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7 weeks till top surgery, 1 year 3 months on T

Working on my posture, chest, shoulder and back growth. Trying to gain some weight for surgery, trying to eat as much as possible. Feeling really good about myself and where I’m going. Yoga has opened new doors for me in this last couple weeks. Finding so much peace and balance with my practices. 

Maybe love isn’t supposed to last. Maybe it’s just supposed to exist for brief a moment so that we realize everything in this life is transitory. What you have now, you may not have tomorrow; treasure it, be with it. All too often the present is never as valued as much the past or the future.
—  Esther Estey

Good afternoon my #Beautiful #Yogis. I was in the gym the other day, and one of the trainers walks up to me and says “are you about to do yoga? I just looked at him he goes "so what you’re the yoga queen?” Before I could answer he says “ you’re not flexible enough for yoga” finally I speak and all I say is “okay” Then I proceed to do this chin-stand transition. My yoga isn’t what I can do on my mat. Rather my yoga is the fact that I stayed peaceful and unbothered by his poisonous words. If I were newer in my journey I probably would have read him. Today my intention for you is to be mindful of the words you speak. Be impeccable with your word and don’t spread poison, your word is very powerful. Stay #light and #awesome. Oh yeah Happy Monday! 😜

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Girls Night-Part 5

Title: Girls Night-Part 5

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: cursing, making out, some dry humping, a hickey (oh don’t worry-there will be full on smut in future parts)

Word Count: 2605

A/N: Okay so I didn’t really have a specific time frame until now-mid season 10. Also, the music thing-I had a yoga teacher that used classic rock and it was amazing. The food-I’m making that tonight for Christmas Eve dinner (it’s delicious). As always feedback is appreciated! Send me some love guys!

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Dean’s first text came in around midnight, he was only stopping briefly, having decided to just power through the drive back to the bunker. In truth, he was entirely too wired to stop and sleep.

Just stopping for a little bit, will drive through the night.

I had fun tonight.

Y/N was in the same boat as she responded about fifteen minutes later:

Okay, be careful.

Me too, hopefully we can do it again soon?

Dean smiled when he realized she was still up:

Yeah, I’d like that.

Okay, hitting the road again. Talk soon.

Feeling her eyes droop, she smiled at the memory of his kiss in the parking lot. She hoped he really meant it when he said they’d ‘talk soon’. Just before she drifted off, her phone buzzed again.

Go to sleep Y/N-I’ll text you when I get back I promise.

She laughed out loud, she wasn’t staying up intentionally, but it was cute that he thought about something like that.

Good night Dean. xx

Setting her phone on her night stand, she rolled over and let herself fall asleep with visions of that night replaying in her mind.

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Day 1: Handstand to Crow #GrowWithTheFlow with @upsidedownmama @casa_colibri @natashaswinter and @coffeeandrainbows and @fitfit_activewear….OMG this is Day One!!!!

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Happy Monday: 7.26.15

Did almost an hour of yoga practice this morning, my body felt very stiff and tired so I warmed up for about 15 minutes. I started with some Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) and worked into ashtanga yoga to end it with a more intense practice. Feeling very grounded after this practice, good way to head to work. 

Im about to hit 16 months on T and top surgery is 22 days away. I will be detoxing fully for the next 3 weeks. I wanted to gain some weight for surgery because I’ve lost some weight in the past couple weeks so I am changing my diet to be more healthy, more raw. Yoga & meditation practice will be 2-4 times a day, Ive been really connecting to the practices and feel this will help me grow. 

Transitioning from the weekend to the workweek can be tough. Sometimes you land with a thud (like I did here 😉). Join me tonight at Karen Lord Pilates Movement for Vinyasa at 7pm and we will work on gracefully transitioning back into our hectic lives.

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Priti Transition 🌞

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This is one of the transitions we learned this weekend. Going from wheel forward into a kind of camel pose preparation, and then back to wheel. When Patrick did it first I thought to myself “no freaking way”. But I gave it a go, and going forwards wasn’t too difficult, but going back scared me, not really being able to see the floor, my knees being off the floor at the same time as my hands for a split moment. Huge mental block. Then Patrick helped me out, and once I knew I could do it, it was much easier to just trust myself 😊🙏

PS I love this song and the movie that features it in its soundtrack 🎶

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I think I have an addiction. Both to that song and transition.
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I always try to keep practicing yoga poses and transitions that do not come easily to me. Even though I frequently practice #wheelpose, dropping back into the pose from a standing position scares the s*** out of me.

Even though my body is ready for the transition, my mind finds little ways to creep into the equation and sabotage my practice. I see this happen all the time with my students, and I always encourage everyone to continue practicing hard poses despite fears about their abilities.

Ultimately, this is one of the hardest and most useful lessons of a regular yoga practice. It is so easy to submit to our darkest fears, regardless of how irrational and self-sabotaging. However, when you get over useless fears on your yoga mat, the benefits resonate in every other part of life.

Every time I practice wheel pose #dropbacks, I give myself the opportunity to get past my useless fears so I can become a stronger and more resilient person. This pose/transition should only be practiced after you’re thoroughly warmed up- you want your body to be pliable and compassionate before trying this out.

After your spine feels warm and ready, stand at the top of your mat. Inhale to bring the hands together in front of the heart. Widen your stance so your feet are a little wider than hip-width apart, bend slightly at the knees, and exhale as you lean your head back and arch slowly. Keep pressing your weight forward into your feet while arching the spine as much as you can — this encourages the abs to engage, helping you to lower with control and avoid crashing down on your head. Raise the hands overhead, landing on the palms in Wheel Pose. Rock your weight forward into your feet, and using your core and legs, inhale to stand up. If you’re not ready for the full drop back, stand about three or so feet from the wall, facing away. Arch back, and walk your hands down the wall toward the ground as far as you can and then walk back up.

Loved kickin it with y'all today- for more tips and to see what a real yoga practice ACTUALLY looks like, follow me- I’m @mynameisjessamyn!

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Warrior 1 to  Humble Warrior

virabhadrasana I is an incredible pose. it represents strength, resilience, and integrity. It’s about fighting for what you believe in. But a great warrior knows how to humble their ego.

That’s why I think this transition is so powerful. It tells a story of a brave warrior who allows their heart to be open and fights with compassion. But when it comes to fighting against love they find their humility. 

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What you fail to do on a day you nail the next. 😀
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