yoga with mary

kimchicutie  asked:

Flexible Adrien teaching Marinette Yoga and Mari is too distracted by Adrien in Yoga pants and his butt

Yes. 100%.

Marinette is pretty flexible too, but not as much as Adrien. Maybe one day (post reveal) they’re doing some yoga together as like a side thing, and he’s walking her through poses and stuff and Marinette spends literally ¾ of the time staring at Adrien’s legs and ass because damn.

She manages to make it through without him noticing or her falling over. It is a Christmas miracle.


Sarah Miller imagines a series of yoga-teacher bios:

Mary-Sage Porter

Mary-Sage began her yoga journey at sixteen, while recovering from a groin injury sustained at an Up With People concert. Her SpiritTone™ system, a movement technology that polishes the aura while simultaneously increasing the thigh gap, came to her in a vision after she made the painful personal decision to sneak into the employee bathroom at Bali’s famed Ubud Monkey Forest.

Photograph by Dan Kitwood/Getty

anonymous asked:

Sherlock making sure Mary is eating well when she's pregnant and John was avoiding her. He made her some tasty meals. :-)

Now I’m imagining Sherlock going to prenatal yoga classes with Mary and basically doing what John should have been doing. 

Mary sometimes buys Sherlock ice cream when he doesn’t insult everyone in the room as a reward. Because bffs/something that’s ridiculously parental. (is that a thing?)