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Yoga for beginners?

Hey guys! 🌈✨

I really want to seriously get into yoga, but I don’t really know where to start (plus i have little flexibility)! So if you guys could recommend your favorite beginners yoga videos/images or challenges i’d apreciate! I have some stuff about the sun salutations, and i’m going to begin with that.

So if you could help me to help improve my flexibility and learn some yoga skills, that would be super cool!! 🙌🌺🌿

the signs as summer bucket list ideas
  • aries: a legit water balloon war
  • taurus: go to an open mic night and convince yourself to perform something
  • gemini: go pool hopping, jump in every pool you can find
  • cancer: find someone's lost dog
  • leo: shopping except sell all your old clothes first
  • virgo: enhance your yoga skills
  • libra: kiss someone that hates you
  • scorpio: camp under the stars by yourself or with one other person
  • sagittarius: a picnic in the sprinklers
  • capricorn: honestly open a lemonade stand and make a good living
  • aquarius: find some treasures at different yard sales
  • pisces: dedicate an entire day to sidewalk chalk art

Did my laundry and changed in to my cozy clothes!!! (Used my yoga skills to prop my leg up on the counter so you can see my boots) *heart* #me

Yoga for beginners?

I really want to seriously get into yoga, but I don’t really know where to start! So if you guys could recommend your favorite beginners yoga videos (please not just a video of the sun salutations over and over again—been there, tried that, bored out of my mind) to help improve flexibility and overall yoga skills, that would be super cool!! 🌸

Allistic Social Skill #63

Allistics will often be surprised that we are “still” Autistic if they haven’t seen us for a while. Try not to worry. They aren’t losing their memory. They have simply been conditioned by television and films to expect every “illness”* has a “cure”**. Remind them that Autism doesn’t go away, and quickly change the subject before they begin suggesting things you should try***. A good distraction is to compliment them on their hair and ask how their cancer yoga is going.

* An “illness” can be anything that makes a person act or look differently than what Allistics like, such as cancer, an unpopular hairstyle, or only having half of the map to the Hidden Temple of the Ancient Atheists.

** A “cure” means that you have stopped having cancer, changed your hair and clothing to what is popular, acquired a dating partner of the opposite sex who is equally popular in appearance, and located the Temple of the Ancient Atheists and discovered it’s paradoxical message for humanity.

*** Yoga, diets without meat, diets without vegetables, meditation in the Temple of Ancient Atheists.

Carmilla thoughts p2: Act 1

My favourite things:

-Carmilla swearing like a sailor and Laura then having to bleep her curses out
-The library treating Laura like a queen and rewarding her adorable DIY ideas with Cupcakes and how the library throws large books at Carmilla
-The thirst and flirting Hollstein have going on
-Carmilla stroking Laura’s hair when she’s asleep aka “cleaning cobwebs”
-Laura distracting Carmilla with her yoga skills
-Lafontaine’s reasoning to how Laura feels and their gentle encouragements
-The hint of more Carmilla backstory we got
-Laura once again telling Carmilla she deserves better
-Mel’s snark being on point
-The Lakarnstein brotp happenings
-Sherman Hollis attacking people with Bear Spray until they leave
-Papa Hollis giving Laura and Lafontaine construction helmets and shin pads
-Hollstein failing at gals being pals
-The very heated sexy times on a table being cut off by elevator music
-Laura acknowledging how Carmilla avoids admitting her feelings and getting her to open up
-The return of my queen Matska
-Carmilla trying not to smile after her kiss with Laura
-Carmilla and Sherman bonding over keeping Laura in a Rapunzel style tower

And finally Laura AGGRESIVELY knitting and trying to cover up that she was trying to get involved!