willy Wonka tuning In - stayin’ for the while you check the taste of Time and we go Up and Out to the stars, we will surely reach another star if we invent interstellar travel, we just need to focus, that will be a gorgeous Samadhillah for all…

After all somehow someone murdered the Gnostick Churchs
Destroyed cultural and occultural centers
Studying laws of life and the rest.
Who practiced pure Agape and labeled
The crooked fanatics of the cult of chastity
Ignorant of the benefits of satisfaction
Don’t preach before you arrive some distance
Banshees be banished to the extant and vanish

Oh look what they did to Serapeion.

But the divine is eternal.
And we can recall our past lives.
Someone needs to establish the creed
Upon truth anyway.

But the Serapeion can resurrect itself.
For this resurrection to open up in societies,
We need to practice Good Sexual Karma.
If you’re going to keep up-to-date with Kundalini Akbar.

Doing what you will won’t operate as a divine law in the long run. That was Akhenaten’s Atenistic princkiple which is quite partial of the Solar Consciousness, which quite destroyed all that was good that is left after Amenhotep III. While Crowley was at Egypt, receiving transmissions seems like he didn’t checked the possibility of triggering a past life in Egypt like he could be also Akhenaten as well as, Mary Magdalene and Caliph Ali from geographical stimuli, with the spontaneous mindset he may deceived himself upon such karmick and magickal awakening that would let him raise above Mathers and his gang. As a Sufi I read and interpreted Liber AL vel Legis as a Hexagramick formula behind Bismillahirrahmanirrahim and Book of Thoth and Deck as a remarkable modernization and explanation of Celcelutiyah too, but I was Thelemite before Sufi and Crowley was my girlfriend this time and we were unaware about the whereabouts of our light bodies. Nuit-La-Rahim, Hadit-Al-Rahman, Ra-Hoor-Khuit Homo Divinus Agens (Hoor-Paar-Kraat) Res Divinas coagulating with Divine Order.

If the gimmickery under such a deal left in obscurity and create famine and discord. We saw planes bombing innocents, what’s the deal with it? When you curse the key initiates of mysteries? Long chains of initiates can be corrupted with such underhand operation. So doing what you will recklessly is not permitted, in my turf, for a reason that had the taste of the divine. Instead of spilling poison into cup or breaking the vessel after describing it too much.

I never had a seizure in this life time.
While bearing all this responsibility.
A twitch to preach may be, the gift of the Oratory
A pain that I am used, just to cry
With a smile left.

But the suicidal Lola
Can’t make up the fun he got
Behind the veil, fiending drugs
Starts back strictly anti-drugs policy.
But can’t finish when she got
The pain of obligation with heroin
Doesn’t command-do-go well

So first things first
As taking responsibilities
Come before the acquisition of power
If you want a habitable world

And your curses upon religions just impede humanity.
After all we need to distill
The 21st Century Spiritual Understanding
Upon the Ancient Wisdom Artistickally and Scientifickally
Platonick Idealism and Divine Love
Applied in Politicks and Educkation so that we can wonder unknown better.
After all the Gift of Healing with the First Trumpet of Usui-Koot Humi
Can be the very core truth of spirituality
As both is concerned with life very deeply.

Purification and healing makes everyone see,
Even better it giddy ups the squished and slothy.
And crancks the cracks who are in lust of power.

While we were together
While she didn’t tell her secret tricks
Scandals, not even acting as a Cara Soror.
Unfaithful with the mystery of the mysteries
She couldn’t even put her head for truth
Like the time when I told ‘En el-Hakk’
And beheaded. When they asked
For the ones who wonder how the Dragon of Truth hatches.
Break the shells with 5 bullets in Bolivia.

A pilgrimage in the Samadillah to the Shamballa
With everyone in the planet upon an unicorn,
I need to bring the victory of the God
Revolution and Solution
Even into the hearts of Atheists and Agnostics
With pressed T-Shirts with my face
Their cure is Gnosis, I had mine with LOA

Now Fatima is in Ali’s place.
El Morya and me Serapis Bey
At the 7th Flame
After all if some one
Be greedy to the extent of creating
Mishap and confusion in the land of Truth
Upon the name of God.

The trumpet of Israfel
Can it be blown to make each of those
Militants who cry Taqbir to AntiChrist
Who pray upon the contradiction of truth
By being lost in prison of relativity

In the Centre of the Sun,
Everything is quite clear.
In the Centre of the Physically Unknown Object
That is in the Center of Galaxy
Which doesn’t emit light but still massive
Even more clearer.

God is not silly.

And doesn’t want chips and implants that cause people behave silly. 

Well in the Mystery Schools there is a Tradition
That will tell you, 'If you’re going to preach laws
First talk with the current incarnation/s
and representatives of the prophets.’
After all they are aware of the necessity and the ordeals
Of such a task, that will charge Aeons, they took the responsibility.
You have to be careful for what you inject inside the clock.
You need to think twice when you’re going to shoot the heart of truth.
Dynamics of Time needs proper conduct in such cases.

Look what you got,
Jesus of Nazareth was all the while King Solomon
You false prophets and preachers of falsity!
How come, you did not knew?
The source of all these gifts you had with it.

Dr. Rudd, Dr. Ruhselman and Dr. Guevara is going smite you,
A scourge that heals this mess. Deal with it!

Love with Truth.
Love the Truth,
Love along Truth!