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Day 38 of my 100 day Sacred Juice Fast Journey and…DAY 5 of #yoga4growth challenge with master teachers @ladydork & @koyawebb
My vinyasa to
Dhanurasana, (Bow Pose) or sometimes Urdva Chakrasana is an asana.

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Find something you love and allow yourself to prosper. You may find, in the beginning, all is not well. You may also find that you are terrible at what you enjoy, but you will still enjoy it. One of the most valuable things you can do in life is continue dreaming and continue to do the things you love, even if you are a little crap at them. Some love the arts, some love to learn, others love exploring and the wild ones love adrenaline. Find what you love and let your heart and soul surround it.

Passions by Amy Kennedy


A inconsistent heart will achieve very little, find what you love and chase it until you reach the ultimate. Your life is more than hopping between passions. Find what is good, find what feels right and let it consume you whole, let it take over your soul. Mediocre enjoyment is striven for by none so do not settle for less than you are worth.

passionate lives by Amy Kennedy


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Manifesting at this stage is not about physical force. It is a deep understanding and full embodiment of the understanding that you are first a nonphysical being only residing in this physical world. Everything that your heart is beckoning you to create in your life is birthed from this nonphysical aspect of yourself. Your thoughts, passion, intent, belief, and creativity. Once the creation is complete in the realm of the nonphysical, it will manifest into your physical reality. Unseen to seen.