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13/100 days of productivity

  • practiced Spanish hard (with a little help from my cute kitten) 
  • read a stupid novel
  • watched the second episode of the brilliant Series of Unfortunate Events
  • practiced yoga (omg, I was able to do the splits for a sec!)

Day 6 of my 30 Day Beginner Yoga Series puts everything together from day 1 to day 5 into a full length yoga class! We work on attention to breathe, spinal movement, body awareness, and build a simple flow including warrior, lunging, and balancing poses. Much love to all who are following along!

A Yoga Sequence for Deep Hip Opening

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Find release through understanding and use of the hips. Attempt this sweet yoga series from Sonima and Dawn Feinberg to go inward and also invite new spaciousness right into the body and heart.

It’s said that our connections are saved in our hips. What exactly does that imply? If we have tight hips, are we bad fans? Do our tight hips tell us something concerning our ability to communicate and allow people in? Possibly. Or probably we run excessive or our moms and dads have limited hips.

While we can not clinically pin down a connection in between tightness in the hips as well as our success in connections, we do understand that when we remain in stressful circumstances (“ battle or flight” events), we involve our emotional muscles, and we tighten our hips. On a psycho-spiritual level, the hips are the seat of our sexuality and our individuality, both of which are deeply snared in our connection to others.

In considering relationships with others, we should likewise consider the connection we have with ourselves, which is certainly not solely relegated to our vanity self pertaining to terms with our unmasked self.

The tighter our hips, the tighter the lower back, with stress accumulating in these areas, the psoas is prone to reducing, making it tougher to stroll, rest, stand, and also practice.

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11 Deep Hip Openers

The adhering to yoga postures will massage therapy, open, and oil the hips for optimum comfort, and also utmost transformation.

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    Downward Dog Split

    Make certain that the hands are planted securely into the flooring, the navel is drawing right into the spine, and you are reaching the bottom heel into the ground. This will begin to extend the rear of the calves and also the hamstrings while starting to heat up the hips.

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Downward Dog Split Variation

Open up the hip by flexing the lifted knee, while rooting the bottom heel towards the floor. This will begin to open the hip flexor to prepare it for several of the deeper postures.

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Runner’s Lunge

Bend the front knee to 90 degrees as well as see to it that the toes are noticeable, so that the knee is piled over the heel. Extend and involve the extensive leg. Release stress in the neck by placing it straight, as an expansion of the spine.

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Crescent Lunge

Bring the back knee to the floor and sweep the arms overhead. Reel in the reduced stomach to protect the back. Start to sink down into the hip while concurrently engaging the abdomen.

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Lizard Pose

From a lunge placement, inch the front foot bent on the side, entering into a vast lunge with the hands put on the within the knee. Take the back knee off the floor, if offered, and either keeping up on the hands or bring the lower arms to the ground for a further stretch. Continue to be in the posture for 5– 10 breaths, continually aiming the back inner upper leg up towards the ceiling, as well as the chest ahead through the arms.

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Lizard Lunge Twist

From lizard, bring the back knee to the flooring as well as flex the knee, so the toes reach up. Expand the opposite arm back and take hold of the ankle. Start to twist the spinal column, so the upper body opens towards the sky. This position can be done on the hands or forearms depending on level of flexibility.

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Downward Dog

Ensure that the feet are hip-width apart, the belly is relocating and up toward the back, and the palms are flat with the index fingers pushing right into the floor. Breathe for five breaths.

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Pigeon Pose

As you roll the left hip bone onward, draw the right external hip back as well as in towards the midline of your body, and extend the arms ahead before the body any quantity prior to unwinding down.

Bring the right knee onward as well as put it on the floor simply behind and slightly to the right of the ideal wrist, with the shin on a diagonal as well as the appropriate heel aiming toward the right hip bone.Take the attention to the back leg and also roll it inward so that the leg remains in a “neutral” placement. You want to have your hip bones square towards the front of the mat.

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Pigeon Variation

Stay in pigeon and also flex the back knee until you could get hold of the ankle. Maintain the back leg revolving inwards to make sure that you can feel a stretch in the front of the upper leg. If there is space, without stress, reach for the ankle joint with both hands, engaging the abdominal muscle mass and standing up to the temptation to sink right into the lower back.

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Shin to Shin

Sit up high and align the best knee in addition to the left ankle as well as the left knee in addition to the appropriate ankle joint. Rotate both hips in an outward direction. If the leading knee is lifted in this article the lower ankle, put a cushion or block under the raised knee for safety and assistance. If the knees are comfortably relaxing on the ankles, gradually start to fold forward.

At this factor, come back to Downward Pet dog, and repeat whole series on the left side.

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Bound Angle Pose

Sit comfortably as well as let the knees open to the sides, attracting the soles of the feet to touch and also the heels in towards the pubis. Open up the feet like a book, as well as joint at the aware of fold ahead any kind of amount.

For the complete series, watch the initial post on Sonima.
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    When I practice yoga at home, I tend to do what my body wants, what my mind needs and what my heart and soul are calling out for.

    This is great but I often find myself flowing into the same poses again and again and forgetting about some of the ones that I practiced in class—so I put together a couple sequences of poses that I want to practice more often! I did this mostly for myself but I wanted to share it with the beautiful yoga community that inspired me to do this in the first place!

    Here is a simple one to start—something grounding and opening. I like to do a couple sun salutations before I begin and do a vinyasa or two after each pose. But do what makes sense for you! It’s your practice!


    Happy New Year Introducing my Beginner Yoga Series and starting out with some breathe work to tune in to your body and center yourself. Super excited to have you join me for 30 days!


    Laura tries to do yoga…and it doesn’t go as planned…

    (…this wasn’t what Laura meant when she offered to do yoga with Carmilla..)

    I do have a sixth pose sketched out, but was too lazy to finish it.. It was taller than the rest, and I didn’t want to re-size everything… :(

    I was gonna upload these as black and white sketches, as I am not great at painting… (keep in mind I am a vet student, not an art student..) but I painted Carmilla in all of them, and figured I might as well paint it all. 

    Hope you enjoy!


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    Pass the love on :)


    Yoga with Cody should be a real thing.


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    For the love of Yoga !!!!!

    I belive yoga gives us the opportunity to close oursleves from the noises of life, in order to be selfcaring and self loving through asana practice.

    This might look like a funny pretzel posture, never the less the combination of breath, body and mind, allows us to reach deeper in our hearts, to learn more about our needs, our desires, our fears…

    Life brings gifts/gems as small moments of connection, with oursleves and others…and so many times fear takes us away from those moments. Never the less, when we embrace them and live life to its magical wonderful potencial, energy moves through our hearts and we become free!!!!


    Lately I have been feeling disconnected. From myself, from everyone and everything around me.

    I feel too busy for everything.

    I’m going to be teaching a yoga series at a crossfit gym for 5 weeks during a competition. And for those 5 weeks i will be working 7 days a week.

    I so want yoga to be what I do.. but because it doesn’t make any substantial amount of money.. it will only ever be something I do in my free time. It’s leaving me with a feeling of being robbed a little. Instead if doing yoga in my spare time, I teach it and no longer practice for myself. If that makes sense.

    I spend all the other free time I have making up for the time I teach.

    Following your dreams isn’t always ethical. And it hurts to admit that. I have always been a jump into the clouds and worry about the landing later kind of person.

    I thought this opportunity would at least net me some more air time.

    We’ll see. Maybe next year I’ll be making more and it’ll be easier.

    For now I just feel… tired.