yoga with mary


“Firestone” by Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell | Yoga at Millennium Dance Complex 

Dance Choreography by Jersey Maniscalco | Yoga Flow by Marie Grujicic

kimchicutie  asked:

Flexible Adrien teaching Marinette Yoga and Mari is too distracted by Adrien in Yoga pants and his butt

Yes. 100%.

Marinette is pretty flexible too, but not as much as Adrien. Maybe one day (post reveal) they’re doing some yoga together as like a side thing, and he’s walking her through poses and stuff and Marinette spends literally ¾ of the time staring at Adrien’s legs and ass because damn.

She manages to make it through without him noticing or her falling over. It is a Christmas miracle.


Sarah Miller imagines a series of yoga-teacher bios:

Mary-Sage Porter

Mary-Sage began her yoga journey at sixteen, while recovering from a groin injury sustained at an Up With People concert. Her SpiritTone™ system, a movement technology that polishes the aura while simultaneously increasing the thigh gap, came to her in a vision after she made the painful personal decision to sneak into the employee bathroom at Bali’s famed Ubud Monkey Forest.

Photograph by Dan Kitwood/Getty