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Yoga For Core Strength & Flexibility 




Weight Loss:



I finally have a new video up! And it’s a 30 minute yoga class! Get ready to fire up your core!

All you will need is your mat, yourself, a blanket or a pair of socks, a little wall space, and the will to try something new. I hope you enjoy! You can always join me in one of my public classes if you need more core ;)

Happy Weekend!


Practice with me, for free! 17 minute flow to jump start your morning. 
Breath, flow, balance, ab-work, heart opening, hip-opening, and rest. 

Yoga Workouts

Get sweaty and toned at home with these Power Yoga Workouts:


I’ve seen a lot of gifs from this Equinox video, so here’s the whole thing. This girl is incredible, such a source of motivation.


This yoga routine is short (~20 minutes) and easy for someone (like me) who hasn’t done yoga in a while.


Moving with my body, mood, and breath.
Aya Yoga: my favorite poses #1

‘Aya Yoga: my favorite poses’ is a series of videos in which I share with you some of my most favorite yoga poses. Enjoy! Subscribe to my channel to stay upd…

Check out the very first video in my new series called 'Aya Yoga: my favorite poses’.

It’s a series in which I’ll share with you my favorite yoga poses. How I apply them in my own daily practice and give a few tips on variations you could use.

Feel free to like, subscribe and share! Enjoy!

Peace, love and light!


Tabata Yoga - For Upper Body Strength (6.5 minutes) 

Tabata is a style of workout where you so an exercise (or in our case, practice) for 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for a total of 4 minutes. Its killer! Prepare to get a serious workout, but keep it calm and collected with your yogic breath and mindset :) 

Can you go through the entire 4 minutes with proper form? You’d be surprised how fast you’ll gain strength just by practicing this regularly. And practice often, because the next video will be “Yoga for a Beach Bod” and it contains this sequence! 


Ashtanga Yoga.


I love love love Yoga with Adriene. She has a great channel filled with wonderful Yoga videos and videos on the fundamentals of yoga. Her Yoga for Weight Loss series is amazing, I do it a lot when I don’t feel like running or need some guided yoga practice. 


Open Hips Routine | Intermediate Yoga With Tara Stiles


Just did this lovely morning flow :)  This was a really nice flow because you really incorporate all parts of the body and you also generate some nice heat :) Try this out! Be mindful of your body <3  


Love this yoga routine!


Yoga for a Beach Bod (30 minutes) 

Get your beach body fired up with this 30 minute, asana kicking, intermediate sequence. Remember to breath fully and modify to make this practice work for you today! With time and regular practice you will gain strength, stamina and toned legs, arms, and core.

Note: I practiced this sequence everyday for a week to gain the fluidity and strength to flow calmly for the making of this video, I hope it’s as much of a workout for you as it was for me! 

Need more tricep strength? Add this Tabata Yoga for Upper Body Strength to your regular practice. 

Enjoy :) 

Sarah Beth

The first time I tried yoga, I hated it. 

I took a class in college with my roommate. The whole floor was covered in gym mats, and I remember lots of meditation and the instructor using Tibetan bowls. I cannot remember what we did in class other than that, but I do remember negative feelings and not signing up for another class at the end of term while my roommate happily never missed her 6am class.

The next time I tried yoga, I still hated it.

I wanted to give yoga another chance, so I attended a few classes offered through the gym I was a member of. I felt so out of place among the thin women in expensive yoga gear who obviously included yoga as part of their overall fitness regime. The class seemed tailored to those already in the know, and I felt left behind. After a couple of classes, I stopped going.

The third time I tried yoga, something clicked.

During and after a bad breakup, I had been seeing a therapist, and at one point our discussions focused on my self, my self-image, and my general well-being. She asked if I had ever tried yoga, and I told her about my experiences with it. She encouraged me to try again but didn’t push the issue.

The idea ruminated with me for a while until finally I thought I’d give it another try, this time in the privacy of my own home. I found a yoga series online, and within 15 minutes, the instructor said something that struck me and stuck with me:

“This is not a competition.”

I needed to hear that. As a type-A perfectionist, I needed to hear that yoga was a journey, that I could be imperfect, could struggle, that I wasn’t competing with anyone. I felt liberated, and yoga stuck.

Since then, I’ve been doing yoga nearly every day. I’ve gotten involved with the Instagram yoga community, which has connected me to wonderful yogis all over the country. I’ve attended local classes in my community, finally finding a studio and instructors that make me feel like a part of the class. I’ve become much more confident about my body and what it can do and what it is capable of learning how to do.

Yoga has given all that to me, and for that, I am grateful.