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Progress progress progress and a hungry cat!

Trying to live clean and healthy is difficult, but it’s so worth it! There’s not much difference between my first progress picture and this one, but I’ve lost 7lbs since, about the start of March (cause even though I got serious in February, I cheated every week and didn’t make much progress lol I’m only human).

I feel a lot better, I look better while I’m sitting, and my pants fit a bit better! I have (ideally) another 10lbs to lose to be the way I want to see myself, but with hard work and dedication, which I have and I try hard to keep strong, you can do anything!

Perfection does not exist!

I am reminded of this in my yoga practice. Just when you reach a goal, or milestone there is yet another to achieve. Working on the single leg bridge pose I saw Kristinellner on Instagram execute so gracefully and I struggled. :-(

My years of dancing make parallel work very hard because I want to turn out. Practice does not make perfection, it make proficient. I am working towards proficiency. #yoga #singlelegbridgepose #yogiintraining #myyogapractice #introspective #noplacelikeom #yogapractice #workinprogress #livingsimplistically #shoulderwork


I’m a chubby bunny who tried something new in the attempt to become more fit. I like who I am but I just want to be stronger and live a more balanced life.

Aerial yoga kicked my butt today. It was my first time & it’s really hard. I was scared & embarrassed but I went and I tried and I think that’s what makes me most proud of myself.

Usually I would quit after an experience like today but I’m determined to go back. I had fun despite everything else.

#AprilIntentions Day 16 (hosted by Ola): Two-Legged Inverted Staff Pose (Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana)

This pose, interestingly, doesn’t just show me how much I have to work for in my back flexibility, it also reminds me that my shoulder flexibility is a huge work in progress too! So much to improve for this pose - goes to show that yoga is always a work in progress. <:

Today’s intention is humility. It is a really apt intention for today with this pose, to remind me that yoga is always a work in progress and it’s always a journey. It is also important for me to remain humble, kind, and open-minded to all the new things that may come my way in life. <:


Nobody is born a natural. You work hard to get good and work even harder to get better 👊🏼 #yoga #practice #progress (at Worsely)

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Upside down leg lifts are my new favorite thing. 🙆🏻 my leg depth has improved by a tooooon in the past two weeks. Still improving but something to work forward to and build core strength.

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