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Can u list some really cute things about Joey and Daniel that you could imagine I need cuteness in my brainnn!!

• they introduced their love on joey’s youtube channel through a gorgeous and meaningful music video that I consider to be a work of art
• the way they look at each other, the word “love” can’t even begin to describe the thousands of feelings that spark between them like fireworks in a night sky every single time their eyes meet
• how much daniel loves giving joey kisses on his neck and slowly moving up to his lips, and the way joey’s eyes light up whenever he does it
• joey and daniel are each other’s other halves, they helped shape each other into the strong and successful men they are today
• their height difference, I can imagine when they cuddle joey fits in daniel’s arms so perfectly it’s as if they were puzzle pieces made to fit together
• the thousands of memories they create together every day, ranging from going to hawaii, japan, vegas, and disney to just waking up together and lying in bed and talking
• the first time joey said I love you to daniel was when they went into a house for sale and laid down in a lawn chair in the backyard together and cuddled and joey said “te ieubesc” (I love you in romanian) which is so so meaningful and sweet because daniel is romanian
• they own two dogs together, now that’s true commitment, it’s basically like having children
• those high pitched soft voices that they only use with each other when they want to be cute lil flirts
• how on their second date joey pulled out a couch into the backyard and played a movie on a projector but they barely got to watch it at all because they couldn’t help but make out
• the way joey loves to tease daniel because he’s captivated by how adorable daniel is when he gets mad, and joey knows riling him up will lead to playful fighting and then a kiss
• daniel loves joey so much that he’ll treat him like a prince and scratch his back or give him a massage late at night when he’s exhausted
• all of the romantic things daniel does for joey, like his valentines day date on a mountain with flower petals and a stunning view of the sunset, or when he made him a beautiful flower bath in hawaii, or when he randomly made a blanket fort in their backyard (complete with pretty candles) for them to cuddle in
• how proud they are of each other when they achieve their goals, like when daniel launched his blog joey bought him a beautiful bouquet of flowers
• they compliment each other constantly and make each other feel like absolute gold, like when daniel holds joey’s vlog camera and can’t help but softly comment about how cute joey is, or when joey vlogs daniel and suddenly stops in awe and tells him he looks like a “handsome pig”
• when daniel went on a road trip with his friends and joey’s mom relapsed and daniel took the first flight back to la without a second thought so he could be there to comfort his boy
• all the heartfelt breakfasts daniel makes for joey to show him how much he cares
• the way they’re both best friends and lovers, they can tease each other and end it with a kiss, they can fight like a married couple but it always finishes with a laugh
• their constant heart eyes
• the look of total adoration and awe on daniel’s face whenever he watches joey intro a collab video with both of them, he’s just so proud of joey and he can’t hide his fond
• they were able to maintain a long distance relationship with each other (which can be pretty damn hard) because they knew the love they shared was something worth fighting for
• the golden cuff bracelet joey bought for daniel representing his love for him that daniel never takes off
• for valentine’s day daniel took joey to the mountain where they had their first official date have you heard of anything cuter than that
• the fact that they both bought each other bikes and yoga mats for christmas because they know each other that well
• how joey has to slap daniel’s butt at least 5 times every day


Okay, so I’ve gotten SO many new followers from being run-like-a-zombie‘s co-BOTM (the other one is the stunning mydarlingwhatifyoufly!!!), and I thought I should do SOMETHING to introduce myself so everyone knows who/what they signed up for.

My name is Blair, and I am currently going through my yoga teacher training certification. I am also in grad school for Art History, which is probably why I drink so much (kidding, I love wine even when I’m not in school). If you can’t tell from the above selfie, I’m also one of “those” dog moms…you know, the kind who calls herself a dog mom and orders Puppuccinos in the Starbucks drive-thru. I also have a cat, Clark Kent, and he’s pretty cool most of the time…when he isn’t being a little shithead.

Anyways, I have a strong passion for yoga because it does such incredibly things for my body and mind. I love the way it makes me feel, mentally and physically, and so I’m pretty stoked to be teaching it!

In addition to yoga, I also go running (it’s a love/hate relationship) and I love to go hiking when I have the opportunity! This past June I actually got to hike the four day Inka Trail to Machu Picchu, which was AMAZZZZING! Cue awesome photo of me + the boyfran in his adorable llama hat:

I also hiked the entire mountain to Kuelap, which is less known than MP, but VERY intense, and I thought I was gonna die (that’s the short story version), BUT CHECK OUT DAT VIEW:

Anyways, I love traveling more than anything, and going to Peru this past summer was a huge bucket list item for me.

But back to this blog.

Basically, I love yoga and adventure and pets, and I have a thorough appreciation for wine/cocktails/craft beer. I’m also a huge foodie and love sharing recipes!! Basically, if you like any combination of the above items, we’re already friends. Tag me in your personal posts if you want a benign stalker! I LOVE SELFIES AND PERSONAL POSTS OKAY? #notacreep

ALSO, guys, my askbox is always open if you have a question or a problem or just wanna chat! 

Thanks again for following!!! <3 <3 <3