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i had a dream of a yoga captive prince au

guys this is so wild. I had the most VIVID dream last night of Yoga Instructor Damen and Laurent.

This is so weird, I don’t do yoga, but I had this incredibly detailed dream of the beefiest Damen wearing pink yoga pants who mostly taught the weight training/dudebro classes but then got hired to also help teach Laurent’s yoga class (it was getting to be a big class so they needed another instructor I guess). Damen never wore shirts, he had a giant St. Bernard puppy, Laurent was constantly blushing and silently losing his mind over Damen’s pink yoga pants, they lived in San Francisco and their first date was at the Conservatory of Flowers, Auguste somehow hurt himself during Damen’s dudebro classes or smth so Laurent was salty, and Nicaise was always dressed in Jazzercise outfits, mostly in varying shades of blue. Also Maggie from the Walking Dead was in the yoga class and she, Vannes, and Jokaste were always making snide remarks.

I was very sad when I woke up. Best au ever.

PSA: Stop guilting people for struggling. Stop saying “life is only as good as your mindset,” and “You can choose what thoughts control your life.”
People with BPD, Depression, Anxiety, and countless other mental illnesses do not have the luxury of picking and choosing which negative / positive emotions affect them on a day to day basis. Mental illness is not the narrow idea you have of it in your head, and yoga won’t fix it.

You could’ve chosen the girl with green eyes and long hair, who loves going out on dates and likes to cook for you, who always takes long baths and listens to music while doing her homework, who loves coffee and peppermint tea, who smiles at strangers and is crazy about sunsets,

you could’ve chosen the girl who laughs like a princess and loves her parents, who reads poems and does yoga, who doesn’t eat meat and smells of vanilla, who is obsessed by sudoku and animes, who would play the piano for you and would adore your big brown eyes,

you could’ve chosen the girl who teaches you how to treat a woman, who doesn’t get angry at you and isn’t jealous at all, who is passionate about photography and music, who laughs at your silly jokes and knows how to get what she wants,

you could’ve chosen the girl who likes roses and “The walking dead”, who knows her worth and likes to play videogames, who would love to dance, especially for you and would love to watch with you movies about super heroes, 

but you chose me and I’m still wondering why.


I’m still wondering why.

You Are Already Beautiful.

You are worthy enough, strong enough, and capable enough regardless of your possessions.

You don’t need the newest all-in-one makeup kit to make yourself look beautiful, because you already are. The new ‘bootylicious’ yoga pants aren’t needed; you’re already rocking it!

But you need to look even further for who you really are. And to see who this is, look inside. All of the most beautiful aspects of you are right there. It’s your personality, your interests, and your weird little quirks that make you, you. You’re entirely unique; not just different by the jeans you wear or the perfume you use, but by the characteristics that you were born with, and have had all along. So the next time you see another misleading advertisement, just walk away, because you know that you truly already have everything.

And that’s the existence of you.

Here’s the thing about yoga

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I’ve been doing yoga for a little under a month now, and my general fitness and flexibility has improved so much already

At the start I could barely hold downward dog for twenty seconds, now I’m practically begging to get into it as release after a thirty second plank

I’m still (BMI speaking) obese, yet yoga at home is helping me improve my fitness and tone my body in ways that going to the gym just can’t

I honestly recommend yoga to anyone

You don’t have to be into the spiritual side of it, the health benefits are so great regardless

I’d recommend this twenty minute beginners video if you’ve never tried it before. Keep coming back to that video until it’s easy - you don’t need blocks or resistance bands, you don’t even necessarily need a mat, just 20 minutes and enough space to comfortably move (a front room or bedroom is perfect)

Once that video is easy, you can comfortably hold all the poses without needing breaks, you can move onto the 30 day yoga challenge - linked to Day One

Granted, I’m still a newbie when it comes to yoga, and fitness in general, but this is a fun, relatively easy, and most of all free way to get in shape and feel healthy

I love it, and I hope y’all do to

  • Natasha: What are you doing?
  • Steve: Stealing another car. What's it look like I'm doing?
  • Natasha: It looks like you're doing downward dog, but I know you don't do yoga.
  • Steve: I'm stretching because my back hurts. Do you know why my back hurts?
  • Natasha: No. Why does your back hurt?
  • Steve: Because I spent the morning carrying you out of the rubble of an underground bunker.
  • Natasha: Ah. Where I come from, that's called good exercise.
  • Steve: Where is that, Krypton? Where I come from, that's called a worker's comp settlement.

HAHAAA!!! 😂😂😂 IM NOT READY!! Ahhh the joys of trusting yourself while going down to full wheel…
This was fun to watch and share so that you will see there is also fear and there is also so much practice that has to be done with me as well. Yoga isn’t about being perfect it’s about practicing, connecting and learning something new about SELF every time you hit the mat.
DAY 10 of #yoga4growth challenge with @ladydork & @koyawebb


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I love yoga! I love everything about it. I love the way it feels when I’m doing it. I love the way I feel after I’ve done it. I love how it keeps me mentally sane and physically in good shape- not just visually but healthy on the inside too.
My body is strong and mobile, and although I am still young (ish!) I know that as long as I keep doing yoga, it will keep me young.
It’s a lifelong practice, the best form of exercise to maintain. When practiced mindfully you can nurture your body through trauma or injuries. And instead of wearing your body out like running, weights or many forms of exercise, the whole point of yoga is that it’s caring, keeping your body in good knick so that it lasts you a lot longer.
So for those of you who don’t do yoga already- you should. And for those of you who do do yoga already - you should do more!
And that’s all I have to say about that!
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If you’re NEW to yoga, don’t have equipment or you just want to try a chill yoga class, here you go! 

With yin yoga, you’ll be holding the poses for awhile. It can be a very meditative practice, so if you get bored … that’s part of the WORK. Focus on your breath, close your eyes, and just chill!

You can always lift your hips (ie, sit on a rolled up towel) if you feel like you’re leaning back and struggling to stay upright when you’re seated. 


Take life day by day and be grateful for the little things. Don’t get caught up in what you can’t control.
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By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1235

A/N:  Was totally inspired by the tv show Friends on this one :). You, Bucky, Sam, and Steve spill some secrets

You were pulling the laundry out of the dryer, dancing around while you did chores, in some yoga pants and giant t-shirt.  You noticed one of Bucky’s sweatshirts tossed carelessly on top of the washing machine.  You pick it up biting your lip and inhale his scent.  His scent always made you happy and leaves you feeling safe.

“I saw that.”  Sam smirks at you from the door, having watched you jump at the sound of his voice.  You drop the sweatshirt and shoot him a glare.  You were busted.   You can see his smirk and know that you had to make an excuse and fast.

“Saw what?” You huff at Sam crossing your arms over your chest.   You look at him and know that whatever you say will mean nothing.  You collect your basket of clothes and hold it on your hip.

“You need to tell him.  We all can see it.”  Sam says as you brush past him into the living room.  He wastes no time in following you, practically smashing into you as you walk faster to try to escape him.

“I can’t, don’t be stupid.”  You say over your shoulder at him.  Just as Sam was about to retort, Bucky and Steve came into the living room having just finished their run.   Both men were slightly flushed from exhaustion, but carefree none the less.

“Don’t be stupid about what?” Steve questions, looking between you and Sam.  Bucky looks at you both with a curious expression, his head titled slightly.  Steve raises his eyebrows at you both expecting an answer.

“Nothing” you announce quickly readying yourself to leave the room and out of Bucky’s gaze.  You begin to make your way out out of the room still balancing the basket on your hip.

“Awww come on spill Y/n!”  Steve laughs, this was going to be good judging by your appearance.  You looked as if you were going to run screaming from the room at any moment.  You were shifting your weight from foot to foot and biting your lip.  Sam began to open his mouth as if he was going to spill your secret, “Don’t you dare Wilson!”  

You drop your laundry basket on the chair and make your way to stand beside Steve who is facing Sam and Bucky.   You cross your arms again, looking anywhere but at the men near you.

“Leave her alone, if she doesn’t want you to tell then don’t.”  Bucky defends you, moving to stand across from you.   You shoot him a thankful smile and turn to pick your laundry basket back up again and make your way to your room.

“He’s defending you!  Tell him!” Sam demands stopping you in your tracks.   You turn to face the three men now staring at you.  You drop your basket letting the plastic hit the wood floor loudly.

“Just leave her alone Sam, She doesn’t need to say anything unless she wants to”  Bucky defends you again shooting another grin that has you melting.  Sam gets a big grin on his face and you know what is coming.  You are about to lunge at him to try and cover his big mouth.  Before you can even move it is too late.

“Y/n steals bucky’s sweatshirts to sleep in, cause she likes the way Bucky smells.”  Sam announces with a shit eating grin.  You gasp and stare at him shocked.  You turn towards Bucky who is looking at you with an unreadable expression and Steve has the making of a small grin forming on his face.

You furiously point at Sam and scream, “Yeah?  Well Sam had a SEX dream about STEVE!”

Steve immediately turned to Sam with a shocked expression, while Sam looked on horrified at the change of topic.   Bucky howled with laughter, almost unable to catch his breath.  Steve sensing his wingman’s discomfort, decides to rat out his brother in arms. “Bucky is in love with Y/N!”

Bucky gasps and looks at you with wide eyes, which then narrows quickly as he turns toward Steve.   He takes a deep breath before saying calmly. “Steve sleeps with a body pillow he calls Peggy.”  

Steve sputters not knowing where to go from here.  Your face is bright red and you are unable to look Bucky in the eye.  Bucky has sat down on the nearby chair and is staring at his hands.   Sam’s chest is heaving while sending daggers toward your form.  Finally you say, “No one hears about this agreed?”  

“Agreed”  the boys all reply in unison.  Sam slowly backs his way out of the room not daring to look at Steve.  

Steve begins to walk down the hall toward his room saying, “I am going to take a nap.”  Realizing what he said he looks horrified and runs out of the room.

Bucky gets up from his chair wiping his hands on his black sweatpants finally looking up to meet your eyes.  You both stare at each other not knowing what to do.

“Y/n, I - I don’t mind if you use my sweatshirts.” Bucky says with a lopsided smile.

You look at him with a shy smile of your own, walking towards him so you are but a few inches apart.  “I don’t mind that you’re in love with me, cause I love you too.”

You push your lips on to his and he returns the kiss feverently.  He moves his metal hand to your waist making you gasp slightly, while his human hand cups your face gently.   After a few moments you break apart breathless.  You can’t help the little laugh that escapes you.  Bucky gives you a questioning look and fond smile.

“A sex dream and a body pillow?”  You grin at him pressing your forehead against his chest.  You could feel the rumble of laughter in his chest.

The next morning you walked in the dining room where everyone was sitting enjoying their breakfast.  You took the open seat between Nat and Bucky with a slight grin on your face.  You push up the sleeves of Bucky’s hoodie that you are wearing,  he smiles and puts his arm around your chair rubbing his hand against your shoulder.

Nat and Clint immediately notice this change in your and Bucky’s seating arrangements.   Nat meets eyes with Sam and motions towards Bucky’s arm around you and the small circles he was tracing on your shoulders.   Clint looks at Steve and points toward you and the sweatshirt that has Brooklyn across it.  The same sweatshirt Bucky wears everywhere.

You look up and meet Sam and Steve’s smirking faces.  Sam opens his mouth and points towards you with his spoon.   Just as he is about to say something, you smile at him and ask, “Have a good dream last night?”

His face immediately drops.   You feel Bucky’s arm shaking with silent laughter, he looks up at his best friend and says, “You sleep okay pal?”  

Steve’s face flushes turning everything from his neck to the tips of his ears red.   You turn and meet Bucky’s eyes and bite your lip.  Only releasing it to give Bucky a kiss on the cheek.  Clint and Natasha look at each other not exactly sure what was going on.  Nat turns to you with a curious look on her face, “What the hell is happening here.”

You turn to Nat with a cheeky smile, “Can’t tell you.  It’s a secret.”


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