yoga pose variation


Side Plank

This is a great pose for arm, shoulder, and oblique strengthening! It also has many modifications and variations for ALL LEVELS! Make sure to use your obliques to help reach your hips up higher in any of the variations.

beginner modification: place your top leg on the ground in front of you for balance support, an other option is to keep your top hand on your hip instead of reaching

intermediate variation: stack your feet, legs and shoulders. turn your gaze to look up

advanced variation: “play" reach your top leg up, and keep pressing out through the heel. you can also try coming into a side plank tree variation! (no photo)

watch my Sexy Arms - Mini Series HERE!

For day 8 of the Free Yogis challenge, Stability, I chose this standing variation of mermaid pose. Finding my stability while twisting and bending my body was a real challenge for me when starting my practice, but I’ve learned that by remaining calm in my breath and mind, as well as proper rooting into the ground, will keep me steady. With that in mind, I’ve found more stability in my own life as well by remaining calm through the twists and bends and always being sure to stay rooted. 

#WelcomeHome Day 6: Solitude

Wheel Pose and it’s variants are some of my most introspective poses. I imagine myself as a brush stroke coming full circle to connect and reconnect in the process of listening to the things my body is telling me.

Flex a little more here, lengthen the spine a little more here, push up, up, up till you’re arched as far as possible to the sky, yet grounded enough to see your feet.

True solitude is the middle ground we find within ourselves between mind and body, heaven and earth.