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Its not letting me message you :( but will u do #3 with Rick please? :) - @ijlover00


#3- “You want to make me, sweetheart?”

TWD Prompts

Frustration. Anger. Rage. That’s all that flows through my veins as I aggressively beat the skull of a walker that just attacked us. Sasha, Tara, Rosita and I went out on a quick supply run when the herd came. It all happened so quick and I’ve never seen that many before.

“Y/N… it’s dead.” Tara says, but I’m too invested in my violent action to care.

“Y/N, stop! It’s done. Hey!” Sasha pulls me back and I collapse into her as tears of anger fall down my cheeks. “It’s okay,” she whispers. “I’ve got you, you’re good.”

“We need to be getting back before any more of them show up.” Rosita announces as she wipes sweat and blood from he brow. “Probably best to go before it gets dark.

Sasha assists me to my feet and I brush dirt and entrails off off my clothes. Ever since I’ve lived in Alexandria, I’ve had this constant frustration and nowhere to put it. The little things like a misplaces pen or a faulty light-bulb can easily set me off and that’ll be it; I’ll be ridiculously disgruntled for the rest of the day. Some have noticed, some haven’t. The one person who’s been trying to help me the most is Rick. He’ll send me out on runs to clear my head, he’ll let me know when he needs help with anything remotely violent and he’ll be around when I need to vent about all of these negative feelings that are preventing me from being a functioning member of Alexandria.

When we get back, we take the food that we’ve gathered over to Carol and then I immediately go over to my house to release some frustration. A while back, some of us found a gym and completely raided it. We grabbed boxing gloves, towels, yoga mats, weights, you name it.  Abraham and I managed to nab some punching bags before a small herd came along and we loaded the trucks and moved on. To this day, Rick and Abraham have been the only ones who understand this anger I have.

When the punching bag in my garage has had the complete shit beaten out of it, I unwrap the bandages from my hands and head upstairs for a nap. Just as I begin to drift off, there’s a loud knock that sounds from downstairs.

“Fuck!” I groan in annoyance as I get up from my bed and stomp downstairs.

I swing my door open to find a rather pissed off Rick on my door step.

“What?” I snap.

“You fucked up today, Y/N. Big time.” He snarls, pushing past me and into my house.

“Excuse me?” I slam my door shut and spin around to face Rick in a confrontational fashion. 

He stands sternly in the middle of my hallway, his arms crossed and his face an angry shade of scarlet.

“So, Tara told me about your run today. About how you went insane and almost got the others killed because you were too interested in making sure one walker was dead when you could’ve just moved on!” He yells, stepping forward each time he makes a point.

“That’s so unfair! You know full well that I can’t deal with that sort of stuff like you guys can.” I argue, trying to show him that I’m not intimidated in the slightest. I’m obviously lying. I’ve never been more intimidated by Rick the entire time I’ve known him. 

“Look, I get that you’re having some issues, but you need to suck it up and get on with your damn life.” Rick growls.

“You know damn well that I can’t do that, Rick.” I tell him through gritted teeth and shove past him, bumping his arm with my shoulder. I don’t get very far however, as Rick grabs me by the arm and presses me against the wall.

“Don’t walk away from me, Y/N.” He whispers aggressively.

“Watch me.” I attempt to remove myself from his grip, but I don’t even budge. “Just fucking get out, alright?” I grumble.

Suddenly, when I look up into Rick’s pale blue eyes, I see a switch flip inside him. Something changes. His anger is replaced with what almost seems like… lust? No, that can’t be right… right?

You want to make me, sweetheart?” 

And as if that was all I needed to push me over the edge, I slam my lips into his and jump up to wrap my legs around his waist. I roughly tug at his hair, eliciting a throaty moan from him and causing him to dig his fingertips into my thighs. His lips travel down to my neck and hungrily attack my skin, leaving bruises and soft bites wherever he can. 

“Shit, Rick…”

He sets me down and brings his kisses up to my ear.

“Upstairs. Now.”

Rick and I lay sprawled across my bed, sweaty and panting.

“Well that was-”

“Great.” I interrupt Rick.

He chuckles and rolls over to face me, taking some strands of my hair between his fingers and begins to play with it.

“Y’know, if that was all you needed to get rid of your frustration, I would’ve done that a long time ago.” He laughs.

I giggle in reply while still staring at the ceiling and enjoying the relaxing feeling of Rick’s fingers running through my hair.

“I won’t lie to you, I feel a hell of a lot better.” I tell him and turn my head to face him. Rick smiles brightly and presses his lips to mine once more.

“Still feeling frustrated?” He smirks mischievously.

“I might be.” I purr in reply.

So, that’s the lesson from Rick and myself, I guess. Sex is the answer to everything. 

He Couldn’t Stay Away (her POV)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky comes back after months of being MIA. You finally have a chance to confront him, and he surprises you with some admissions of his own.

Character(s):  reader, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers

Warnings: language, angst, anxiety and mild depression, fluff, references to smut

Word Count: 3756

Other Parts: his POV / Together / Forever

Master List

You groaned in frustration as the sunlight that poured through your windows seeped past your thin lids to draw you from your sleep. Rolling over and burying your face in your pillows you tried to get just a few more minutes of much needed rest. It had been five months since the night you gave yourself to the Soldier, five months since you woke up alone, five months since you’d seen or heard from him, and five months since you’d slept through the night. Some nights it was the sadness that kept you awake, others, the anger at letting yourself get like this, but most nights, it was just the crippling combination of them both.

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Supine Knee Lifts

Lie on your back with your feet planted on the floor. Place a folded towel or yoga block between your knees (not pictured). Squeeze the towel or block, exhale, and drive your knees upward toward your chest, lifting your lower back off of the floor as you do. Slowly release legs back to starting position, letting each vertebra return to the floor one at a time. Do 10 reps


Today’s #MondayModification Is Rajakapotasana - King Pigeon 🐦
1. Your choice of block, bolster or pillows
2. Yoga mat strap I find works best but you can definitely use a towel, belt, yoga strap, resistant strap…or any strap!
1. For those of you with tight hips, throw a block under the hip. This will relieve any stress or strain on your muscles and help ease you into the full stretch. Make sure to keep the hips square. When you’re comfortable here you can remove the block and allow gravity to pull you closer towards the mat.
2. For those with tight shoulders getting into king pigeon could be painful. Use a strap! I like to use my yoga mat strap because it has two loops zany you can grab a strap in each hand. Using a strap allows you to ease into grabbing your foot. This is also a GREAT stretch for opening the shoulders and chest.
Comment below what you’d like help with for next Monday! Namaste🌿
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Restorative Yoga Helps Weight Loss, New Study Suggests

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This news could puzzle and/or dissatisfy lots of people searching ‘yoga for weight management’ or those already registered in a sweaty vinyasa-thon to drop a couple of pounds in the brand-new year. As it turns out, it may be corrective yoga that you actually need to slim down and feel much better, according to a new study.

The 48-week research study, conducted by Maria G. Araneta, PhD, Miles Per Hour, of the University of California, San Diego, found that regular restorative yoga was a much better means of reducing weight and maintaining it than stretching workouts.

The study included 2 groups of females, one doing corrective yoga versus a 2nd doing stretching exercises. The yoga group had a mean age of 55 and the stretch group a mean age of 54, and all individuals had metabolic syndrome as specified by International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) criteria. The participants started with semi-weekly classes and then regular courses throughout the first 12 weeks. After that it was bi-weekly until the 6-month mark. For the final weeks, practically another entire 6 months, participants were asked to continue their yoga or stretching on their own with courses only as soon as a month.

How can this be? The researchers are still searching for the definitive answer, but a strong theory points to cortisol levels. Throughout restorative yoga, students hold poses for up to 5-10 minutes making use of numerous props for support and optimum relaxation. When the body is unwinded, tension is minimized and levels of cortisol (the anxiety hormone understood for helping to increase saved abdominal fat) decrease. This can also be referred to as the Relaxation Feedback.

Yoga has actually currently shown promise for people with diabetes assisting to stable blood glucose and possibly trim additional weight. Don’t go including your yoga mat towel right now. This is not really to state that aerobic workout is not a great way to remain healthy, in truth, the study’s major author specified that instead of a replacement, restorative yoga is a “complementary, ancient practice.” However it can indicate that people who were frightened by yoga based upon body size or capability, those who’re potentially obese, can have a more easily accessible way to exercise yoga and reap the benefits of the gentle movements when another option mightn’t be useful.

Today, I fucked up... by going to a yoga class.

I decided to go to a yoga class. OK. That’s obviously a lie. My GF talked me into it. She said something about how flexibility is a real turn on or people should be able to touch their toes without sweating and gargling, or some such malarkey. In reality, I think she just didn’t want to go alone, and taking me meant that there was no possible way for her to be the worst one there. And I’m obviously too dumb to realize all of this because it all just now occurred to me. Damn it.

Anyways, I went. When we arrived, I was the only dude there. Everyone else was in good shape, female, and wearing all of the yoga accoutrements. Yoga pants, headbands, funky big shirts that still showed some part of their athletic tops, and bare feet. Most of them were standing around on one foot with their other foot flamingoed to their knees. They were probably drinking herbal tea and discussing their upcoming retreat to India. They were all petite and graceful. And then there was me. I looked like a guy at a pick-up basketball game that was about to get chosen last.

I walked over to the lady behind the computer to pay up. The computer was playing soft world music. I paid my money, and was given a yoga mat, a towel, a foam block, a nylon strap thingy, and a pillow. I was fairly confused by most of these items, but I couldn’t help but be a little excited by the pillow and the prospect of a nap.

When I walked in, nearly all of the spots were taken. There were two spots together in the far back corner next to the door and the fan. Perfect for the old cool down and escape routine I was already planning in my head. I put down my mat in its little premarked mat parking spot, and I flopped down. I left my brick, nylon strap, and pillow behind me. I kept my towel close by.

When the instructor came in and sat down, everyone got quiet. She spoke in a soft, pleasant voice. She used words like energy, spirit, awakening, inner, and good morning.

The first thing she had us do was make a surfer, hang loose hand gesture and then hold our noses between our thumbs and pinkies. Then we were to alternate nostrils and take deep breaths in and out of one nostril then plugging it and breathing in and out of the other one. Despite having a little cramp in my hand, I’d give myself a solid B+ for Nostril Plug Breathing Pose.

After making sure that we got all of the snot out of our noses (I’m guessing that’s what it was for) we were told to get on all fours. Once we were all into Mount Me Pose we were to alternate between Cow Pose and Cat Pose. Cow Pose means you put your chest and belly down. Being of a certain body type and having gravity on my side, this particular pose was no problem. Although, the term Cow Pose does seem a bit mean. Cat Pose is where you arch your back straight up like a cat stretching in the morning sunlight. Alternating between these two poses made me look like a giant, sweaty, dryheaving cat. I’d give myself a B- for Yaking Kitty Flow.

After Yaking Kitty Flow, we moved into Child’s Pose. Having taught children for years now, I’d say that this name is severely inaccurate. Child’s Pose should either be having your hand out asking for candy, pointing across the room because another kid did some stupid shit, or squirming around holding your crotch. This particular pose looked like a slave bowing to their masters in old films about Egypt. We were told that if we ever need to take a break, or if anything becomes too tough then we could always revert back to Eqyptian Slave Pose. This part worried me a bit since this pose wasn’t particularly comfortable. You are supposed to have your arms stretched out in front of you praying to the sun-god, Ra, while also placing your ass on the heels of your feet. But for some reason when I try to sit on my heels, it’s like I have a forcefield preventing me from going the rest of the way down. Apparently, my muscles are pretty stubborn. So, after the 4th attempt of bouncing my ass at my heels and nearly rocketing forward head first into the lady in front of me, I just accepted my version of Egyptian Slave With a Floaty Ass Pose.

Next, we did a Plank. This is the top of a push up that you just hold for about forever and a day. Once your arms start to tremble pretty hard then you get to pick up one of your feet and point it straight up in the air at the ceiling. This is pretty smart because then your body doesn’t know which pain to focus on, so you just hone in on not drooling all over yourself. Once you feel like jelly, you get to swing your leg that’s supposed to be elegantly positioned at 12 o’clock, but in all actually is chillin more towards a shaky 4-4:30, all the way up to you chest and place your foot in between your hands. Having lost all feeling in my leg, I let it swing freely. My knee struck me in the chest and my foot landed on my hand, but my arms were thankful for the extra support of holding up my pudgy torso.

From here you get to stand up in Warrior 1 Pose. You pretty much stand like Rafiki holding up Simba for all the animals in the Lion King to see. From there you do a little jig and change to Warrior 2 Pose. This one makes you look like you are surfing a huge wave. You put both arms out and pop a super hard gangster lean to one side. You’ll know you are doing it right when it feels like your leg is being slowly sawed off at the hip joint. Your arms are also supposed to be stretched out and strongly posed at 3 and 9 o’clock. But that shit hurts. When was the last time you held your arms up longer than the few seconds it takes to get something off of a high shelf or display your enjoyment when going on a roller coaster? So, after every few seconds, I kept pretending like I had different itches all over so I could release the tension from my arms. I also wondered how many people would notice if I just dropped down to Egyptian Slave With a Floaty Ass Pose.

Then we cooled things down a bit. We laid down and just stretched our hand above our heads in ‘the remotes behind me and I can almost get it’ pose. After this we were told to hug our knees and rock back and forth. This one was my favorite because after all this punishment, there wasn’t anything I wanted more than to get into the fetal position and rock back and forth.

Now that we were good and warmed up we started doing our Venice Sausage Flow (I may have misheard her). This is where you stand up. A+. Then you touch your toes (upper shins). C-. Then, you lumber down to a trembly plank. D+. Then you do this sort of circular push up that ends with your head up and your bosom thrusted forward like The Little Mermaid coming out of the ocean. It felt like a lap dance manuever. Then you stick your butt up in the air while on all fours, then sensually rise up. Then you just rinse and repeat. I’ll be honest, I felt a bit like Magic Mike with a hard emphasis on the XL.

The next thing we did was cross our feet and and touch our toes (knees). At this point the GF assisted me by giving me my foam block. I would’ve prefered it be about 2 feet taller, but it did help quite a bit. This was the point that I started to notice how much I smelled. And despite being super happy to be right in front of the fan, I also happened to realize that it was doing very little to keep me cooler while simultaneously wafting my stench through the whole studio. Being super nice yoga chics, they only gagged slightly. If anything, it’ll prepare them for their Indian retreats.

After that we were told to get on our bellies. Aced that one. Then we were asked to bend our legs and grab our ankles from behind. In my younger days, we called this a flying squirrel. We would do this off the diving board all the time. Apparently, time has not been friendly to my joints. Try as I might, I was unable to grasp both of my ankles. I got one of them once, but the little bastard slipped out of my sweaty hand as I lunged at the other one. This is when the instructor came over, grabbed my nylon strap, and put me into Self-Hogtie Pose. Fucking embarrassing. It was like sitting on an airplane, struggling to fasten your seat belt, and then having everyone watch as the stewardess brings your fat ass the seat belt extender. Since I was all tangled up, I was unable to just give up and enter Egyptian Slave With a Floaty Ass Pose. I just had to fight through the pain.

After that we were told to get the pillow out. Finally, nap time! But instead we were instructed to put it behind our butts and lift our legs straight up in the air. Determined not to get strapped up again, I fucking killed it. My legs were straight as arrows for like a minute. Let’s be real though, they would drop considerably whenever the instructor wasn’t looking. But they were straight as shit when she was.

After a whopping 75 minutes of self-inflicted pain, we were finally able to quit. At the end everyone was given time to sit quietly and reflect. At the end of self-reflection time, or as I like to call it, “swearing that I’ll never fucking do this bullshit again” time, everybody did an Asian hand clap motion and said the name of their favorite Indian restaurant. I tucked my tail firmly between my legs and got the fuck outta dodge. Yoga is not for everybody.

TLDR- Stunk up a yoga studio, and got hog-tied by my instructor for sucking at life.

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#CMchat Exclusive: Get to Know a Musical Triple Threat caitlinevanson

For any Taylor Swift fan, the name Caitlin Evanson is about as common as the word “music” itself. Caitlin was the highly entertaining red head up on stage next to Swift that often had a fiddle on her shoulder or a microphone in her hand singing back up vocals. And for those who aren’t Taylor Swift fans, then you better prepare to become a Caitlin Evanson fan.
Caitlin is one of the most talented and fierce musicians in the world; a bit of a hidden treasure at this point. Caitlin is a woman who can own the stage like only the most elite performers can, play a variety of instruments like her life depended on it, AND she can SING. Couple that with some wicked cool song writing skills and you really have a true force to reckon with. Country Music #CMchat got to sit down with Caitlin and catch up with what she’s doing these days….

How is life treating you these days?
Life is treating me more than well.  Surfing, hiking, living, loving and deeply enjoying new roots growing in my life.

You bring such a raw, genuine feel to your music, where do you pull your current inspiration from?
I am probably one of the happiest people you could meet.  And sometimes I wonder if its because 90% of my songs are sad.  I am a big believer in cleansing.  And I think I subconsciously take the sadness and wield it into something enjoyable to share, rather than to take it out on people around me.  Make sense?  Also, one of the best things I’ve ever been fortunate enough to do, is observe how the masters do it.  All the writers I worked with in Nashville, of course, Taylor, and all the greats I will never stop listening to, that make a song haunt the airwaves forever.  Have you ever just sat and thought about the song “Hotel California”?  And what that story would look like, made into a movie?  What a story.  There is a natural stream of consciousness in that song.  A flow.  You feel it when you listen to it.  That’s what I want inspires me these days.

You’ve had a highlighted background as a part of Taylor Swift’s band, how has that helped you with moving forward to the next phase of your career?
You can’t help but live in a sort of parallel universe, when you tour for years at a time.  Especially for a world class household name.  You can’t rewrite history.  You can’t help but have many consider this as your life’s “title” after you’ve done it. All things that I could never have fully understood until I stepped out to plant seeds and grow this new life and music of mine.  Processing an 8 year incredible whirlwind takes time. But what I am gradually learning is that I got to be a part of music history.  Something that put my own ability and magic on the map.  And I am so grateful.  Being a special gear in a big machine is exhilarating and sometimes exhausting, in the best way possible.  I am also gradually learning that I now have a massive and almost endless amount of memories, emotions, roller coasters, triumphs and terrors to draw from for my next million songs. Books and books, story upon story.  And that fuels my creative fire.

You’re an accomplished instrumentalist, what is your favorite instrument to play and naturally…why?!
When I was 4, I saw a violin concerto performed by Itzhak Perlman on our tv at home, in Seattle.  I pointed to the screen and basically said, “That’s what I want to be”.  My dad was a classical guitar guru, so when he heard this, a tiny violin was in my hands the next day.  I was screeching my way through “Twinkle Twinkle” before my parents could put in their earplugs. Violin is like breathing to me.  It’s just something I’ve always done.  It was also one of the lifelong most difficult things I’ve done, so its all the sweeter for it.  It is an instrument that demands my undivided passionate attention to detail and perfect pitch. One tiny roll of a pinky in the wrong direction is the difference between a good and bad performance that day. I can almost hear it speaking to me sometimes, “If you’re not going to love me deeply, don’t waste my time. Pack me up”.  I have always needed that kind of challenge.  I respect it and it continues to change my life every time I pick it up.  And especially these days. As a musician, I can’t help but reinvent and renew what I am, as my environment changes. Violin, it is.

How would you classify your sound?
As an artist, I am always “classifying my sound”.  If you heard my first self titled record from about 13 years ago, my “sound” would be a lot like Evanescense.  That’s what I was into.  Today?  I would say organic. I lean into Ingrid Michaelson, Patty Griffin, Foy Vance and Colbie Caillat.  But I have to laugh as I even say this.  Because that still isn’t “me”.  I guess you could say I adore their songwriting and vocal inflections.  But I also love Nine Inch Nails, Hozier, Iron And Wine, Haim, Drake and God knows what else.  I never know how to answer that question. So there’s my answer, haha.

Favorite song you’ve written thus far?
As an artist/songwriter, my favorite song is always “the one I finished today”.  Every time.  So today, its “Little Parts Of You”.  There will be a “bedroom session” version of it on my soundcloud soon.  On a day I don’t finish a song?  I usually come back to the silly, less introspective ones.  Like, “Why Ya Do Me Like That”.  I have always had a thing for a simple catchy melody with a happy pop-vibe with a mean jab of a lyric.  There’s a “bedroom session”, of that song on my soundcloud.  (Caitln Bird).

Your musical crush? And would they be your dream collab? If not….who?!

Can there be 2? One, MACKELMORE!  First of all, he’s from Seattle, my forever home.  Second, he made me fall in love with music again and listen to it in a way I hadn’t in years.  As a musician, melodies and chords free flow pretty easy.  But lyrics stump me.  Really good ones.  And his were astounding to me. As a violinist, I was so captivated by all the perfect string stacks and and instrumental moments weaving through the whole thing.  I feel like they cared so much and put everything they had into it, with such a family vibe. Two, Ingrid Michaelson!  When it comes to haunting harmonies and painfully true-ringing lyrics, she’s my go to right now.  I love her live personality and her brilliance when necessary, and her simplicity in the appropriate moments. The “Lights Out” on vinyl doesn’t stop spinning in my house.  Embarrassing?  maybe, but sometimes I just play my violin to “Open Hands”, like 10 times in a row, alone…in my house.  Okay.  Anyway….

Favorite music related memory?!
12 Years ago, I was in Rome, playing fiddle for a small country band for a month long USO Tour. I imagine the rough parts of that city are pretty dang rough.  My bandmates and I wandered into an area that felt pretty rough to us.  I heard what sounded like “O Sole Mio” playing on a violin down the street.  I followed it around the corner and found this little kid.  I think he was maybe 8 years old.  He looked pretty beat up, and had a couple euro in his open violin case.  I applauded and held out my hands.  To this day, I can’t believe he did this, but he handed the ¾ size violin to me, and I knelt down and played the chorus of “Hey, Jude”. He lit up and started singing along, in a thick Italian accent.  I dropped a few euro in his case and handed him his violin and walked back to find my bandmates. It’s funny, I never told anyone about it.  Asking me to have a favorite music related memory is like asking me which breath in my life was my favorite to take. So I’ll stick with this one for now.  ;)

Is there a method to your madness in terms of approaching songwriting?!
I think some writers can work up tears and evoke a lot of emotion out of thin air.  For me, that’s like trying to sneeze.  I’ll never be able to make it happen.  So I’m the type that just goes about my day, constantly toting a heavy bag full of notepads, and pens (because hand-writing is still so therapeutic to me), yoga clothes, towels, phone, keys, ear buds etc.  I look like a spaz most of the time because I make sure I remain open when an idea comes and I stop what I’m doing, and write it down.  Or else, it goes away and never comes back.  I guess I kind of liken it to a giant rain cloud that follows me around, randomly dropping melodies and lyrics wherever I go.  I hate that it always wakes me up at 3am.  And if I don’t record it, its gone in the morning.  My writing life is a mountain of puzzle pieces, waiting to be put together.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Any secret talents?
Besides a tri-pod headstand in yoga class?  Nope.  Once a middle child, always a middle child.  If I find that I have a “hidden talent”, it doesn’t stay hidden for long.  I have to show it off, be it x-ray vision, or a double jointed finger.  Everybody!  Look what I can do!

Coolest fan moment that’s happened in the last 3 months?
I love it.  There’s been drawings, paintings, print-screened tshirts with my face on it made by a fan, every pastry in the shape and color of anything and everything on tours, songs, videos, letters, ice scuptures and everything else you can and can’t possibly imagine for all of us.  When I read “I started playing the fiddle because of you”, in tweets etc, it never gets old.  That one is always a favorite.  And in the last 3 months?  Well, I’m not sure if yall are familiar with jencita Vargas, but she has done nothing but support, help, promote and love my own tiny and developing artistry since she started following me on Twitter.  She is becoming quite the artist promoter in her own right.  Check her out.  I greatly appreciate everything she has done to promote my last youtube videos and live shows in San Diego.

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I adore the slow introduction of the body to each pose and the process of them getting to know each other (and that 15% of my yoga practice is a weird desire to hang out with my toes 😝). Also, really thankful for soft yoga towels that make this pose so much more comfortable. I’m on the lookout for soft mossy spots so I can do it outdoors…just not as hardcore @gordonogden who I believe I once saw do chin stand over hot rock. 😨

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things that the upcoming giveaway/raffle will include
  • 5 double registrations to any Color Me Rad 5k (so there will be five winners of this, each winner gets 2 registrations)
  • Full Color Me Rad outfit (shirt, socks, hoodie, headband, etc from their shop)
  • Color packets! The color dust stuff that they throw during the race!
  • Workout Clothes
  • Workout Shoes
  • Workout Equipment
  • Yoga mat/block/towel/etc
  • Fitbit perhaps
  • gift cards (VS, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Whole Foods)
  • 2-3 shirts from
  • Shirt from the Wright Way Rescue (the no-kill animal shelter that I will be donating all profits to)
  • ??? suggestions?

Title: exhale
 i am not good at tagging; au, nsfw-ish, a lot of sweaty hot yoga fun
Word count: 
the one where kisumi drags sousuke to a hot yoga studio to help his shoulder but he gets a whole lot more than that.

i have to proofread and edit tomorrow; it’s 4am omg ;_;

ao3 link if you prefer

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5 Holiday Shipping Deadlines You Don’t Want to Miss

Finish up your online holiday shopping before it’s too late!

Make your life easier and take advantage of online shopping this holiday season. With only a few days left before the shipping deadline cutoff, we’ve rounded up our top five e-commerce sites to shop for friends and family. Finish up your list and order your gifts now so that they can arrive just in time for Christmas, from Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Nordstrom, Need Supply and Topshop/Topman! 1. Urban Outfitters FREE SHIPPING, No Minimum! GET IT BY 12/24! Select Standard by 12/17. For 3 days only, take 25% off your order with these selects from women’s, men’s and apartment. Editors’ Picks: Urban Outfitters Women’s & Men’s

Cleobella Adela Ikat Blazer

Ecote Shearling Saddle Bag

Vagabond Marja Double Buckle Oxford

Brixton Ace Jacket

Will Leather Goods Traveler Duffel Bag

Frye Chambers Cap-Toe High-Top Shoe

2. ASOS Last days to order for standard shipping is 12/16 and express shipping is 12/121. Take 30% off these last minute gifts for women and men.
Editors’ Picks: ASOS Women’s & Men’s

ASOS Sweater With High Neck & Cape Sleeve

ASOS Mongolian Collar


ASOS Cable Sweater

ASOS Watch In Black And Rose Gold

Selected Parka With Fishtail

3. Nordstrom To have your gifts arrive before Christmas, the last day for free standard shipping on all merchandise is 12/21 by 3PM EST.  Editors’ Picks: Nordstrom Women’s & Men’s

‘Chakra’ Skidless Yoga Mat Towel

'Sizzzlee’ Leather Platform Bootie (Women)

'grove Court - Carolyn’ Satchel

Woven Silk Tie

'Denali SE’ Gloves

'Express’ Hanging Travel Kit

4. Need Supply  Free domestic 2 day shipping on orders of $75 or more. Order by 12PM EST on 12/22 to receive by 12/24.  Editors’ Picks: Need Supply Women’s & Men’s

Frieda in Marmor

Cowboy Mule

Anemone Sweater

Liquid Body Flask

M/S Sprint in Black

Norse Top Beanie in Navy

5. Topshop/Topman


Hey USA! FREE shipping and returns. Order by 3PM PST on 12/18 to get it in time for Christmas. If you need it faster, it’s $15 for express shipping.

MAGNUM Heeled Boots

Chunky Faux Fur Coat

Monochrome Pattern Crewneck Sweater


To arrive before Christmas, order before 12/18, shipping is $15. FREE express shipping on all order over $100. 20% off everything holiday until 12/25. 

Navy Nylon Holdall

Cut And Sew Hem Long Sleeve Smart Shirt



Yoga For Abs

An effective, 12-minute ab-sculpting Yoga routine that is designed to get you in tune with the deep space in the torso to strengthen the core, develop strong, healthy abs and clear the mind to leave you feeling energized and refreshed. Activate your abdominals and tone your entire body with World-Renowned International Yoga Instructor, Author, Producer, and founder of Miami Life Center, Kino MacGregor as she guides you through this fat-burning, muscle-toning journey and takes you a step closer to becoming the best version of yourself. Build lean definition as you engage the muscles of the abs, obliques, hips, thighs, legs, back, butt, arms, shoulders and chest to improve posture, release tension and build power.

You will need a Yoga Mat, a towel and a bottle of water to complete this workout that can be modified to fit all fitness levels. Re-shape the body, quiet the mind and restore balance as you grow stronger each day, right from the comfort of your own home.“

Via Be Fit

// #lovingyogis day 8: king dancer’s pose/ dancer’s pose

& we are into the 2nd week of #lovingyogis, and i will be bringing you guys through the next 7 days! i hope you guys are having lots of fun so far, i had so much fun with Ola’s week! <:

this is an intense backbend so please warm up your back sufficiently before you attempt this pose.

modifications: if this pose is not accessible for you, you can use a towel/yoga strap and hold on to that instead of holding onto your foot. remember not to push yourself too hard as that might hurt your back. otherwise, you can always work on your dancer’s pose to improve your focus and balance. 

this pose opens up your chest, improves shoulder flexibility, and definitely improves your back flexibility. if this is your first time trying this, starting off with a towel is definitely a great way to start preparing your body for this pose. this is an intense backbend, so remember to approach the pose slowly. 

i love yoga progress! it always makes my day, or even week <: now i am working on a more flexible back, and one day i hope to be able to grab my foot with both my hands and really improve my form on this pose <: 

remember, no matter what, always smile on the yoga mat! <: that is often very uplifting and affirming to your own practice, and makes your yoga practice a lot more enjoyable! xx