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Friday thingsss 🙌🏼☺️

• FINALLY got a run in today!!! I eased back in to ensure I stay off the nasty flu bandwagon, but 3 miles never felt so good!!

• it had been raining all night so everything felt so vibrant and alive and I loved it!

• it’s finally getting cold enough to wear my pat sweater and I love you purple Patagonia…. ☺️Luv u! 😘

• came home and immediately showered to get warm and again, ensure I don’t get re sick!

• made a giant cup of coffee ☕️ and I have been having a glass of Ribena most morning to get a huge boost of vitamin C in! Plus it’s delicious and my mom grew up on it so she’ll get it sometimes and now she gets it all the time mostly for me! :)

• now I’m watching Gilmore Girls, gonna fold laundry, make something to eat, and then be lazy and Netflix and chill before work at 2!

I hope you’re all doing great!

Your body is capable of almost anything if you treat it the way it deserves to be treated. You can climb mountains, run for miles and bend in ways that make people cringe, with the nourishment and love that you should always be striving to give it. Try loving your body, treat it as if it is a old friend, as if you want it to function into old age, and see what your body gives you back.

Bodies are made for love by Amy Kennedy


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You are a product of your own design, you are capable of everything you tell yourself. You are a product of your imagination, your handwork, you determination. You will only ever be what you allow yourself to be. Limits are only as high as you set them and goals are only as in reach as you allow them to be, if you cannot accept the fact that your life is down to you, and only you, you will not achieve greatness.

Responsibility by Amy Kennedy


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Honor your own light,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪Love your own self,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪Vibrate higher your own self,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪Be a better person your own self,‬
‪before you expect someone else to.‬

‪May what you desire to see in‬ others,
‪start within you—first. ‬

– Lalah Delia