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The Good Shit™:Stormpilot Edition

So I tend to like to read the fanfiction late at night so I have required a few of my faves. A whole lot of nsfw. I hope you like to sin!!!

Can We Get Back To Politics (Please?) by pdameron (Explicit)
A cute little Whitehouse au with pining Poe.

Maybe This Time by pdameron (Explicit)
This is probably one of my favorites. Poe is a veteran baker and Finn is a law student.

break a sweat by dansunedisco (General Audiences)
A really cute, short fluff piece where Finn has a little crush (ok a big one) on yoga instructor Poe. I suggest just reading the first chapter.

we are all stardust by synergetic (losseflamme) (Not Rated but Explicit)
A little sexual awakening for Finn.

Stuck in my Imagination by midnightsurge (Mature)
I love this au!!! We need more!!! College au with Poe as a professor and Finn as his TA.

We Were Just Children With Our Eyes Opening by m4jor3tt3 (Teen And Up Audiences)
This is honestly such a cute and calming fic. Finn loves to hold hands and Poe has to get used to it. Also, I love cool summer air.

tell me about the big bang by thebrotherswinchester (Mature)
Honestly, this is so cute. Finn feels the effects of the First Order’s brainwashing.

we’ll look back on this road we’re on by noelia_g (General Audiences)
Slow build into Finn and Poe’s relationship. I love Jess.

Poe is an Ass Man by Mikey (mikes_grrl) (Explicit)
Poe thinks Finn has a nice ass (I couldn’t agree more.)

No Title by
(No Rating but General Audiences)
This one is on tumblr. Poe and Finn argue then confess their love.

ready for my close up, mr. dameron by AndreaLyn (Mature)
It’s not quite tooth-rotting fluff but it’s pretty close. Poe is a movie star, but Finn doesn’t know that.

the beloved body, compass, polestar by buckstiel (Teen And Up Audiences)
You get so see what is going on inside of Poe’s head during Finn and his escape from the First Order.

the measure of things by mortarsmayfall (Explicit)
Another one from Poe’s POV except with the nasty. I honestly just love Poe’s POV.

The Five Times Finn and Poe Got Away With It (And The One Time They Didn’t) by casstayinmyass (Explicit)
For all you smut lovers, this is the space gays getting it on at the Resistance base, and unfortunately Leia is totally onto them.

nobody but you, ‘body but me, ‘body but us by galaxyho (Teen And Up Audiences)
Musician!poe and model!finn are dating secretly and then decide to go public. A really cute read.

Love Letters (of a kind) by RandomSlasher (Trilliah) (Not Rated)
A really cute one where Poe leaves Finn little cute notes because he loves him.

Have fun sinning!!!
(Also if any of you want to share with me any good space gay fanfiction that you have read hit me up.)

stormpilot gym au. poe is the yoga instructor at the gym finn frequents.

Finn might be a little bit in love.

Rey whacks him with her yoga block. “Stop mooning over him from across the room and go over there, then!”

He scowls. “I have a system,” he insists. “Lift weights, run on the treadmill, creep on the yoga instructor for exactly the length of ‘Whip It!’ and that’s it . Anything else is just… pathetic.”

“What’s pathetic is switching gyms because you saw Poe’s downward –”

“Hey! Resistance has much nicer locker rooms than Starkiller Bod, okay? And it’s closer to my bus line. It’s just economical, is what it is.” That, and he wasn’t sure he could handle Phasma’s overbearing training schedule anymore. Three upper body days in a row is how you got hurt. Poe had nothing to do with switch. Nothing .

“I don’t understand you,” Rey says, deftly moving into a perfect warrior pose flow. She gives him a thoughtful look. “He looks over here, you know.”

“Don’t switch tactics on me, Rey,” he says. He’s perfectly happy thinking he doesn’t stand a chance with Poe Dameron, because zero chances meant zero opportunity to stick his foot in his mouth. Something, he’s been told, he excels at. “And anyway, if he’s looking at anyone over here , it’s you.”

“Oh please,” she scoffs. “He keeps his class an extra ten minutes in shavasana whenever you’re by the windows – and he walks around, helping , as if anyone needs help lying on their backs…”

“Maybe he likes to optimize nap time,” he says, though the excuse sounds weak even to his own ears. Could he –? No, there’s no way. “I mean, it’s not like he even knows who I am. I’m just some guy that works out at his gym and maybe pays a little too much attention to the yoga room when he’s around.” He pauses. “A reputation that, now that I think about it, is very, very unflattering.”

“Come to a class with me,” Rey says, after a long moment.

He narrows his eyes, instantly suspicious. “Why?”

“Partially because one – ‘I consider touching my toes a serious win’ is not something I ever want to hear you say again,” she says, bending into a forward fold. “And two – I want to prove you wrong. Come to tomorrow’s session. Let’s see what Poe does. I’m not a gambling woman, but I’ll bet you lunch he’s into you.”

The problem with having Rey as his best friend is that she’s imperceptibly good at convincing him to do things he normally wouldn’t do, which is how he finds himself calling her bluff by waking up altogether too early for Poe’s morning session the very next day. It’s cold out, and he nearly breaks his back on black ice on his walk in, but he makes it.

Though, when he sees Poe talking to another trainer by the front desk, he kind of wishes he hadn’t. Because no one – no one – should be allowed to look so good so early in the morning. Perfectly coiffed hair, perfect smile, perfect voice . Someone help me , he thinks. There’s no way he’s going to survive this class.

He sneaks in and immediately spots Rey, who waves him over with a sleepy smile. “Ready to become a human pretzel?” she asks.

“You have more faith in my ligaments than I do,” he sighs, and nearly swallows his tongue when someone chimes in with a cheery, “You’ll do great.”

At the sound of Poe’s voice, Finn feels his stomach swoop. It’s a feeling he normally equates to the moments before his greatest foot-in-mouth moments, and he crosses his arms in a desperate bid to look cool – chill, relaxed, cool .

“‘Morning, Rey,” Poe says, and to Finn: “I haven’t seen you in here before.”

“Yeah, no, it’s my first time,” he says, and cringes internally. First time? Get it together, Finn! “Taking yoga, I mean. First time taking yoga.”

“That’s great,” Poe enthuses, and follows it up by squeezing Finn’s shoulder with a grin. He tilts his head. “I have to set up, but – I hope you enjoy yourself. Let me know if you need anything.”

Rey snorts as soon as Poe’s out of earshot. “Just so we’re clear, he’s never done that before.”

Finn ignores her teasing look. “You can’t have possibly been to every single one of his classes,” he replies, catching Poe’s eyes from across the room. They both grin at the same time.

“See?” Rey interjects.

And, for the first time, Finn thinks that maybe he does.

claaaaaarg  asked:

Ok I am in dire need of you doing more of yoga instructor AU finn/poe because it is something I did not know I needed until know and now that I have read it I'm xkdbshkdjdbajKjsbuxj. It is i n c r e d i b l e, especially with your writing

a quick drabble for ya @letsbooboobaby! (also omg /thank you/ so so so much) <3

part one here

“You’re really flexible,” Finn stammers, and immediately wants to slam his forehead onto the dinner table. The dinner table Poe Dameron – Poe Dameron, Finn’s long-standing crush – was currently seated at. With Finn. Because he asked Finn out. For some inconceivable reason. “I mean – uh, that came out really inappropriate. What I meant was –”

Poe reaches across the tabletop and places his hand over Finn’s, smile gentle and surprisingly non-judgmental. “I’m nervous, too,” he admits. He bites his lower lip and tilts his chin down, shooting Finn an embarrassed look from under his lashes. “Would it make you feel better if I told you I used to keep my class overtime so I could watch you finish your weights routine?”

The confession makes Finn laugh, suddenly remembering that he argued with Rey for several weeks over that observation. He can never tell her that it’s true. She’d never let him live it down. He takes a (hopefully) subtle calming breath and exhales. “It does, actually,” he says, overwhelmingly pleased, and weirdly calm.

“So, Finn,” Poe says, drawing his hand back onto the table. Their hands are still close enough to touch fingertips. “What do you do for a living?”