yoga with weights

Fit Friday!!! (I know I’ve been a little late with the holiday and all, haha).  Bang out those arms boys/girls.  Here I am super setting with close grip EZ curl bar and then immediately picking up the 10 lb dumbbells at my feet to do wide angle curls.  This exhausts the biceps and makes sure you hit both heads of the muscle.  Try it and feel the burn!  

deathcatsforcutie submitted: 

These pictures were taken about two years apart. I’m 5'10. My highest weight was 185, and on the right I’m 140. Weight loss has been an up and down journey for a long time for me. My biggest struggle has been trying to flip my lifestyle overnight and then bouncing back a few weeks later, and then the cycle would repeat over and over again because I was obsessed. Now, my success has been because I’ve found forms of exercise I love (hiking! yoga!) and I’ve replaced each bad habit with a good habit, one at a time. The results will come.

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JumpStartJune16 Picture Challenge : Favorite place in your home to workout

So, I actually have three places where I workout, depending on the time of day and what I’m doing:

The top is in my ‘Florida Room’ (back porch to the rest of the world). I have a yoga mat that stays there all the time and you’ve seen many yoga poses and headstands from that spot.  I also have my Swiss ball out here and do pike-ups and situps on it out there. 

The next is actually a spare room in the garage which I turned into an ‘official’ workout room.  It has a bosu ball, mats on the floor, weights, a step, a DVD player/TV, a stereo, and mirrors along one wall for checking form. This is the first place I tried headstands, and will probably be the first place I try a handstand, although I’m a little worried about falling against those cabinets, and I can’t move away from them for the headstand cos of the window. 

The last is my living room in front of the TV. I stretch here a lot at night while watching TV, this is me working on my quad stretches and also foam rolling my IT band. You can see I also have weights in here – a kettle bell and dumbbells which stay there all the time. When my knee was hurt, I worked upper body and core here A LOT, but now I just do that when I’m feeling especially energetic. :)

Sundays are lazy days,

But instead of using it as an excuse to do nothing why not make it a day of stretching and walking. You can treat yourself to a relaxed day while still caring for your health.

Start with some yoga to warm you up

Choose an energizing breakfast

And head outside